3 Day Military Diet Couples Challenge: Before and After Results | Couples Experiment

Yes! You lost 5 I lost 7. So together we lost
12 pounds. Right now I’m not feeling the best about my body. It’s not an attractive body
but it’s not not an attractive body, it’s a medium. I feel pretty medium about my body
as well. Yeah and this um.. Like my least favorite foods are what I have to eat. Oh
thank you. One piece of bread for, how’s that gonna work? We got bananas, we got hot dogs.
This has to last us 3 days. I’m not looking forward to day 3 lunch. One egg and one slice
bread. Looks pretty sh*tty. Day 1 lunch and I’m already about to kill myself. So I’m in
bed right now and I’m honestly so hungry. I don’t know how I’m gonna go another day.
We just finished up day 1 of the military diet and we’re alive! So it’s 3 o clock and
I’m sitting here at work and I am so hungry. We are sticking to it. This is the worst day
because we had like, just like, bless you babe, thank you, we had like ridiculous little
snacks. But I wanna eat. We gotta get weighed in. Yeah she wanna eat. As you can see it
is kind of weighing in on one of us mentally. Yeah I think it sucks while you’re doing it
but then when you see the results of it, it actually is kind of worth it. Yes! 118.6!
We lost 10 pounds total. Yeah. I was really snippy with him the last day. I could feel
it like, once he complained I’m like shut up! Oh yeah! We lost 12 pounds, we did it,
we beat you, we’re the best, we lost them all.


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