2 Minute Easy Ab Workout for Beginners

Hi, I’m Tom Holland Bowflex Fitness
Advisor this is the two minute ab workout for beginners. When it comes to exercise we want to
start and progress correctly. So when it comes to our abdominals, we want to start and build up slowly. So
if you’re a beginner, that’s great. We’re going to show you how to target
the three areas to start making those connections so you can build and get stronger as you
go. Because flat abs are not just for looks, it’s also to be as healthy as possible. So we’re going to start with just a basic crunch with our hands on our thighs. So Lisa and Ryan are going to lie back,
they’re going to keep their legs bent, they’re gonna put their hands on their
thighs. They’re just going to slowly reach up, ready and begin. We’re going to do 30
seconds. You’re going to take your time. So they’re just getting acclimated to
bringing those shoulder blades up off the ground. You want to keep your chin off of your
chest – imagine you have a tennis ball in
between. And she’s looking – if you look at Lisa – she’s looking up at the ceiling. Ryan as well. We’ve about 10 more seconds just getting used to working the major area our rectus abdominis of our abdominals.
From here we’re going to do some marches. Ready and begin. So now they’re just going to lie back and just going to alternate raising and lowering a foot. This is really important. It’s basic but
it gets you started it makes those connections – lower abdominals. Once you lift your legs off the ground as more advanced exercises ask for, you want to
do that correctly. This is a great way to start. About 10 more seconds and we’re going to work on the sides of our abs – our obliques. So we did the front, we did the lower,
we’re going to finish up working both sides. In three, two, fantastic. Now drop both knees, bent to the right side. Ready and begin. They’re just going to slide up again lifting their shoulder blades up off the ground. But because they’re
twisted, you’ll see Lisa you’ll see Ryan, when their knees are to the right
they’re going to target that left oblique a little bit more. Alright? So nice and natural. Don’t jerk.
Nice, slow controlled movement. Going to do about five more seconds. We’re going to finish up with the other
side. We’re getting all three areas. Ready and switch. So they’re going to do the same thing to
the other side. So that’s it – two minutes. Do this a
couple times for a couple weeks maybe ’til you get used to these movements and then
you’re going to progress. You’re getting your six pack that’s your
rectus abdominis with the thigh crunches. And now we’re getting the sides of the
obliques, both sides, learning to target just the sides and
that gets all three parts of our abs. Ready and rest. And there you have it, the two minute ab
workout for beginners. For more quick workouts just like this
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