28 Min Total Body Strength Workout with Weights – Strength Training Women Men Home Weight Training

hey everyone it’s your personal trainer
coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is 28 Min Total Body Strength Workout with Weights Strength Training Women Men Home Weight Training a strength training workout this is a
great workout for both men and women I’m gonna do the intermediate to advanced
exercises today and follow along with me for all of those beginner modifications
the only equipment required for this workout is a pair of dumbbells and the
weight of those dumbbells is totally dependent on your fitness level
just remember it’s always best to start light and work your way up there’s no
warm-up required for this workout but if you’d like to do one feel free to go
ahead and start this quick five-minute warm-up otherwise let’s go let’s get
right into this thing it’s a total body workout go and grab your dumbbells I’m
going to do a reverse lunge plus thruster Claudia is just going to go
ahead and start in a split squat stance so as I drop down I’m stepping back
twisting my palms and pressing up where Claudia is already in that split stance
position and she’s just dropping that back knee down and we’re all gonna do
one side first and then we’ll switch halfway through halfway through you’re
going to notice we’re not counting any reps today so it’s all about getting in
as many reps in this allotted time period twisting up and you’re ideally
finishing with your biceps and elbows up by your ears all the way up all the way
down let’s go five more seconds on this first side and we’re going to switch and
three two one nice okay switch it up right into a other side now it’s okay if
your back knee touches well this is the ground sorry it’s okay but make sure
that you’re not bouncing that back knee off of the ground trying to come down to
your both knees at a 90 degree angle and then up and back up nice almost there
give it five four three two one zero okay we’re going to the ground for the
next one we both dumbbells we’re going to go up into an ISO hip up Claudia is
going to use both legs I’m only going to need one leg popping this one up press
my hips up now slight bend in the elbows doing a dumbbell
pull over so yes there’s a lot going on in this one want you to drive off and
stay balanced off either your heels or heel depending if you’re doing the one
or two leg version give a little bend in your elbows and pull those dumbbells
back using your lats and your back good feel that stretch and pull back
breathe if you’re doing the one leg version once you try your best to keep
your hips Square to the ground and if you are doing that one leg version time
to switch opposite and back into it good and if you’re doing my version just be
sure not to hyperextend that back yeah as you want to try to keep your back
nice and straight straight line from your knees to your back good it’s like
bending the elbows throughout squeeze in those glutes it’s more about your glutes
and your abs than it is your lower back let’s go five four three two one all
right we’re up on our feet for the next one keeping both dumbbells
that’s ones for your posterior chain elbows are bent up at our side so I’m
gonna have one leg out Chloe’s gonna use both legs a little bend in both knees
alright bend over pressing our hips back hips forward so keep your back straight
and you’re bending over using your hips as a hinge this is a either a one leg or
a too late good morning as what it’s called at it make the name up but you
should be feeling a slight stretch in the back of that leg definitely just a
little bend in that knee not a not a big bend good I’m thinking to feel it on
those hamstrings back there or you should feel it in the hamstrings so
stretching those hammies and then on the way up want you to squeeze those glutes
up at the top of the move good if you’re doing the one leg version let’s go ahead
and switch into the next nice one into the next coupe gotta stay balanced there
we go yeah focus your eyes on something so again it’s good for your whole
posterior chain which is your hamstrings your glutes
and your lower back one in the next you got it breathe
let’s go five more seconds on this one that’s it
almost there and three two one zero okay to the ground we go again with both
dumbbells we got a combo move we’re gonna do a push-up from your up top on
your feet or from your knees we’re gonna go push up row row so keep
those shoulders square push up row row AB stay nice and tight you have your
back straight very important keep that back straight you want to slouch or you
want your butt way up in there neither one whoo this is always a good one for
the core this isn’t it excellent move really hits multiple body parts at the
same time I mean from your triceps shoulders chest back abs lower back I
mean really brought everything get hit on this one good one of the next guys
one of the next you got it that helps you go and watch if you’re using on your
feet you can widen your feet just a little bit that helped you stay balanced
grab in trouble good almost there let’s go ten more seconds on this one that’s
it one in the next guys you got it you got it
breathe and five four three two one okay good we’re turning over now we’re going
to do a dumbbell fly lying dumbbell fly and you we’re going to do with your feet
on the ground or we’re going to get your abs involved at the same time so I’m
going to a little slight bend in my elbows stretch fly and the same time
opening my legs and pulling them back together Claudia is just focusing on
that fly that dumbbell fly for sure I’m just acting like I’m hugging a big
old tree keep a nice bend in those elbows you feel that chest stretch and
then squeeze your chest up the top being sure not to bounce your
arms off the ground no change at the bottom where I’m trying to keep my legs
out at a 45 degree angle opening them and closing them I’ve heard this one
referred to as a Hello Dolly I did again not a name I made up what did you shoot
him do it they made these names up yeah somebody’s bored you know all right you
guys got to keep it going keep grinding through right here breathe go ten more
seconds on this one everybody that’s it you got it you got it and five four
three two one zero nice words all right we’re back up on
our feet for the next one another combo move areas I’m gonna lose a dumbbell
guys so she’s just using one I’m gonna use both we’re gonna go hammer curl
front squat back up ain’t dumbbells down hammer curl weight back in the hips
front squat back up so on that hammer curl palms are face one another only
bending at the elbow joint and anytime we squat it’s going to be breaking at
the hips first then bending the knees bringing those hips and thighs down to
parallel to the ground good nice and controlled on that curl and I want you
swing in the dumbbells up and cheating right let’s keep it nice and under
control on the way up and on the way down good you got it starting to feel it
now it’s all right that’s how we know it’s working legs are starting to feel
it keep it up guys you’re doing great right here one wrapping to the next what
do you got good total body workout today every muscles getting hit in this one
nice let’s go almost there let’s go last five seconds right here
come on getting getting the last five four three two one zero
okay only one dumbbell needed for this next one we’re both going in a split
stance I’m going to pull up on my elbow flip that dumbbell up and Claudia is
just gonna pull up on the elbow so she’s not actually going to flip it straight
up you two which one of these is right for you just
act like someone’s pulling on that elbow pulling it straight up into the sky good
and again up to you if you flip it up overhead into a snatch or you just keep
it as an upright row good we’re going half and half half found each side
remember to keep that core nice and tight and breathe three that’s right
using a little bit of hips on this once you have hips back hips forward not a
lot just a little bit keeping that back straight while you do it
and Claudia’s going to use that second hand to help support herself and switch
opposite side good right into it guys once you get that movement down I want
you to pick up that pace remember you got push yourself because no one else is
going to do it for you all right I can’t do it Claudia can’t do it it’s
up to you right here let’s go it’s grind in time three one in the next everybody
good elbow up and flip what you got what you got right here
good let’s go ten seconds on this one that’s it last ten seconds this is easy
judo all day long good let’s go five four three two one
zero okay we need both dumbbells to the
ground we go another combo ground we’re going tricep extension plus either a leg
raise or knee raise Claudia’s just going to raise her knees where I’m going to
raise my legs either way we’ll start with both elbows bent at a 90 palms face
of one another you can extend at that elbow using your triceps and they
neither raising your legs straight up or bring your knees in to your stomach and
do your chest you can rest your feet down at the bottom if you want just give
it a quick tap and back up or you can choose not to touch the ground at all
keep your feet suspended and just bring it right back up so this whole workout
is just about finding the right modifications for you you decide which
one of these versions is for you and you go from there come back next time get a
little bit better and maybe even try a step up a little harder modification on
some some of these in might take you several
repeats before you step up and that’s totally okay though it’s your own put
out your own pace that’s right just getting a little bit better every day
that’s what it’s all about so small little steps that lead to big-time
long-term success let’s go ten more seconds guys almost there my hands are
starting to feel it don’t let those elbows floor out keeping my straight
that’s a good point I’ll slice to like the triceps three two one nice okay
we’re up on our feet again both dumbbells upper body one next we’re
going reverse curl elbows are in palms are facing down and then press shoulder
press overhead back down repeat so we’re both doing the same move on this so to
make it easier you just need to use a lighter weight and if I many of these
your dumbbells just get too heavy hey pick up a couple of water bottles yep
and that’ll do it for you – you got some tomato cans what do you got be
resourceful all right do what you can good so on this one if you’re getting
lost it’s one two three four one two three four good those knees nice and
soft that’s right back stays straight don’t
lock your knees out keep those elbows in on that curl
don’t let them flare out right because then all of a sudden you’re taking your
biceps out of the movement this one’s great for your shoulders biceps forearms
lot of muscles getting hit here you got it one two the next guys one into the
next let’s go ten more seconds almost there you got it you got it in five four
three two one zero okay we need both dumbbells for the next
one buddy’s gonna start going to split I’m gonna actually do it walking lunge
I’m going to step I’m going to reach I’m going to do a lawnmower I’m going to
pull back and step up all on one side Claudia’s just starting in that split
stance and she’s going to drop that back knee
so it’s like you’re starting a lawn mower grab that string and you think and
you pull back you start that engine right here
boom good functional movement great movement to actually help you in your
day-to-day activities not just building pretty muscles here yes they will be
pretty but they’ll also be functional wanna be functional we want to operate
and perform at a high level home back boom drop that back knee so both knees
get to a 90 you got it in pull hold that pulling back from your elbow when
Claudia always says like you got a string attached to that elbow pull back
on good and 5 4 3 2 1 switching sides now let’s go opposite pull back again
once you start to get into the groove and you got a good understanding what
this movement looks like feel free to pick up the pace a little bit whatever
you do don’t break don’t stop this is a short workout we’re getting a lot of
work in in a short period of time you got it right here you’re a machine let’s
go what do you got don’t prove it to me prove it to yourself come on let’s go
let’s go let’s go 10 seconds on this side nice next five four three two one
is here oh good that’s the end of the first round all right so that’s the
halfway mark to 20 second break in total so it’s not very long if you need some
water you need a towel you just speak to God whatever that may be has a time to
do it we got 10 more seconds you’re gonna get those dumbbells up get them
ready here remember we’re starting with that thruster plus either reverse lunge
or a split squat putting them up here at chin level three two one dropping
straight down pressing straight up of a feeling these are going to be a little
bit harder this second fit than they were when we refresh a few minutes ago
yeah you’re really just going to need to concentrate on the movement and just
take your mind out of the equation here dropping straight down under those
dumbbells think about that pain and if any of these movements end up
being just too much with the dumbbells that you have you’d be surprised how
good of a workout you can get by either just moving your arms in the correct
movement pattern or by again like we said earlier grab a couple of water
bottles and doing it that way nice go five more seconds on this first side
four three two one alright switching it up opposite side well we’ve been back
dropping straight underneath this one’s gonna burn out those shoulders mine are
too you’re not alone right there with you doing it can go at your own pace
guys don’t feel like you have to keep up with us that’s right make this workout
your own you’re gonna come back you’re gonna get better every time that’s it
it’s all there is to it it’s that simple no secret pills no magical workout
unfortunately the solution you’ve been looking for is hard work you can do it
you got it in you right here let’s go I know you do
come on almost there five four three two one okay to the ground we go getting in
that ISO hip up position either one leg or two either way drive off that heel
plus a pull over a little bend in both elbows feel that stretch and you’re back
and then pull it back with those lats good try to stay balanced driving off
either heel or heels using glutes nice and tight abs are tight good solid
foundation you got it guys keep with it stay with it it’s all mental I know your
brain can keep going about a million times longer than your body you just got
to convince that brain to take over not let your body run the show switch sides
a fuse in one leg good it’s all mental right here lay down with the Sun guys
let’s go that’s it stick with it so on your head
you versus you right here good keep that oxygen flowing don’t forget to breathe
good almost there let’s go five seconds on this one three two one
and we’re off okay both dumbbells on our feet we’re moving into that good morning
elbows are bent 90-degree angle I’m doing one leg Claudia is doing two but
remember keep that little bend in your knee and then you’re just driving your
hips back it’s really like you’re trying to touch the wall behind you with your
glutes and you bend over and squeeze them at the top squeeze them up at the
top that’s right yeah dumbbells stay nice and tucked and elbows are tucked in
core is tight back is straight you got right here let’s go come on it’s all
hips on this one all hiss using those hips as a hinge one into the next good
you’re doing one you can switch on to the next this is kind of a break well I
guess depending on what you’re using yeah instead of bends on the way up all
the bends if you’re doing one leg or now it’s a little bit of a break hopefully
it’s not a break for me I got one leg haha next time she can do the advanced
all right guys come on now I’ve given plenty of opportunities you
guys going greed good let’s go five more seconds that’s it four three two one
zero all right breaks over to the ground we
go we’re going push-up plus row core is tight either from your knees or up top
if you start it up top last time and it’s just not going to happen this time
that’s okay that doesn’t mean stop you can go to your knees no big deal maybe
next time you can do the whole thing from up top again making it your own
guys getting a little bit better every time and breathe on this one do not hold
your breath remember every beginner has to start somewhere and nobody starts at
the top everybody has to start somewhere come on
with us all fighting all in it together trying to get a little better every day
come on let’s go half it tribe we’re yeah let’s go you guys are gonna see me
struggle with this one my triceps are not my most strong muscle on my body so
I right there with you and that means that we just need to work on them right
that’s right not ignoring it can’t just ignore our weaknesses anything we gotta
do double of them let’s go you got it almost there let’s put 10 seconds on
this one that’s it almost there last guys let’s push through five four three
two one turn our backs okay keep that pace up we’re gonna fly either plus a
Hello Dolly or without you decide again which one is right for you
but either way little bend in those elbows stretch that chest and then
squeeze my upper body is feeling it we were not alone we’re feeling it two guys
were right there with you thousands maybe millions doing the same workout a
home all feeling that same burn we’re in it together guys we’re on it together
you may feel alone in your living room but you’re not right there with you come
on let’s go all together now all together let’s go breathe you got it you
can do it you can do it you can do this you can do anything you got to believe
it gotta believe it right here come on let’s go good job keep it up keep it up
go last 10 seconds whoo last 10 seconds insecticides fighting to the end five
four three two one nice work all right back up on your feet
for the next one look at the hammer curl plus front squat Chloe’s got one
dumbbell I have to curl weight back in the hips straight down again the second
round a little more familiar with the movements
time to pick up that pace and press yourself on this last and final round
that’s right you’re stronger than you think you are that’s right once you
achieve more than you thought you were capable of Qi of achieving how good is
that going to feel when you get done with this workout and just absolutely
crushed it you know maybe weren’t feeling so hot
before you even started guess what either did we but we’re all here
together I’m runnin up hey how often do we actually feel good before we getting
ready to do one of this never be you know what we’re here right we’re all
here one into the next let’s go your machine once we get into it you’re
unstoppable let’s go that can’t be stopped
come on can’t stop won’t stop you got it let’s go ten more seconds on this one
that’s it you got it one in the next everybody five four three two one okay
one dumbbells all we need for the next one we’re doing a split stance either a
snatch or just an upright row then you decide which one’s going to be right for
you I want you to pull up on that elbow so don’t pull up on your hand but
instead elbow elbow first big power let’s go you guys got it you’ve made it
this far you’re not gonna slow down now no you’re
not you’re not gonna pause that video now come on let’s go I’m not positive
let’s go we can’t trust us we wish we could let’s
go you got it everybody you got it those
who think they can do it knows who think they can’t are both right which one are
you three two one switch it up come on let’s
go it’s all mental it’s a hump enter come on you got it in your head fight
fight fight let’s go just act like Coach Kozak is pulling back on that elbow
that’s right I had a string and he’s just yanking on it let’s go
can’t stops act like I’m in that room behind you yelling at you and you’re and
I can actually hear you cursing at me ha wouldn’t that be something come on
what do you got everybody put it out there
good elbow high and pull almost there you got it let’s go five more seconds on
this one that’s it four three two whoa does it go at that arm Plus add movement
tricep extension plus either a leg raise or a knee raise again you decide which
one is going to be right for you today here we go so ideally what your legs and
arms are meeting up top at the same time good again you decide whether it’s right
for you to be resting those feet in between or not if you feel okay sorry go
home that’s alright if you feel okay you feel good don’t rest over keep it going
you got it the last time you have to do this movement until next time so let’s
push it that’s right don’t save anything put it all out there what are you saving
it for come on everything you got right here guys this is it we’re getting close
we don’t have much left today good try best not to let that lower back
come up off the ground you don’t want that little arch good one to the next
almost there let’s go last ten seconds that’s it bend at those elbows three two one this
one zero on our feet but we got two movements left guys that’s nothing let’s
go we’re going curl reverse curl plus shoulder press back down elbows are in
palms are down frustrate up reverse it and that curl it’s all in your elbows
all bending at that elbow joint you know any momentum don’t swing them up don’t
flare those elbows not a clean nice in control keep those knees nice and soft
back is straight good you guys got it right here
this is it nothing go to your happy place right
here don’t listen to that burn you are stronger than that burn just lastik acid
that’s all it is but you’re stronger than that
you’re so dang tough mentally you can push right past that burn come on let’s
go you got it right here all day all day start calling you all ad for all day
because that’s what you could do is this all day long let’s go you got let’s go
ten more seconds that’s it time is flying by everybody it’s flying by make
it count make it count five four three two one
zero all right both dumbbells for this next
one we’re going to death you know one more step reach pull back or starting
from the split stance like Claudia and just dropping that back knee can you
decide which one’s right for you today but go after it This Is It this is the
last exercise can you believe that my gosh we made it almost not quite don’t
give up yeah that’s true let’s go fight to the end guys fight to the end okay
well you made until last exercise there it is you see that finish line off in
the distance you don’t start walking no what do you do you start sprinting
towards it let’s go let’s go get to that finish line finish strong guys finish
strong you got it come on crush it rep after rep you got it almost there let’s
go five seconds on this side three two one switching sides okay last one guys
it this is it what are you saving it for focus on that goal that you have
something brought you here today whether you’re trying to get stronger lose
weight get lean get fit maintain whatever that is all of them combined
focus on it so what brought you here is what will keep you moving good one into
the next you can do this all day you’re a machine come on
let’s go what do you got guys almost there let’s go five four
three two one zero whoa gosh there’s a pool of sweat here I
don’t you guys can see it ah nice work thank you so much for joining
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I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout


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