3-MINUTE LOWER BODY WORKOUT | How to Get Wider Hips – Real Time No Equipment Glute Workout

[Music] welcome to this wider hips workout we are starting off with rockin squats you’re going to keep your core tight you’re going to get into pooping position you’re just gonna rock from side to side I know very sexy you can try your best to look cool as you do this but trust me it’s not possible we’re just gonna survive that’s what we’re gonna do with this workout we are going to survive [Music] awesome that was very dignified now you’re going to do a leg hold your standing course tight and you’re just going to try to hold your leg in the air for as long as you can and we’re gonna do this on both sides if you get tired or your side is hurting you can just switch legs early or you can release your leg and put your leg back up but it’s just 10 seconds per leg and try not to fall over awesome next we’re going to do a deep squat and then kick deep squat kick your core is tight the whole time are you ready let’s do it good you’re really going to feel this in your side booty make sure you are contracting that muscle [Music] good job we’re almost at the good stuff okay next up we’re going to do the crab walk you guys know this exercise you might remember this from the first wider hips workout video keep your core tight and just shuffle from side to side like that crab from Little Mermaid what’s his name Sebastian under the sea don’t-don’t-don’t Oh under the sea all right there we go singing again awesome work good job next up we have the leg holds again keep that core tight just do your best to keep your leg in the air for ten seconds then switch legs and do the same thing on the other side or doing this for the booty keep that core tight this is really going to challenge your balance this can be a little competition go ahead and switch legs [Music] [Music] awesome work aha fire hydrants you saw this one coming core is tight and we’re just gonna pee I mean sorry raise your leg or is your leg let’s do it together go ahead switch legs good job perfect okay you’re gonna go ahead and do that same exercise again I know two rounds of fire hydrants but seriously with this be a wider hips workout if we don’t do fire hydrants no it won’t let’s do it you’re doing so so good go ahead and switch your legs there you go awesome now you can say you worked out today good job thank you for working out with me today please subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t done so already I’ll see you in my next workout video

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