? Diet plan – how to start?

Hey this is Blessing Awodibu right here strict from Dublin. Trec Nutrition Athlete. 2014 Arnold Classic Champion. Right now we are trying to give you guys some useful information Ask for some question. You know let you guys know how get jug like this. Preapring the diet plan. It doesn’t matter who You are. You are begginer or You are advanced. You’ve got to bear three things on mind. Firstly – What is Your goal? Whether You wanna gain muscle, You wanna drop some body fat. Or You getting ready for a show. Secondly. Second thing to know is You’ve got to know what carbs is You’ve got to know what protein is and You’ve got to know what fat is. Protein build muscle. Carbs for energy and fat i fat. And totally You’ve got to know to burn fat You’ve got to burn energy. To gain muscle, to gain weight You’ve got to store energy. If You base Your program around this It easy to know exactly where to go with Your diet plan. It’s all about having a goal. Set Your goals. Want You to know What Your goal is. You know what fat is. You know that to gain muscle You’ve got to store the energy. You know that to loose fat to get shreded You’ve got to burn energy. And I want You to know this 3 facts It easy to build a training program. So guys that is for me for today. If You guys have any more questions please make sure to drop Your questions in a comment box. And We will get back to You in the next video. Thank You and We are out.


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