4 Reasons I chose Samaritan vs. health insurance

A lot of people are thinking hey, there’s got to be a better solution And if you are a believer and can answer to the guidelines of the Christian health care cost sharing Programs in the market right now you do have another option in 2014 My wife was working at a hospital system, and we had great insurance We were getting ready to have a baby next thing You know our group health insurance plan was going to be going? Work as an independent contractor at the time and a lot of you are in the same boat your have a business that you own or Just don’t have access to a group health plan your enrollment period for health insurance Plans for most people are coming up real soon that means you’re facing a decision a majority of the plans were going up by double-digit increases We made the decision to investigate some of these other options Decided to go with Samaritan ministry and have absolutely loved our experience Why am I telling you that the reason is I want to see families building cash reserves so that they can prepare for upcoming? purchases whether it be vehicles vacations and those kinds of things as well as major medical events and the loss of wages that can come from that this is a Great way that families can be encouraged to build up that savings because that’s kind of built into the membership culture is having savings on hand to meet your initial unpublishable amount that you’re responsible for as opposed to a Traditional health insurance plan where they’re gonna have deductible and then a copay what this basically has is an initial what they call unpublishable amount per health Event so like one Pregnancy all of eternity care and all that it’s considered one event and this is really great if you’re planning on building a family Like we were that initial and publishable announced 300 bucks 300 bucks you’re responsible for that for the first three medical events per calendar year We’re talking about a max out-of-pocket for those medical events of call it nine hundred dollars the average deductible and the health insurance market space right now is Around $2,000, but I’m here in five ten grand for a plan that’s more Reasonable or monthly basis all that to say ran the numbers every which way Even working in the industry five years and decided hey, this is a no-brainer I love the fact that it Warren encourages the responsible saving and accountability for the the things that you’re actually getting care for that you’re actually sharing that with your brothers and sisters in Christ so that Encourages responsibility and the other thing it does and my dad’s a physician He says you know really where we went wrong in the health care industry is the fact that We have a third-party payer primarily the government makes the decisions on what things were covered Essentially and then that kind of trickles down. Where is this it really takes that back? I Love that so we’re we are actually funneling all of these medical expenses through the individual families and their shared Cooperatively amongst the member base. You know what kinds of things you’re supporting with your when you’re cutting that check Yep, the freedom to pick which facilities which types of care you access Personally there’s no doctors restrictions I absolutely love that but the last thing that I really love about Samaritan ministry is Since it is technically not insurance it can legally exclude certain people from the members guidelines the work of Stan Lee and The Millionaire Next Door and the millionaire mind They’re showing the more involved. You are in some religious Organization that you actually are? also wealthier and healthier Those are strong corollary if it’s something you’re interested in and you’ll want to know more about it reach out to me either by Facebook or by email the maximum Family the higher tier plan is 500 bucks a month most people are paying around thousand dollars a month According to eat health put out a research send it’s a thousand dollars a month If that’s you that you’re talking about five hundred dollars a month That just shows up into your family budget if you would like to be responsible and apply that towards hey I wanted to save up towards the college savings account for my my family Or I just wanted to create a better liquid reserve fund for buying my Dave Ramsey whoopty cards For my child or for my my spouse or for yourself if you are looking to crease your charity with those dollars I’m a huge fan of that too. I’m sure your local church wouldn’t frown upon that or your favorite ministry There’s ways that our firm can help you leverage those dollars in Charity be in charitable strategies that we can combine with some other planning things so reach out to me. I’m here to help Hope you’re encouraged by this message. There’s there’s more than one option enjoy god bless You

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