219: Creating Healthy Food Islands Part 2 with Erin Sparrold

all right we’re live on video standby
Aaron for audio all right welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another live the
fuel podcast show so this episode is actually this new two-part follow-up
process we’re trying something new with our regular monthly co-hosts so today
we’re bringing back if you actually listened to the September episode with
our regular sports nutritionist we’re digging deep today into things
involving daily vs. sports periodization of your nutrition and also we dug into
the last episode things called creating call them healthy islands little snack
sessions food sourcing etc so right without further ado our regular co-host
the master behind sports nutrition and herself
Aaron spiralled welcome back to the show hi Scott thank you for having me back
yeah so uh obviously this is your first time where we’re trying out trying to
get better at time management because we’ve always done like hour-long
episodes over the over the history of the show now we’re gonna try and say hey
Aaron’s got a lot going on you’re a supermom you got kids and you’re a
sports nutritionist working with athletes let’s try these shorter
segments we can hit harder hit faster and maybe it benefits the audience too
because they get fast hitting points in the 30 minutes or less I get busy did I
did I preface this episode enough of what we just recorded cuz like literally
ladies and gentlemen we’re actually just recording both of these shows back to
back we just hit stop and hit record again so but that way the content is
fresh and we could tie this together so perfect was there something I missed
that you want to make sure it comes into this episode today that the listeners
should be ready for I really want to focus on the idea of these creating
healthy Islands which means a little bit of advanced prep prepping ahead meal
planning menu planning really a lot of times when people think about their
meals they tend to overthink it and they tend to think that they’ve got to create
these big meals but really let’s take it apart and simplify it a little bit and
think of it more like you need to assemble a fueling
you need to put foods together that are gonna fuel your body appropriately and
it doesn’t have to be a gourmet meal I mean you know me Scott you know I love
to cook and create beautiful meals but even for myself and for my own kids
there are days I’m running out the door and it’s to hard-boil days a half an
avocado and I’m out so I have assembled a fueling for what my body needs for
that day if I was getting ready to go out for a training that would probably
be a couple hard-boiled eggs and maybe some fruit or one of my generation you
cans to give me some carbohydrate fueling for my training but if I’m just
heading out the door to work not gonna train I don’t need a period eyes my
nutrition from my training just gonna have some fats and protein a couple
hard-boiled eggs a half an avocado and I’m out the door on my way to work
sometimes it’s not even that fun avocado cuz that’s too much work so it’s two
hard-boiled eggs that some cashews and I’m out the door
well let’s pause on that because I’m do literally for listeners uh
make sure you check out the video feed or just follow her at Aaron’s spiraled
on Instagram ERI n SP a double rol d because in her Instagram peak especially
not just Facebook but she shares a lot of like her cooking and snacking because
she is a supermom and she is on the go and she does have a lot of cool snacks
and different meals you’ve prepped and you actually do athletics sports and do
triathlons so yeah you’re busy girl so on this piece that we’re talking
about I think people underestimate the power of small snacking like I know
there’s been a lot of magazine articles saying oh well you got to eat six times
a day trust me I used to be one of those guys where as we talked on the last
episode that I have done a lot of experimentation and testing around more
ketogenic style training and getting my body to a state of ketosis and doing
extended fasted States and yeah it takes time and you have to test it and you
have to feel it out but and listen what the feedback your body gives you and
just because he is a problem we talked in the last show about excessive sugar
intake and how our gut biology we only touch lightly over your gut biology gets
all jacked up so what you don’t realize is that you’re the human body is an
amazing machine the human body well of that it will move past it because it has
to keep going so we don’t realize we actually
lose the sensitivity of our body actually talking to us and then we don’t
realize we’re not able to listen to our body because the body can’t talk to us
anymore because our maybe our nutrition is that bad
am I wrong am I wrong on that you know I think what it is is we kind of adapt to
feeling a certain way and a lot of times when you when I go into and I clean up
somebody’s diet and they start eating healthier they started to go oh my gosh
I just feel like a different person they didn’t realize they were kind of running
at a low level of yok because they had become so just adapted to it and used to
it and then they clean up their diet they’ve got better sustainable energy
they’ve got maybe fewer headaches they’re less bloated they’re digesting
better all of that starts to work better and then all of a sudden they’re feeling
better so well so let’s tide that by listening to your
body feeling it and realizing what works and what doesn’t right let’s tie that
back to what you just got to get you just start talking examples of these
little healthy food islands or whatever you want to call them right is it
doesn’t need to be rocket science it takes 12 minutes you take a dozen of
eggs you throw it in a pot or you get that you that cool cook a baking
technique where you warm the oven up and you throw them in a like a muffin pan
you can bake hard boil your eggs versus like not boiling them it’s so easy
twelve minutes the perfect hard boil is 12 minutes and then easy it’s holy crap
guys like but the egg is such a perfect food I know that’s obviously hardcore
vegans or some like that are not going to embrace this but that is not my
target audience so I don’t care let’s focus on the omnivore listener right it’s my show I do that so I respect
people’s decisions they can do that but fYI you’re missing a lot of key
nutrients and your life takes minerals and vitamins so all the other podcast
it’s wholly on the podcast so these food islands these snacks it literally could
just be two hard-boiled eggs or an avocado the healthy nutrient density in
an avocado the seem that we hid for that in the last
episode the healthy fats the the avocado oils that are inside of that fruit
amazing and you will be people are so surprised when you just switched to
something so simple like that helps satisfied their for so long but that’s
just having the fats and proteins balanced in your diet better and the
carbohydrates and the sugars pulled back but yeah because very satisfying I grab
a half an avocado all the time when I’m running out the door so if you’re
healthy islands though mmm-hmm because lets you look at Instagram right you
look at the magazine’s we hinted that in the last episode
unfortunately when when people see oh this is healthier this is nutrition I
see tons of bright gorgeous photography promoting fruit fruit fruit fruit fruit
right I’m saying fruit people so it’s what people realize is that vegetables
are great for you not just the meat right even though I am very carnival
right now but that’s me I’m testing that but what I’m hinting at here is that yes
you can overload on fruit even though it’s not a processed manufactured sugar
that’s in preserved foods that we talked about in the last episode but if your
food islands throughout the day are a bowl of strawberries and then you’re
having a half a banana and then you’re having some cantaloupe like okay those
are flash in the pants right am I wrong they’re very they’re quick burning fuels
now let’s let’s dial back just a bit I want to make sure I’m really really
clear here the fruits are not that they are loaded with nutrient density
vitamins minerals antioxidants all these important nutrient-dense pieces of our
diet that we absolutely need but they are a higher sugar source so whenever I
have my have anybody really consuming or I consume fruit I always have it with a
protein and a fat so if I have strawberries I have it with nuts if I
strawberry or or if I have grapes I’m having a half an avocado with it I’m
always pairing my fruits with proteins and fats or with that we mentioned in
the last show that’s why I want to make sure we brought that up again is like
hey I’m not credit I missed her I feel literally the past year like the only
fruit source that’s hit enter my body would be red wine
bouncing my life gotta have that balance and literally Barrett Hall and Sol ethyl
alcohol solution I couldn’t get that out well and it helped that I had my full
DNA analysis done by dr. Anthony J and I had the genetic marker that actually
says that red wine actually does well with me so there you go and and I
consume caffeine 50 percent fast and most human beings so I’d love my coffee
so but the that’s why I wanted to hit on that cuz I knew you would jump in on
that because it is the combination factor if the human body it’s the way
our organs process it and break it all down and absorb these nutrients and
anything else but it’s so crucial to balance that sugar load with a fat slash
protein load to slow that process down right yes absolutely infer to help with
a glycemic load but also to help with some of the absorb ability of some of
the nutrients even with your vegetables some of the vitamins minerals
antioxidants all of this some of them are fat soluble so if you’re consuming
those fruits and vegetables with a fat source you’re getting better absorb
ability of those nutrients for years in the 80s and 90s we were eating all of
our salads that free and we were not absorbing a lot of those important fat
soluble vitamins from well as well yeah we talked about that in the last episode
too how a lot of the modern manufacture salaries and a god-awful you make your
own I don’t even bother I just put amazing
again not all olive oil is the same but the olive oil that I source from Villa
Capelli pure so that’s amazing I just drizzle that if I have a salad or I put
that on my meat and it’s amazing but to your point here is that to dig deeper
into these these healthy islands to help with the athletes periodization of their
of their snacking throughout the day or pre fuel and post fuel and I love the
fact that we’ve been using this word because this is my buzzword this is our
buzzword it’s like fuel your health your business your lifestyle fuel your body
the right way and it’s so crucial because the reason why I talk so much
about cutting the sugars and increase in the healthy fats is your angle is
creating the balance there me I just know that fat is
the preferred fuel the body it’s been proven by science and doctors just
unfortunately it’s it’s gotten it fell off the radar for a while you and I have
talked about that so but the other piece here is the hormonal impact and we’ve
talked about it before leptin and ghrelin or two of your you know
nicknamed hunger hormones and they’re constantly out of flux well if you have
a sugar loaded diet those things are confused what is going on it’s a roller
coaster ride but if you’re consuming healthy sugars like the fruit sources
right but then to your point that come with fiber our natural sugar sources
also are packaged with fiber yes yes so here’s the thing I I’m interested right
now okay God’s periodization what if okay I’m anti juicing just go ahead and
say I’m gonna throw it right out there why because you’re stripping the fiber
the fiber out so if you’re trying to help with your sport periodization maybe
maybe your meal prepping again we’re talk about islands but now you do things
like like juicing okay hopefully you’re adding in fat into that or something
like you’re making a fat shake it’s not just shoot because you just okay you
stripped all the fiber out now you’re left with a sugar bomb oh my god please
add in coconut oil or something yes add a fat element into that because you’re
just gonna bomb your hormones with Rattata source from fruit people juice
their vegetables that that’s something that you say you’re anti juicy I don’t
want to come out to him anti juicing cuz I don’t just like the idea of having
that nutrient density like an increasing like beets like if you can get that beet
extracted so there’s a beneficial athletic component to that but you’ve
got to be careful of the blood sugar spikes so if you’re creating what I’ve
juiced and I’ve like created kale and beet and carrot juices but I will take
that concentrate and extract that I’ve made from the juice and I add it to a
smoothie that has proteins and fats so it’s sort of like it’s not that I’m just
drinking that juice it’s in addition to to create a meal and a balance and the
math music is a building block its piece of a puzzle yes yeah so you’re
building so you’re not just saying well because I just juiced it I’m just gonna
take it straight well no you’re gonna take that what you just created was a
nutrient not a bomb yeah whatever a nutrient package and you’re building it
into something I don’t wanna say more complex but more appropriate right
you’re crazy that balance and more dynamic right so there’s a right way and
a wrong way I’m talk about this stuff is because people see an infomercial or
they read a magazine or they see somebody doing this at a store like you
watch something making a G you assume that when you go to this supposedly a
health bar and they’re juicing something and like and you you and you drink that
it’s like oh my god it’s amazing I’m like yeah do you realize you’re
literally drinking a giant sugar bomb half the time that’s okay protein powder
in it like be careful with the protein powder yeah yeah it how it can help
reduce some of that blood sugar spike but really you want to be making sure
you’ve got fats unless of course this is a pre-workout if you’re having this
smoothie as a pre-workout you don’t want to load your gut with a ton of fat
pre-workout in the heat because you don’t digest it as well and you’re more
likely to have GI distress but other some people don’t know other athletes a
lot of athletes have a hard time digesting fats while they’re training so
maybe a pre-workout you’re looking at carbohydrates and proteins throw the
fats in after but for sure you need to balance out that that sugar load even if
it is coming from a healthy source like vegetables and fruits you need to
balance it out if you’re stripping the fiber out of the vegetable and the fruit
you’re just getting all that sugar your body’s the glycemic effect is gonna be
really high so keeping all these elements in mind by glycemic index the
the the blood sugar spikes the the impacts on your leptin and ghrelin
hormone levels right because that’s what we’re trying to do we’re trying to if
you could picture a graph like what the average person because they don’t know
much about nutrition I’m seeing spikes drops rollercoaster yeah exactly you’re
traveling below zero access that all of a sudden you’re back up again because
maybe you’re trying to make these healthy food islands
right people are trying the spikes are crazy they’re missing the balance we’re
trying to smooth that curve out and get either if you’re an athlete that
consistent power curve of consistency or this the average person at the office
all day guys we’re just trying to smooth it out for you yep
so let’s talk about some ways to create and build some of these islands so it’s
going to talk through sort of a typical day and May how I build my islands and
islands for my kids so like my house it did every Sunday especially once school
starts I do some meal prep there’s always some kind of meal prep happening
in my kitchen on a Sunday I’m hard boiling eggs I’m making up this tray of
slice I call it egg bake but it’s basically eggs and cottage cheese and
some vegetables and I bake it all together my kids can grab a chunk of it
when they run out the door they can have it for snack when they get home like I
get like a like a healthy version of a quiche it is just it’s got a higher of
fat well it’s got a higher protein content to it fats and proteins amazing
and it’s a great way to sneak the vegetables in because I throw it with
bacon and sausage so my kids will actually the vegetable you call that an
egg bake an egg bake yep so I advanced prep that I’ll advanced prep one in this
when it’s still hot or whether all advance prep one big salad that can kind
of sit in my fridge for a while using like a protein based bean based pasta
I love the explore asian black bean pasta it’s a net protein there’s more
protein than carbohydrate to it I’ll throw together a big black bean pasta
salad or I’ll throw together a legume and protein based salad with a lot of
vegetables something that we can all have to kind of go to is a quick snack
so the egg bake my kids go for those all the time the hard boiled eggs they eat
those all the time and then the big salad in the wintertime the salads
switch over to a soup but on Sunday I start to create make a healthy island in
my home because even though they have access to all these foods and I have
access to a bunch of different foods we don’t always have time to take these
fresh foods I have in the house and prepare a meal we need to be able to
open the fridge grab something and go I also make sure we always always have
yogurts that full fat yogurts on hand we always have tons of nuts and seeds
cashews almonds and you know I spend the extra money to buy them in individual
packages so that my kids can reach into the cabinet grab a packet and walk out
the door wait so are you saying they don’t do it
like you’re saying a pre-mixed nut mix yep I actually get them at Trader Joe’s
they’re these little individual single serving packages you know my hack is I
go to like well here locally we have a Queen’s nutritional products there and
near the airport and I’ll go just by the each the preferred nut that I want and
so my hack is I I take a giant like like my old IKEA bamboo bowl and I just jump
all the nuts in yeah stir them all up and then I mix in some
of my pillow nuts and then other things and then and so because I don’t believe
in sugar and grain and we don’t have flour in this house so you know a lot of
people with kitchens they had like the different size containers that
traditionally you would know there’s a flour bin sugar bin well those are my my
nuts and my coffee bins so I take the homemade nut and seed mix huh and yes
there’s healthy seeds and their seeds are crucial and then I just dump that
into my into the end of the bins and then I have like a little travel
container that perfectly fits in my cup holder in the car oh there’s always
snack nuts in the door of my car like you can find like just find any kind of
container that fits a cup holder and fill whatever you want
I mean if it’s dry like that like seeds nuts there’s always a container my car
and I do a lot of road tripping stuff yeah I got all of a sudden I’m like it’s
like wine o’clock in the afternoon I just drive along like huh a little
hungry hmm that’s boom grab the nuts yeah yep so we oh that’s why create
those islands at home there’s always something here and I you know make sure
that there’s lots of meats and cheeses as well because my kids will just take
like so some some meat and a slice of organic cheese and I’ll just roll it up
and eat that so keeping it simple gets them away from the easy snack foods if
the healthier foods are simple it’s what kids want they want simple
they don’t want to do a lot of work so keep it simple and it we as adults need
simple too so if you can just reach in your cabinet grab and go you’re more
likely to grab and go something healthy Kristen does that for herself she’s like
a big kid like yours I’ll go to the butcher because I find I can get better
sourced meats that way if I know where they’re getting him from that’s where I
get my bacon they it’s like a slab and they stay fresh slice my bacon so while
I’m there I’ll pick up say she’s obsessed with turkey and cheese so we
got a nice roasted turkey she’s not a fan of smoked and then she’s obsessed
with this one cheddar cheese anyway and then she’ll sit there like watching
Apple TV on a Sunday uh-huh he pulls out her little bat travel baggies cuz she’s
a traveling you know vet doctor uh-huh same thing she just pulls out the turkey
throws the cheese on it rolls it up she makes a little meat and she’s roll up
some sticks and legs I used to call them to get my little guy to eat them we call
them Superman rolls the one the artist one no you call them Superman rolls so
that he would eat them so they’re they’ve now make called there now
Superman rolls in my house but we just roll the meat and cheese together and
they love to eat those as a snack so that you gotta create those healthy
islands as assembled easily assembled fueling healthy islands in your home but
nobody stays at home all day anymore you know most people don’t so your kids are
going off to school we’re going off to work we need to make sure that we’re
creating these healthy islands all around us or it gets too easy to dive
into the junk foods that are available when you get over hungry so I’m busy I’m
all over the place I’m driving to my school’s to work with my athletes I’m
driving out to the gyms that I work with I’m all over the place my bag has nuts
in it it has I almost always grab a yogurt and nuts when I’m walking out the
door hemp seeds everything I carry stuff with me all over the place let’s pause real quick you’re a little
travel bag right this isn’t a lot of stuff that’s that’s when you have the
right when you have the right balance of fats and proteins right one hard-boiled
egg is very Sochi ating it’s very very filling
so that’s not think what we should pause in this back to your keyword here you
wrote there lie bro but he said simplicity oh it is the
beauty of simplicity is if you have the right nutrient-dense food you don’t need
a lot for these islands that’s why I think people need to understand it does
not need to be complicated I will you know of course you need to shop smart so
that you’ve got yourself set up for success at home so I will reach into my
fridge and I grab my whole milk yogurt and I grab thing of fruit and I grab a
thing of nuts and seeds and I throw it my lunch box and I’m out the door
sometimes I’ll add to that if I want to L throw hard-boiled eggs I’ll throw in
avocado but you just keep it easy to assemble and then set up these islands
for yourself wherever you land the most frequently so some of the gyms that I
work from the most I have some protein powder stashed there I’ve got nuts
stashed there I have things stash to keep me from getting because one of my
biggest downfalls is I get so over busy I forget to eat so I usually have a
semi-permanent depo like you yeah so when you when you show up the next time
there you may or may not be bringing a resupply and if you don’t cuz you didn’t
bring in that day you know there’s still something there there’s something there
if I set up these little safety nuts for myself all over the place and I do it
for my kids as well so they take with them they have in their lockers they’ve
got nuts they’ve got seeds they really love
sunflower seeds so they’ve always got sunflower seeds I do send them with
peanut butter crackers because they’re kids and I’ve got to keep them happy in
that regard I send them with turkeys and they have like the chocolate milk or
gain shakes that they like to drink they’re pretty clean alternative to some
of the other prepackaged shakes and they fall in it are they at least giving it a
full whole milk in the chocolate or there are some fats yeah it’s lower
sugar than regular chocolate a whole different podcast but dear Lord
stop drinking skim milk people it’s just it’s just a sure bomb you
you’re a whole milk family for sure but those shakes are they’re not I don’t
think that they are honestly have to double-check but I don’t think that
they’re made from whole milk that there are fats it’s hard to find that I mean
I’m fine they have nuts and seeds in their Locker so they’re having that
shake and they’re having some flower seeds with it they get their fat even if
the fats aren’t in the shake like your your tip for yogurts here right do you
know hard in this country compared to other countries it is to find a yogurt a
full fat yogurt yes it’s like pulling strings out of out of like the Bermuda
Triangle where all these high sugar but now they’re like high protein well
that’s great but can we pull back the sugar and add some fat yeah I mean I’m
not anti protein but come on let’s get a better balance let’s stop hyper focusing
only one macronutrient and stop being lazy with you yogurt if you any yogurt
do you buy that already has fruit put in it fYI you’re gonna get a little bit of
a sugar spike off of that because there’s there’s even those expiration
dates on it it’s not it’s not the same like you’re better off buying a giant
tub of hopefully whole milk source the ciggy is 4% that’s does a good job yeah
Ziggy’s there the Icelandic yogurt company it is a little more of a premium
but man so worth it so good so good and I use that dressing I use that for bases
and salad dressings all the time it’s a good other thing I like about this
bitter it’s really good see there you go I was I saying because
it’s less bitter my other hack if you want to go off with a fruit train like I
did dude things like cinnamon nutmeg right or you could just I just sprinkle
that that becomes your flavor like if it’s too boring for you try that because
that’s not sugar yeah brown cinnamon over there and cinnamon is great for you
by the way yeah that’s really good phrase it’s gonna say you’re adding a
more nutrient density while you’re adding flavor how am i doing here great
gold stars for you I don’t have your your I got a share again here ladies and
gentleman in segrin but also follow my on Facebook – because she posts fun
stuff like this she’s out there hitting climbing gym but I mean like it’s again
you’re the nutritionist so a lot of what I’ve done is studying professionals like
you and doing my own self topping my son made that I’d love the story behind that
can I tell that yes we’re sharing a picture looks like eggs and bacon
it is pancetta eggs and potato so your pain channel in China
my middle son was complaining but there is no food in the house because what
that really translates to is there was no quick junk food in the house and I
said there’s plenty of food in the house go find something to make and which is
how I was raised I was not raised with easily accessible
foods that I could just grab I always had to make my foods so if I wanted a
exciti cook eggs if I want there was there were no pop-tarts there were no
cookies there were no Krusty Bowls there was none of that in my house and that’s
how I raise my kids and so my son saying there’s nothing to eat then goes into
the kitchen takes a fresh potato cut it up made his own hashbrowns cooked in the
all of this in avocado oil as well and cooked in his scrambled eggs and added
pancetta so he went from there’s nothing in the house to that the same child
makes his own hollandaise sauce so I I don’t know I feel like it was a mom win
because wine I was ruining how to cook this one was that he was 16 this is my
middle son so he’s learning how to cook and he’s learning to assemble real food
instead of just going to the cabinet and grabbing a box of crackers and binging
on that he’s learning how to prep real fresh food plus like a food like a
pancetta oh my god the rich fats in that the flavor profile is awesome because I
got a throw in my style here the only thing I would change is I would strip
out you know the the potato that’s it but that’s just me 16 year old growing
boy you’re a grown man hey and here’s a deal it’s different oh my god
a kid at 16 eating this weathers potatoes in there or not so much of a
healthier choice and my future daughter-in-law owes me interesting because if he’s learning to
cook at 16 like this by the way is that a cast-iron skillet it is that one
actually is not cast-iron oh it looks like it’s it’s a well-seasoned pan can’t
even remember anodized steel I got some 20-plus years ago yeah you’re not using
the modern non-stick pans eventually started flaking anything else thank you
never hacked ladies and gentlemen I went back to the old school I only cook and I
have a cast-iron skillet and I bought one of the square models to have like
the raised ridges like at the grill pans here’s the issue that thing smokes a lot
more because obviously the fats and stuff start falling down below I thought
about it I’m like you know I want that flavor in my meats and my foods so I
find myself using the round cast-iron skillet all the time so it’s I don’t
know what it is I’ve been looking at and eyeing dutch ovens to like wanting to
get myself a cast-iron Dutch oven haven’t done it yet but it’s on my
everytime I like see em I like that would be the next house cuz we have a
small kitchen here so I don’t have space to store all right we’re leaving I like
it lean and mean like this house was built in 1910 so it’s got that old
construction there’s not a lot of big open rooms so but this is still this is
great like this is things I mean granted this is not a food island but actually
this can become a food island I eat cold eggs and bacon all the time it’s already
been cooked like last night I uh yesterday afternoon had to go to a quick
meeting with my client so I had leftover ground-up venison that I had cooked in
my skillet last last Thursday night I took it to the meeting I’m driving down
the road I literally keep a camping fold up spork in my mi in my car like this we
joked around I’m a gear head I’m just gonna say it’s it’s in a Velcro case so
I can literally one I can bail throw it pull the spork out
flip it with one thumb lock it into position and I’d start chowing down that
the Tupperware is sitting on the center console my eyes never left the road I’m
completely safe just just even eat my meat going down
the road again I’ve just a leaner meat you know it’s
it’s it’s it’s more wild it’s it’s venison yeah but the flavor profile is
amazing and now that flavor those fats from cooking that are sitting in my
skillet right now should I get done because I’ve done my intermittent
fasting all morning I’m gonna bang out of five egg omelet make my bacon it’s
gonna be amazing with all that extra flavor in the pan you’re dealing with
your whenever I sit with clients and it’s like around a mealtime and they
start telling me their food like what they meet and I start to like lose track
of the appointment and obsess over the food right what you’re doing now I get it
for you’re a sports nutritionist like and here’s the thing I know we’ve been
really with the day and we have we dug deeper into this food island piece I
mean again I love the the egg baked idea that’s as you really gave me a new idea
because I I eat so much like even though I joke around about intermittent fasting
Kristin tells me all the time she’s like you’re just a bottomless pit you just
keep going and I said well when it’s all good food you have more energy if you
have more energy you’re doing more health and fitness activities so I just
keep going and by the way I’ll be 41 next month what yeah nice
so you hit on some good easy easy shopping tips the yogurts whole fine
full fat if you can nuts seeds yeah it’s add to that cottage cheese or
yes all that cottage cheese is another solid go to that I use all the time and
my kids actually really like it it’s something that a lot of people don’t
enjoy because it takes getting used to but whole fat cottage cheese or 4
percent milk fat cottage cheese is I use it all the time well I think here’s a
deal and again I’m not the the scientist but I mean I already know from talking
to scientists and also people who understand that how the stuff
works is the average person who’s worried about a dairy allergy is
relating to traditionally processed milk things like grass-fed butter cottage
cheese yogurts and regular traditional cheese’s are not processed the same way
as milk so this lactose thing and everything
else like I find a lot of people that say they have an issue with dairy I’m
like have you tried just doing grass-fed butter or just like full fat yogurt and
cottage cheese is experiment there and just yeah as an adult you I trust me I
grew up on a dairy farm yeah we’re the only mammal on this planet that’s still
consuming milk my guys like there’s so many other amazing yes dairy sourced
products once that dairies been enzyme processed the lactose count usually goes
down because the bacteria that you’re processing with the cheese or the yogurt
they’re consuming some of that lactose loves goes down once it’s been enzyme
processed if you are lactose son oh we lost her there for a second well
that was fun well let’s pause and see if she pops
back I think she might have accidentally gotten disconnected ladies and gentlemen
stand by and we’re back it was like she never left so technology magic so we
were hitting obviously just on the whole enzymatic thing and how things are
processed and this and cottage cheese and so how do we want to help people
finish understanding that whole stuff whole part just like we’ve mentioned
before in previous podcasts about fats being over vilified and salts being over
vilified I think that dairy is another one of those things that sometimes has
been over vilified because yeah it is bad some people some people cannot
digest certain dairy products or something and it is pro-inflammatory but
even for a lot of people who have a reaction to some it is a lactose
intolerance not a dairy allergy a dairy allergy is different that’s not a the
lactose intolerance is not you’re not your body’s not producing enough of the
lactase enzyme to break down the lactose sugar so you can’t absorb it and get GI
distress you get sick you get in sláinte got all that bad stuff other
people it’s actually a protein antigen allergy and that’s different all dairy
across the board they’re going to react to two of my kids have had that issue so
there’s very different from the lactose intolerance so if you are somebody who
has a lactose intolerance some of the enzyme processed dairy products have a
lower lactose count and you might actually be able to tolerate them and a
lot of times the ones that are enzyme processed or loaded with probiotics as
well in if you can tolerate a little bit of dairy then I say spend your dairy
dairy tolerance on things that begin to give you the most bang for the buck and
also manipulate your gut a little bit so some Kieffer’s yogurts things that have
those probiotics that have an enzyme processed and when when you go towards
things that are a higher fat and higher protein you lose more lactose also
because there’s less carbohydrates so when you’re looking at cheeses and
butter there’s less there’s there’s less lactose in those products as well but
just like a straight glass of milk can be terrible for some people but totally
fine for other people that’s true some people have the genetic markers and
everything else where they don’t have that issue within their gut biology but
I mean I think a whole different podcast but the the power of our gut biology is
still being evaluated still being understood and it’s so powerful because
I literally have bullet proof to my gut to the point where my friends not like
you waiting you don’t buy any probiotic yogurt it’s
on a regular basis and my friends taking probiotics I said well when you’ve
removed the excessive sugar which is so detrimental to the balance of your gut
biology it just beats the crap out of your system and all the manufactured
food that we’ve talked about you clean all that out and you put in good clean
whole food nutrient density you rebuild your your balance of vitamins and
minerals like I’ve been at it for a while I was like well then my body will
heal it’s an amazing machine it’ll recover and hopefully your gut biology
will reflow will rebalance
scream there’s a lot of really interesting research going into that
microbiome balance and because athletes put themselves through different types
of stressors and they’re showing some stresses on the gut microbiome research
is really really early in that so Undead okay cool
does she do anything with athletes I have not had her on the show yet so I’ve
but she her so late at least in general I’m showing on the video the microbiome
solution a radical new way to heal your body from the inside out by robbing I
think it’s pronounced chicken but she’s the founder of the digestive center for
women an author of gut bliss which is another book she put out so I don’t know
she’s specifically working with athletes but great book highly recommend it I
mean especially you’re gonna start geeking out about microbiome like I this
was the book that got me to just eat out so one size even with microbiome one
size does not fit all so what somebody who has a more
sedentary life but their body is going through versus somebody who’s more
active there your body is going through a different level of stressors so
there’s some really interesting research starting to evolve and develop with
athletes and what their gut microbiome is going through I completely agree with
you I mean think about it athletic people argue and myself and the
people you work with we are consuming more food more nutrients more water more
air so which is why I’m such a big proponent throughout an athletic cycle
of going through and helping your body really amplify its natural
detoxification process which is why I do things like III you know nutritional
cleansing and things like that that’s me right but it’s like it’s from its proven
science that your body is fully capable of doing detoxification but to your
point where you’re at in your healthy sedentary style versus active style and
for example athletes more than anybody are consuming more of all of these
things that could be contaminating and beating up their body so it’s very
interesting we’re creating through the athletic training process
a degree of oxidative stress which has encouraged some of the adaptive
processes that make us better athletes we don’t want to tamper down too much of
that oxidative stress but it’s there oh yeah
fighting free radicals everything we’re asking for more from our bodies so
they’re just studying the impact of what that looks like on microbiome so again
still early in the research but just putting it on your radar screen that
there’s some support that maybe athletes do need to inoculate their guts a little
more proactively so I’m just putting that out there that you might want to
consider it doesn’t have to be like a daily thing but maybe more well you can
you eat fermented foods so you’re probably inoculating your gut anyway a
little occasional uh well pickled anything really I mean the pickling
process and fermentation process goes back decades I mean if not really more
than a century I believe so I’m not good with the whole history thing but I’m
thinking he goes back that pretty far I mean the whole I mean just look at the
the historic the history of a country like Russia they pickled and fermented
all kinds of stuff back there so exactly yeah
so this has been another powerful back up episode we went a hair longer than
one prior to this that we aired in September so Wow
so exciting I’m excited with the the new growth of your business means now this
episodes we’re airing this in October so just so much hustle going on so with
with with the growth of what you’re doing now and I’m sure you’re still
doing things with Meghan Cannon and everybody else so people are hearing
this in October 2018 besides following you at Aaron’s
barreled on Instagram and I’ll share one more time on the Facebook your personal
feed you have a lot of cool shots of food nutrition yes he’s a fitness nut
she does she does workout people she’s not just a sports nutritionist she
actually practices what she peaches and yes you can actually find her at erin
smith’s barrold on the facebook world too so but besides that erin how would
you want to close the show out what’s some final words for you and maybe also
for people who are maybe want to talk to you and track you down the process of
redoing all the branding which we’ve already talked about so right now the
best source of to get a hold of me really is through social media at this
point perfect I’m hoping that by October when you when
we launched this I can give you a website for to send people to as well
and I know you will we’ll have all this stuff in the show notes so what I would
like to leave people with is just a stronger encouragement to simplify the
process for themselves so that they’re assembling easy yes simplified does not
have to be a four-course gourmet meal every time you need to feel yourself
simplify the process and balance the nutrients you mentioned the free thing
we tend to grab quick and easy and convenient and yes fruit is healthy but
balance that fruit out with some fat so grab fruit but also train yourself I’m
gonna grab some almonds at the same time yeah creating healthy islands for
yourself in your home and anywhere you land for longer periods of time you’d be
at work or school make sure that you’re surrounding yourself with the tools you
need for success I’m loving this so ladies and gentlemen
again the prior episode was around the theme of sport sport nutrition pure you
know periodization or period izing your food versus the daily foundation and
then we had dug into creating a healthy island so if you listen to this episode
and you do not catch that one please go back to September and listen to the
prior episode with Aaron and then obviously today we hit even deeper and
heavily into this whole creating your healthy islands has been another
powerful fueling your health episodes since we care so much about helping you
balance and fuel your health your business and your lifestyle so make sure
you follow Aaron spiralled everywhere and if you don’t know how to that’s fine
because I hyperlink everything into the accompanying blog post that we’ll be on
with the fuel com so thanks for tuning in to another
powerful and healthy healthy let the fuel podcast show with sports
nutritionist Aaron Sparrow and remember ladies and gentlemen fueling your health
feeling your business fueling your lifestyle and you too can live the fuel
will talk to you guys again soon and you are clear

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