4 Exercises To Increase Your Power On The Bike | Strength Workout For Triathletes

– Right if you’re looking to
improve your power on the bike then it’s worth considering adding some specific strength exercises to your training routine. Phew, after all cycling is
not just about aerobic fitness it requires repeated force
production through the pedals. Particularly for time trialling. Phew so today I’m going to be running you through four strength exercises that will help to improve your power on the bike. And don’t worry it does
get a lot easier with time. – [Man] So Mark should
we add some weight now? – Ah I think we’re alright this week. Maybe next week. I know what you’re thinking, Mark is looking pretty hench. But I don’t want to get
too big for triathlon. Well you don’t need to worry
because we are not gonna be throwing insane weights around today. This is more about building lean muscle. Activating those muscles better and therefor improving
our power on the bike. So the first exercise we’re
gonna be running through today is the bridge. Right so this exercise doesn’t actually necessarily require
weight and it can actually be performed at your own home. And it’s actually a really good warmup for some of the following exercises. It gets the muscles working and activating correctly. So to perform this you need to lay on your back on the floor. Bend your knees and put your
feet flat on the ground. Just close enough that
you can graze your heels with your finger tips when
you stretch your arms out down by your side. Your feet should also be
about hip width apart. Also bend your elbows to ninety degrees so that only your upper
arm is on the ground. Then drive up through your heels and your upper back to lift
your glutes off the ground. Drive your hips up as high as possible squeezing the glutes hard. Keeping your belly button drawn
in so that you don’t curve through your back. Now really focus on driving
straight up and make sure that your knees aren’t falling in. So you should feel this exercise through your glutes and
your hamstrings rather than your lower back. So really make sure that you take your time with it and
then hold it at the top so you really feel your glutes activate. And do 15 reps three times through and that should do the trick. But to do a nice progression
from this you can do the single leg glute bridge. So for this just set up in the same way as you did
for the glute bridge and then raise one leg up off the ground. You can bend the raised
leg to ninety degrees or point the toe up towards the ceiling. Just make sure not to swing the raised leg as you lift. Again just drive up through your heel and upper back lifting your hips as high as you can. Now for the deadlift and this can be performed with dumbbells or a barbell like I have here. It focuses heavily on the quads, the hamstrings, the knees and the hips all whilst increasing
flexibility and movement and today I’m gonna be demonstrating with the barbell but if
you are using dumbbells then it’s the same movement. But you just hold the
dumbbells down by your side with your palms facing backwards. For now let’s run you
through with the barbell. So your feet should be
spaced hip width apart with your grip just outside of your legs. There are few grip variations out there but I’m gonna go with the
standard over hand grip as I’m showing here. It’s important you keep your back flat with your neutral spine
from start to finish through this movement. Your shoulders should be held back and strong whilst keeping your eyes forward and chest lifted. As you go for the lift the bar should remain more or less in
contact with your legs for the entire range of motion. Your hips and knees should
move together to transfer the bar from the ground to the
upper thigh locked position. Then to return the
weight back to the floor, hinge at the hips and lower. Allowing your knees to bend slightly keep the weight close
to your body and lower until your upper body si almost parallel to the floor. Then when the weight touches the floor rest and start again. It’s really important that
you don’t start with two heavy a weight on this exercise. In fact if you’re only
starting out doing dead lifts or you haven’t done them in a while. Then it’s worth just starting
with the barbell alone without any weights on the end. Then as you progress you can just add five to 10 kilos
at a time on each end. And we’re aiming to do 12
reps three times through. So your weight on either end
should reflect that duration. Okay this one is one of my favourites, the Bulgarian Split Squat. It even sounds like it means business. It works everything legs, core, balance and most importantly it focuses on driving
off one leg at a time. So all you need for this is a step, a bench, or any other contraption that you can rest your rear leg on or your ear foot on and
that needs to be around knee high like this bench here. And then with a little
weight in either hand I’m gonna perform the
Bulgarian Split Squat. So get into a forward lunge position with your torso upright, core braced, and hips
squared to your body. With your back foot
elevated onto the bench. Now lower until your front
thigh is almost horizontal. Keeping your knee in line with your foot. Don’t let your front knee travel beyond your toes there. Drive up through your front heel back to the starting position. Reset and the go again. Now you will need to experiment a little to find the correct distance for the lead leg in
relation to your back leg and the bench. But the main focus is making sure that your knee is over your foot and not beyond your foot
when you’re at the bottom of the movement. Then you’ll want to do
12 reps on either leg three times through. Right this next exercise
is great for those often overlooked core muscles
and oblique muscles. It is the Russia twist. Now we do quite often get a little bit lazy on the bike through our core muscles. When actually our core
muscles play a very big part. They help to hold us better
and improve our posture when we’re on the bike. And therefor taking the strain off of our backs. And also helping to improve
our power on the bike. So for this exercise, start by sitting on the
floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Then lean back so that you upper body is at around a 45 degree
angle to the floor. Make sure that you keep your
back straight at this angle throughout the exercise
as it will be tempting to hunch your shoulders forward. Then link your hands together in front of your chest, brace your
core and raise your legs up off the ground. Now rotate your arms all the way over to one side and then do the same
in the other direction. Count that as one rep and then aim for 20 in total. Then repeat it three times through with a slight break in between. Now if the Russian twists are proving too difficult
then you can of course not lift your feet up off the floor. So just keep them planted down onto the floor throughout the exercise. Or if you want to make
it harder for yourself why not have a little bit
of weight to your hands. So you can either hold a dumbbell in either hand throughout the exercise or use something like a medicine ball like I have here. As with anything new make sure we build these exercise up gradually over time so that means
building up the amount of weight that we’re using and the number of reps that we’re using very gradually. And whilst this video has been focusing on improving our power on the bike. All of these exercises
actually are gonna help to strengthen the muscles. They’re gonna help movement, our range of movement and
how we hold our posture. And ultimately that is all gonna
help our injury prevention. Now if you liked this
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