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80% Off Bowflex smartwatches and we hear from
two of my favorite trainers as we put this deal to the test. Hi! I’m the Youtube DealGuy,
Matt Granite. Everyday, thanks to the all the awesome folks who are subscribed to this
channel, I hunt down huge deals. None of these are paid products. I always put the deal and
the link to the deal right under the video window. Now, for those of you who know I hold
no credibility when it comes to anything remotely related to fitness, I have two fully licensed
fitness trainers who are gonna put my deal to the test. In a moment, we are gonna hear
from them and their feedback. But before we get to the deal, if you want to get any of
my huge deals moving forward click the subscribe button you see on your screen right now, you’ll
be signed up for all of my big deals. And here is your huge deal for today. My favorite
heart watch monitoring system. Great for your heart, fitness, checking your stress levels…an
all around benefit for every workout you have moving forward. 81% off today. 23 bucks with
quick free shipping – your choice of colors. Now you can mix and match the color on the
watches. You can get two for under 40 bucks. But the reason I really like this deal – if
you go to Amazon Prime right now where prices have been fluctuating, it’s been very difficult to get your choice of
color and to also get it delivered at the same price points. Now these watches are dropping
all over the place. They have a 100 hour stopwatch, a calendar, alarm…but don’t hear it from
me, let’s check in with two actual experts. (Erica): Hi Matt, I’m Erica. (Ali): And I’m
Ali. (Erica): And we love this watch! After using it, I burn more calories because I can
easily keep track of my heart rate, and it doesn’t have this annoying itchy chest strap
like most of them do, so it makes it a great heart rate monitor. (Ali): It’s also a great
watch because it has a built-in alarm clock and it’s a great stopwatch. It also comes
in a ton of fun colors. I personally like the pink and the blue one. I have one that’s
really similar, and I paid over a hundred dollars for it. (Erica): I really like the
yellow one. So, Matt, can you get us those colors, and do you use it to match your outfits?
(Matt): So yes, I can get you the color, and no, I don’t match with my outfits. I don’t
even really even know what an outfit is, but that’s fine. I wanna show you the watch itself,
which I’m a big fan of. I’ve been wearing this for a while. The display is great. Really
nice resolution. Has a light on it of course, so that does also allow for some really comfortable
wearing. The band has actually held up very well – no wear and tear of any type. I like
the stainless steel back, and just to give you an idea of how some of the colors look
side by side…very nice! Great way to grab a relatively very smart watch. And I say relatively
smart because obviously with this you don’t get streaming or email notifications or anything
you would find on something like an Apple watch. This is more geared towards fitness.
But if you are looking to understand more about what goes on in here – and by here I
mean your body…no one really wants to know what goes on in here – a great deal that I
don’t expect to be around long, and that quick free shipping is a bonus. It’s located right
under this video window, if you like what you saw or if you’re looking for any more
deals moving forward, feel free to place a comment in the section below and give this
video a thumbs up – if not for me, then for the fitness trainers who dedicated more volunteer
time to help me make sense of a deal. To get any of my savings moving forward, here’s what
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