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Hi and welcome to this video all around the
10 top reasons why I think rebounding is a must and you should include it in your life.
I’m Hari Kalymnios, founder of TheThoughtGym.com, and I love rebounding for so many reasons
– 10 of which I’m going to share with you in this video. So the number one reason that I love rebounding
and that I do rebounding is that it stimulates the flow of lymph in my body. So lymph fluid
is effectively the sewage system for your body. And unlike the blood, which have a pump
– the heart – to pump it around, the lymph fluid doesn’t have have that pump. It needs
movement and deep breathing in order to get it moving. And rebounding is such a great
way to start moving that lymph first thing in the morning. In fact, any time of day,
especially if you’ve been sitting, or stationary for a long period of time. Just rebounding
for a few minutes will help move that flow of lymph and expel all those toxins, and help
energise you first thing in the morning and at any time of day. So the number one reason
why I love rebounding is because it stimulates the flow of lymph. Number two reason that I love rebounding is
that it helps boost the immune system, as does really any exercise, but in particular
rebounding because you’re moving that lymph fluid around. Because you’re creating that
g-force as you go down – and it’s an even g-force as you go down and as you go up – it
really helps build that immune system up. The third reason that I love rebounding is
that it helps your balance. Because when you first get on the rebounder – especially the
one that I use, which is a Bellicon one, which is kind of with bungee cords – it’s a little
bit more unstable than a traditional rebounder in the beginning. It really helps improve
your balance which, as we all know, is vital. If you don’t have good balance you’re
more likely to fall, you’re more likely to twist something, you’re more likely to
injure yourself in some way. So having good balance is absolutely imperative. And number four, the fourth reason why I love
rebounding, four is all about the core – your stomach muscles, you back muscles – everything
seems to kind of be worked out a little bit more when you’re rebounding. And you find,
actually, after a period of time that you’ll be strengthening your core. You might even
see some definition coming back into your muscles there that you didn’t see for a
long time just because of the way the exercise works. And it really moves and forces everything
in your body to work hard, but without actually feeling like you’re working hard. So number
four is all about the core. It helps strengthen that core, keeping you stable, which is really
the foundation for a lot of your mobility, a lot of your exercise, a lot of your capabilities. The fifth reason that I love rebounding is
that it helps strengthen your heart. Just like any exercise, you’re working out, you
start pumping blood around your system, you start moving, you start sweating, you start
panting a little bit – so it’s really working out your heart muscles. You’re getting a
good workout from it. Reason number six is because it is soft on
the joints. It’s easy on the joints. You go running, or you play squash, or you go
cycling even – you do anything, that’s going to be an impact. You’re likely to impact
your joints, put a lot of force and pressure through your joints and that can, over time,
be detrimental to your health and your fitness because you’re putting so much impact. Whereas
with rebounding – especially like I say, on a Bellicon rebounder which has got bungee
cords instead of springs – it’s so soft and it’s so amazingly easy and effortless
that your joints really don’t feel the pain. You’re just kind of sinking into the rebounder
and popping back up, and your joints don’t feel any pain and it’s really good for the
joints. Reason number seven that I love rebounding
is that it’s flexible. And by flexible I don’t mean, it increases your flexibility
as such, but what I mean is that you can do it when it’s raining outside and you don’t
feel like going for a run. You can do it whilst watching TV. You can do even whilst on the
phone to your friends, which is often what I do. You can do it whilst it’s – you know,
first thing in the morning, and you don’t really want to be kind of running, or don’t
really want to be doing whatever other exercise. It’s just so easy, you just jump on and
you just let it kind of take care of itself, really. So it’s really flexible. You can
put it in your office, you can put it in your living room, in your kitchen, in your garage,
you can take it with you to the beach – whatever you want to do, it’s really, really flexible.
So I love rebounding because it allows that flexibility when it’s raining, when it’s
dark, when it’s winter, when it’s cold, when I’ve only got 2 minutes to do something.
It allows me to be flexible in my approach to exercise and get something done. Reason number eight that I love rebounding
is that, like many exercises, it helps burn calories. It helps you get your step numbers
up during the day. For me, I know that if I go rebounding for 10, 15 minutes, I’m
going to add another 2, 3, 4,000 steps to my daily total. And really we want to be aiming
for, well, minimum 10, but I say minimum 12,000 steps a day. And I now have one of these little
devices on my wrist which helps measure that step count and calorie burn. And by rebounding
– especially if you’re working from home, or you’re in an office a lot, or you’re
in your car a lot, or whatever you’re doing – it helps really pull up those step numbers
and really burn those calories. So that’s reason number eight – I love it because it
helps burn calories. Reason number nine that I love it is that
it really helps your clarity, your thinking your focus. When you’re on the rebounder,
something happens to your brain waves that really just elevates them from where they
might be – where you might be stuck on a problem, or you might be stuck on something that you’re
doing – and you get on the rebounder for 5, 10, 15 minutes and you let that go, and your
thinking just shifts to a whole new level. So reason number nine is that it really does
improve your thinking. It helps you find creative solutions to problems and it just elevates
you to a whole new level. And reason number 10 that I love rebounding
is that it is fun. We forget how much fun it is just to bounce around. When we were
kids, we used to be on trampolines, we used to run about, we used to climb trees, we used
to have this free-for-all attitude. And now we can’t do it. I mean, you want to go for
a run, you feel like you’ve got to run sensibly, you can’t run all crazily. Or you want to
do something outdoors, you can’t do it in the way maybe that you want to express yourself.
With the rebounder though, you are just in the confines of your own home, your own space
– you can behave as silly as you want. You can put some music on, put some headphones
on, do whatever you want to do. Move like there’s no tomorrow. You don’t have to
have a routine, you don’t have to follow anyone, you can just bounce around to your
heart’s content. And you will find, after just a few minutes on that, even if you were
feeling down, you’re going to feel so energised, you’re going to feel so happy and invigorated
and ready to take on the day. It really is the best way to start a day and, indeed, to
continue a day. So they are my top ten reasons that I love
rebounding and why I think it’s a perfect start to the day, as well as to interject
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mind so the rest will follow. I’m Hari Kalymnios. Until I see you again,
have a fantastic time. Bubye.


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