so you want to build muscle right?
you want to create that overall aesthetic physique where everything is
balanced from top to toe well these are these guys who know how it’s done.
here at fit media channel we only work with the world’s best trainers so we can
bring you their expert advice on building the perfect body here are the 10 most effective exercises
that will help you build muscle so let’s get started and first off chest. every guy wants a
great chest right? these incline presses work the upper part of your chest to
give you that rounded full look this is the first of our compound exercises, that’s movements that work more than one muscle here you’re mainly working chest
but you’re also using your biceps triceps and shoulders. key here is
control move the bar slowly up and slowly down
keeping control the whole time keep the tension in your chest by not locking
your arms out at the top follow this with flat bench press, close
grip press and flies for a full rounded chest. next shoulders and these lateral raises. elbows and knees slightly bent, keep the rest of the body stable and focus on just moving the weight up and down keeping your elbows high the whole time. on this one you need to control the range of movement. at the bottom stop a few inches from your hips and keep constant tension. complete your shoulder workout with upright rows, seated dumbbell press shrugs and another key exercise we’ll show you in just a moment let’s move to back now. these wide-grip cable pull downs will help you build a wider back bring your elbows all the way down and bring the bar to your chin pause then bring it slowly back up and to develop the thickness of your
back these seated rows good form is important here. keeping your legs locked, you’re going to extend all the way forward to stretch your back then come
up and when your spine is fully upright pull your shoulder blades together and
squeeze complete your back workout with standing cable pullovers Close Grip pull-ups and rack pulls on fit media channel we never skip leg
day so now it’s time for squats squats work your whole legs. stand with yourfeet a little wider than your shoulders go down slowly with your knees pointing
outwards head back looking up chest out use a weight you can control and go as
low as you can safely go as you get stronger you’ll be able to go deeper on this exercise and while we’re on legs , this is your lying hamstring curl this isn’t a huge muscle so use a weight you can control and go slow and steady keeping the muscle engaged the whole time at the top squeeze and hold for
each rep for your complete leg workout fit media recommends leg extensions lunges,machine press and calf raises so we’re more than halfway through our list of muscle building exercises but there’s
plenty more useful stuff to come and don’t forget whatever body part you want
to train you can find full workouts to suit your needs here on fit media
channel. check out our playlists which will guide you through and if you want
free written workouts to follow just head over to our website now we move to isolation exercises. these target smaller muscles in the body but they’re just as important for that complete balanced look so here’s our favourite biceps exercise this is the classic bicep curl with dumbbells keep your
elbows tucked in to your sides start with your palms toward your hips and as you come up bring the weight horizontal squeeze at the top
then come slowly down after biceps, its triceps. this is an
overhead cable extension get in position by leaning forward and locking your
lower body at the top of the movement twist your pinky finger out and really
feel those triceps contract complete your arm workout with different
variations on the bicep curl such as the hammer curl and the cable curl then
finish off your triceps with these classic cable push downs and for a bit
of variation how about these lying dumbbell extensions another isolation exercise now. rear delt raises, this will really help round out your shoulders and make them pop. we’re
using a bench here not only to help you stabilize and protect your back but also
to make sure you’re hitting exactly the right angle and finally abs these cable crunches are
really effective, notice the full range of movement here. by introducing
resistance you’ll be able to thicken the abdominal muscles but remember if you
really want to show off that six-pack you’ll need to maintain low body fat and while we’re on the subject of diet
it’s important to note that any plan to build muscle should include the correct
nutrition and rest time to let the muscles recover and rebuild so thanks to all of our amazing athletes
we hope they’ve inspired you don’t forget to check out our playlists which
will take you through lots of different workouts for whatever body part you want to work on and if you really want to focus on
building your chest try fit media’s approved 10-week aesthetic chest ebook
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