10 Min Oblique Workout to Get Rid of Love Handles – Oblique Exercises Lose Love Handles Men & Women

hey everyone it’s your personal trainer
coach Kozak and i’m claudia 10 Min Oblique Workout to Get Rid of Love Handles Oblique Exercises Lose Love Handles Men Women and this is an Ab and oblique workout use this workout along with proper diet
and nutrition to tone and tighten the love handle
region we’re going to do this whole
workout with you I’m going to do the
intermediate to advanced modifications and follow along with me for all of the
beginner modifications now i’m going to be using a dumbbell
for some of the exercises totally up to you if you want
to add the extra resistance there’s no warmup required for this workout
but if you’d like to do one you can click up here into a short
five-minute warmup otherwise let’s get this thing going
let’s do it we’re going to start on the
ground in a seated position the legs spread out
into a seated overhead side bend so the legs are spread out,if you can’t
quite get your legs out as far as we are that’s okay do what you can,arms go
straight up,up to you whether you’re holding a dumbbell
or not we’re going to go side bend
so bring that same side arm and keep it in line with your leg
bending over using your obliques keep that core nice and tight you’ll feel
that stretch on one side while the other side is contracting
good and again don’t feel obligated to use weight
on this one or any of them for that matter really
want you to make this workout your own we’re not gonna count any reps today so
it’s really just about you working at your own pace good breathe and move is the name of the
game on this one you got it good keep it up,try to keep those
arm straight let’s go for 5,4,3,2,1 zero and we’re on our feet alright another one next into a Wood
chop feet shoulder-width apart we’re going to reach down
we’re gonna reach up and across and now we’re going to lower
those arms big power chop down reach up big power chop down as you’re sitting down and chopping down put that weight back in your hips and squat back-breaking at your hips first and then bending at your knees not only chopping down with your
chopping across big power wood chops feel that core engaging,nice
good breathe now you might notice that this is
working all types and all different body parts
and that is very on purpose getting a lot of efficiency and on this one
switch oposite side not just obliques but if you
want those obliques to show and you want to burn those love handles you’re gonna have to do a little bit
more than just some side crunches that’s right big power coming down big power
one into the next you got it use that core crunch and down good all the way up big power down chopping wood
let’s go in five four three two one zero
Good job moving into a windmill,both toes
pointed about a 45 degree angle one arm up kick that same
side hip back as you bend down slight bend in each knee keep that arm straight up above
core stays tight couple of variations some people prefer
to look up at it i kind of like to look,some people refer
to look straight ahead you decide which variation works best
for you in your fitness level good all the way up all the way down
keep kicking that hip to your side seems stable if
you can’t quite go down as far as we are today,ok that’s all right,go down as far
as you can,come right back up and switch sides,come back
repeat this workout often get a little bit better every single time
you do you really feel this one stretching
your hamstrings,glutes nice,feel the stretch here,manipulate
that oblique,stick press up what kind of jealous i’m not using weights
something you get a good workout over there can’t you tell what I’m talking
you keep it up let’s go breathe one into the next you got it,keep it
up,guys keep it up,so hard and fast workout today in a lot done in a short
period of time let’s go 5,4,3,2,1,0 to the ground we go moving into a Russian twist,so lying back
on a 45 degree angle again you choose if you’re using a
weight or not we’re going side-to-side now you notice I’m
gonna keep my feet up off the ground makes it harder and I have my feet on
the ground with no weight you can choose whichever combination of
these modifications works best for you you if you really want to kick it up a notch you can throw a little bicycle kick in
it’s true,at the same time let’s say the biggest key is just
to remain lean back on this 45 degree angle which is pretty hard to do yes it is a lot easier if you just up here,
make sure lean back don’t just twist move your hands but
actually twisted your core and if you want to involve those ab muscles
got actually twist good nice work guys let’s hit this one for 10
more seconds that’s it,good
you’re almost there let’s go 5,4,3,2,1,0 up on our feet we got another chop,chop! so last time we were chopping down this
time we’re going to chop up diagonal chop you reach down similarly
now we’re going to chop up and chopped-up good sitting down
weight back in the hips.. pivot going to look up with that weight
as you chop feel that stretch good rotation
in on your core all the way up all the way down so basically just
shifting the momentum from a slam down to ride up yes first one was throwing that power
down this one is throwing your power up this changing of focus again getting
plenty of muscle groups in this one we’re gonna burn some calories along the
way talk about Max efficiency here and help you lean out along the way not enough to just have nice obliques you
won’t be able to see him too right good let’s go 5,4,3,2,1 opposite side let’s go here we go!,one into the next
twist and pivot good big power up!
nice work guys doing great keep it up no brakes today just going hard and fast right to the end let’s go focus on what
you came here for,focus on your goals and push yourself so i can’t do it for
you Claudia can’t do it for you it’s all up to you right here good 5,4,3,2,1,cero dB at side,we’re gonna go standing elbow
to knee or just standing crunch to the side and bring that knee up and I’m
crunching elbow to knee Claudia’s just going to do
a standing oblique crunch you you decide wich one to be right for you
today nice one into the next guys bring that knee up and elbow down or
just bring that elbow down and crunch into your side either way
getting a good and oblique crunch here one in the next and try to keep good posture
if you’re just doing the one I’m doing you definitely don’t wanna hang over
you don’t want to fold over no!,we’re gonna side-to-side
keep your back nice and straight good bring your knee down to
the elbows far as you can let’s go ten more seconds on this one almost there
breathe go 5,4,3,2,1,0 to the ground we go
keep the place up we’re going either lying leg twist
or lying knee twist arms are on my side,legs are up and
we twist side to side as you see Claudia is just going
to bend her knees and she’s going to twist her hips
side to side you decide which one of these two is more
appropriate for you today good try your best to keep your upper
body in your back flat on the ground so actually pivoting at your core
and not just turning your body the nice and control
you don’t want to bounce your feet or legs off the ground,definetely not
in between repetitions nice you’re doing this variation try your best
keep those legs straight and it’s okay if you start with
one variation and end up having to switch whatever you do keep moving no brakes don’t pause this video do what you can to keep on going
good almost there let’s go 5,4,3,2,1,0 turning over for the last one get into a high plank position either from your knees or on your feet or high plank knee to elbow,Claudia is doing it from her
knees either way we’re bringing that knee out to our side and try your best to
get it up to the elbow might not actually end up touching elbow
just trying to bring it over to the side keep that core tight,back stays nice
and straight don’t allow your hips to sink and be
sure to bring it on this one whoo you’re really gonna feel obliques
on this last one feeling guys,feeling
it’s working it’s working not doing this for nothing,rep by rep
getting a little stronger a little tighter little leaner little bit better every rep keep it up guys you got it this is it right here fight
to the finish fight to the finish you got it let’s go ten more seconds on this one that’s it almost there breathe and 5,4,3 2,1,0 that was excellent i felt that one
Excelent job whoo thank you so much for joining us
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that’s off thank you so much for joining us today i’m coach Kozak
and i’m claudia and we will see you at your next workout


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