16 Trap Bar Exercises And What They’re Used For

What’s up Youtube? This is Bryan from Bull’s Strength coming
at you with another video. And today I’m going to show you 16 exercises
you can do with a trap bar. The first exercise on this list is the trap
bar push up which is a neutral grip variation of the pushup. You’re going to require a high handle trap
bar for this, otherwise you’re going to be crushing your knuckles into the ground. And that’s not good for anybody. So go ahead and get your hands on the neutral
grips and ensure you are tucking your elbows to keep those shoulders healthy. Number two on the list is the trap bar overhead
press. I’ve already recorded a pretty extensive video
on this movement so I’ll leave a link for you to check out. Coming up next on the list is the trap bar
rack walk. This is basically the same concept as the
barbell rack walk. Just make sure you’re being conservative as
far as loading the plates goes. There’s no good way to bail this if it ends
up being too much, so make sure you underestimate yourself with this movement. And the fourth one on the list is the bent
over row, basically the exact same as the barbell variation. Except that there is no grip variable, so
you’re pretty much stuck with the neutral grip that the trap bar is giving you. You’re not going to be able to go wider to
hit your lats more. It’s a little less versatile that with a barbell. Next, same concept, this is just a pendlay
row. So you’re just going to row it off the ground
and explode upwards with it. Next exercise on this list is pretty much
where the trap bar got it’s name, this is the trap bar shrug. Just ensure that your elbows are locked out,
flex your triceps to ensure there is no angle in your elbow and go ahead and shrug. Remember that you’re targeting your back with
this movement so no slouching your shoulders. Next exercise is an explosive movement, a
sort of a speed pull. This would be the trap bar high pull and like
I said this is great for building explosive strength off of the ground. Coming up next is the trap bar farmer’s walk,
same concept as doing it with dumbbells, kettlebells, or farmers walk implements. You’re just gonna lift some weight up and
walk with it. Next is the trap bar deadlift which is my
favorite deadlift variation, only because you are dead center in the middle of the bar
so your center of gravity is not in front of you or behind you so this is going to be
a lot better for maintaining lower back health. Next exercise is the trap bar romanian deadlift,
just the exact same as you would do with a barbell. Make sure your hips are high, push your butt
back, and keep those knees as locked out as you can and just perform a deadlift. Next we have the trap bar Reeve’s deadlift. Same as the barbell variation, you’re going
to grab it by the plates and lift it. This is a grip training exercise. I prefer this a little more on the trap bar
than with a barbell only because with a barbell, the grip width is a little wider which puts
a lot of strain on your arms. So this one is a little bit tighter, a little
bit easier to perform than with the barbell. Next on the list is a trap bar axle deadlift. You’re going to do this by attaching Fat Gripz
to the handles of the trap bar which is going to make the grip width wider and make your
grip work harder. Once again this is another really good grip
isolation movement and you can combine any of the prior movements with this. So whether you want to do shrugs with it,
farmer’s walk with it, whatever the case is, this is a great grip builder. Next exercise we have on the list is a trap
bar squat jump. This is apparently the best variation of squat
jump you can do according to studies. 1RMs increased more with this variation of
squat jump than with the dumbbells. And the next movement we have is an isolateral
trap bar shrug. This one is pretty self explanatory. You’re going to put it on it’s side and do
a single arm shrug. And you can also do a variation of suitcase
carry by picking the bar up this way as well. Suitcase carry is going to work more of your
obliques it’s going to get a little anti-rotation element to your core. It’s good for that uneven weight distribution. And the last one on the list is the trap bar
floor press. This is more similar to performing a floor
press with a swiss bar. So it’s going to be a neutral grip floor press
just make sure you are racking it in some sort of power rack or some kind of implement
that you can shelf it with. Alright that’s pretty much it for the video. If you enjoyed the content please leave a
like, please subscribe, and I’ll see you in the next video. PEACE OUT!


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