10 Annoying Things People Do In The Gym (Don’t Be That Guy)

What’s going on, guys? Sean Nalewanyj, www.SeanNal.com with a bit
of a different video today where I’m going to go over a list of things people do in the
gym that are really annoying and that are considered to be bad gym etiquette. I’ve been in and out of a ton of different
gyms over the years. I’ve seen pretty much everything in terms
of gym behavior and so these are just some of the ones that stand out. Now, this is just my own personal list, comment
bellow if you agree or disagree on some of these or feel free to mention your own if
they aren’t included in this list. So, ten annoying things people do in the gym
and here they are in no particular order. Number one is grunting and yelling on every
single rep. Now, sure, if you’re genuinely training
hard and pushing yourself to the max to get those last couple of reps on like a squat
or deadlift or some other big movement, obviously I’m not going to knock you for that. That’s fine. But in no realistic situation is screaming
across the gym necessary. If you’re doing a tricep kickback or a cable
lateral raise, even most exercises for that matter. Because the truth is that, most typical weight
training exercises are actually not that hard when it all comes down to it. They’re challenging, yes; they’re uncomfortable,
yes; but they’re not that hard. So if you’re just grunting through your
whole workout as a way to get attention or to look tough it’s actually having the opposite
effect and you pretty much just look like a goof. Number two, standing directly in front of
a dumbbell rack when you’re performing an exercise. So when you stand right in front of a dumbbell
rack and do your entire set there, you either force people to have to walk all the way around
the benches to get through to the other side, which can be a pain in the ass if they’re
carrying a pair of heavy dumbbells themselves or they’re not able to put their dumbbells
back or get the pair of dumbbells they want because you’re blocking the rack. So the solution here is very simple: grab
the pair of dumbbells you want, take a couple of steps back, do you set there and leave
the path in front of the dumbbell rack clear so that people can get in and out easily. Number three, and this is probably the one
that drives me the most insane, that is people who just don’t put their weights away. So if you’re someone who blatantly loads
up a bar or a machine with multiple plates, you do your set and then you just walk away
without taking the weights off, knowing full and well somebody else is going to have to
do it because you couldn’t be bothered, there’s a pretty good chance that I basically
hate you. I mean, it might be hard to comprehend for
some people but weight plates generally don’t un-rack themselves and there’s a really
good chance that the person using the machine after you is not going to be using the exact
same amount of weight. Which means that they’re going to have to
then un-rack all of your weights before putting theirs on. So it’s very simple, guys, if you put the
weight on a machine then when you’re done take the eight off the machine. It’s basic common courtesy. It’s not hard to do. And everybody in the gym is better off as
the result. Number four is quite simply guys who stink. And I say guys because in all of my years
being in gyms I’ve never encounter this from a female, not once, at least not that
I can remember, it’s always dudes a hundred percent of the time in my experience. If you alone are singlehandedly able to transform
the smell of fifteen hundred square feet gym space it’s probably time to reevaluate your
life. And this is a tricky one because the majority
of guys who stink they don’t know they stink, that’s the big challenge. Because if they knew they stunk then they
probably do something about it. And most likely, at least one of you watching
this, is the guy at the gym who smells really bad and you just aren’t aware of it. Now, I don’t know which one of you it is,
I’m sure you’re not a bad person but if you’re watching this and if you can hear
me, please, wash your gym clothes and apply some deodorant to this, sort of, general area
here before you hit the gym. What you do and how bad you smell in the privacy
of your own home, that’s completely up to you, but when it comes to the gym at least
try to maintain moderately acceptable hygiene for the sake of the other members around you. Number five is leaving a pile of sweat on
bench or on a machine and then walking away. Now, if you tend to sweat a lot during your
workouts that’s obviously natural. That’s not a bad thing. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that other
people in the gym want to bathe in it. So either just put a towel down on the bench
or machine, or when you’re done using it wipe the machine down so that the next person
doesn’t have to deal with it. Number six on the list of bad gym etiquette
are people who sit on their phone for excessive period of time in between sets. I’m not saying there’s anything necessarily
wrong with using your phone in between sets if you really want to, that’s totally up
to you, but what is annoying is when you end up getting distracted by your phone and then
you’re sitting there sending Snapchat dog filters or scrolling though [Indiscernible]
videos on Instagram four, five, ten minutes or more while somebody else is waiting to
use the bench or machine that you’re on. So unless you’re scrolling through my personal
Instagram or my YouTube channel, in which case it’s absolutely fine and it’s even
encouraged, try to be aware of how long you’re spending on your phone. Be aware of the other people around you. Don’t take too long in between sets or let
people working with you while you are using your phone. Number seven are people who try to claim multiple
pieces of gym equipment at the same time and then train in a circuit fashion or use it
for super setting. Now, whether that’s just how your personal
workout plan is laid out or not, if you’ve made the decision to go ahead and train at
the public gym where there’s other people also working out and where everybody is sharing
the equipment, try to reserve multiple machines using towel or water bottles or whatever else,
especially if they’re wildly used pieces of equipment like light press or something
like that, that just kind of makes you a bit of a douche. Because it makes other people have to wait
two or three times as long to get to that equipment themselves and because when you
walk up to a machine that has a towel laying on it you aren’t even sure if somebody else
is using it or not, and so you’re just forced to stand there like an idiot looking around
and waiting for somebody who may or may not even be coming back. I mean, if you’re using like, a pair of
dumbbells and, maybe, one machine side by side that’s not a big deal but don’t be
the guy or girl who lays down a towel to reserve one piece of equipment and then walk to the
other side of the gym to do something else and then goes back and forth. Number eight is the weight plate sandwiching. And this is where people will add a bunch
of different size plates to the same rack and end up trapping the smaller plates on
the inside so that someone then has to un-rack a bunch of forty-fives, for example, to get
to the twenty-five pound plate that they want. Now, maybe this is nitpicking but it is annoying
nonetheless and it just makes a lot more sense to put each size weight plate on its own rack
or at least stack the biggest plates, like the forty-fives and thirty-fives, stack those
together and then stack the smaller plates together rather than mismatching them all
into one big mess. Number nine are people who offer unsolicited
training advice. Now, that is a bit of grey area here, if you
are somebody who has reasonable training and you see a beginner doing something blatantly
dangerous that has a good chance of injuring them, then that’s your call. I don’t see anything wrong with that as
long as it’s coming from a place of genuine concern and you’re going about it in a way
that doesn’t embarrass them. But aside from that don’t be the guy who
goes around the gym dispensing training tips to complete strangers who didn’t asked you
for it. Nobody wants some random person coming up
and telling them how to workout. So, unless someone specifically asked you
if they’re squatting low enough or if their elbows are too flared during a bench press,
just do your own thing and let other people do theirs. And number ten, some people are going to disagree
with this probably but I personally really don’t like it when somebody comes up and
asks how many sets I have left on a given exercise. When I’m in the middle of my workout I like
to be able to focusing fully on each set. I want to take a proper rest period and I
don’t want to be pressured by somebody who’s just constantly lurking behind me waiting
for me to finish. If you’re asking how many sets I have left
because you genuinely want to know the answer because you want to know if you should wait
or go do something else then that obviously makes sense. Or if you want to work in and reusing similar
weight, that’s fine too. But in my experience it seems like a lot of
people ask the “how many sets do you have left” question, not because they actually
want to know the answer but it’s more so just the way of letting you know that they’re
waiting for you, or because they feel like you’re taking too long. So unless somebody’s being unreasonable,
you know, talking and texting and taking forever in between sets, I generally never asks that
question and I just let people finish the exercise without pressuring them and I prefer
if people do the same for me. So, I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Let me know in the comments what you think
or if you have your won examples of bad gym etiquette that I dint mention here or if you
disagree with any of the ones that I’d talked about. Make sure to hit that like button if you did
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