5-min Seated Upper Body Mobility Flow – Stick Mobility Chair Exercises

Hey everyone! So what we’re gonna show
you is a little upper body routine for especially when you’re locked down at your desk and you’re getting a little tight through
the shoulders, chest, some neck issues. So grab a short stick,
we have a 4-foot stick here. If you have a short little dowel in your cubicle or
your office go ahead and grab it and follow along. So here Neal is in his normal seated position. Imagine your desk is in front of you you’ve been staring
at the computer for quite a few hours now. Take the stick and place it vertically
perpendicular to the floor at 3 o’clock positions. So Neal’s going to place it down. Now what we’re going to be targeting in this
first one is the anterior arm line and the bicep. So Neal’s gonna place his hand on top with the
palm in full contact with the top of the stick. From here he’s gonna lightly push down into the floor. So he’s gonna irradiate the tissues,
create tension at about 30 – 40%. He’s then going to pull the stick back behind him and as he does this, you can actually
see the stretching of the fabric of the shirt, the tissues underneath and your skin
are doing the same exact thing. He’s actually pronating or taking this thumb
and driving it down towards the floor and that’s going to open up this
anterior arm line or bicep area. Most people when they’re on their phone or on their
computers this anterior arm line is a massive issue. So make sure that your lengthening it. So he’s gonna hold that for 10 seconds,
20 seconds, whatever feels good for you. Then he’s gonna bring it back. Once he’s done, he can do a couple reps,
so don’t think you can only just do one. Do a couple reps of that,
your brain will let you know if it feels good. Once you’re done with that just go ahead
and switch sides and repeat that same process. So that’s for the chest, anterior arm line, bicep area. The next thing we’re going to do is we’re
gonna add in some neck rotation with that. So he’s gonna set up the same position, apply light
tension, pull the stick back, get into the bicep, and now he’s gonna take his head
and he’s gonna turn it towards me to the left. So if you’re pulling your right arm back
you’re actually gonna look to the left. You’re gonna stretch all this anterior
and neck tissue right here on the side and now here’s the one thing that most people don’t do,
he’s going to actually create extension through the neck. So that he opens up all the front tissues.
We’re like this a lot of times, way too often, So let’s offset that. Extension of the neck is good
for you but a lot of people don’t do it enough. So he can go up and down,
he can rep that out a little bit. He can start to see where his range of
motion is and what feels good for him. Once you’ve done that, switch the stick
to the other side and repeat. Now we’re going to go into an overhead position,
we’re going to add some rotation. So Neal has an overhand grip on the stick. Make sure your hands are wide enough but not too wide,
we want the pinkies to be fully engaged with the stick. From this position he’s gonna pull apart
on the stick, he’s gonna try to lengthen it. If it’s a 4-foot stick, he’s trying to make it
like four and a half feet in length. He’s gonna engage all the subscapular tissues and the
lats and he’s slowly gonna bring the stick up overhead. When he’s doing that make sure that you’re not flaring
the ribs. Do you see how a the ribs just elevated up? We want to make sure that the anterior rectus abdominis
is keeping the sternum connected to the pelvis. Here he’s opening up the shoulders,
he can hold that, he can keep pulling apart, and now he’s slowly going to rotate left and right. So as he rotates to the right you can see
all this tissue line along here lengthening. He can hold that for a few seconds
and then he can rotate to the left and now he’s going to get the opposite line,
stretching from the left pec down to the right hip. Do about two or three reps in each direction,
whatever feels good for you. Once you’re done with that he’s gonna
come back to center position, and now we’re gonna get the lateral tissue. So you’re gonna take a quick second, give the tissues a
little bit of a break, and then we’re gonna go again. So same with format, he’s gonna pull apart on the stick. We want to make sure that all five fingers
are fully engaged with the stick. So do not let the pinky come flying off. That pinky is that direct contact through the posterior
arm line into your outer lats so do not disengage it. He’s gonna pull apart on that stick,
keeping the elbow straight, and all he’s going to do is he’s going to laterally flex. He’s gonna think about pulling
his right ribs down to his right hip. He’s gonna be opening and stretching this left side, and then he’s simply going to maintain that tension,
pulling apart the stick and do the opposite side. So he’s opening up that right-lateral tissue
right there and then he’s gonna hold that. Make sure you’re breathing too so when you
get into these positions don’t hold your breath. If you’re finding that you’re holding your breath,
ease out of it, go into a shorter range of motion, but at all times always make sure that you’re able
to breathe no matter what position you’re in. So there’s a little upper body shoulder opener
for people that are computer locked, they’ve been sitting down for
a little too long, excessive time. We don’t want you to stay in any position
for too long of a time period. So grab a stick or whatever is available to you,
give those moves a shot and let us know how you feel! We’ll see everyone later!

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