5 Minute Morning Yoga Flow for Beginners

beginning on our backs feel free to keep
your legs bent or stretched out in front of you as you reach your arms overhead
get a really good stretch in here yawn do it ever feels good bend your knees maybe you feel like bringing your arms
to the sides really spending the knees feet come to mat both knees drop to the
left side for spine twist arms could be in cactus or to your sides again
whatever feels good rest here five breath cycles and really focus on your
breath let gravity pull you deeper by releasing any tension on your exhales inhale like the center exhale legs to
the right side again use your exhale to release any tension within the hips
shoulders and neck inhale likes the center right ankle
comes the left thigh for a client pigeon clap your hands and back to the left
knee on your exhale head to chest if you can’t enter the full pose just yet no
worries just stay where you’re comfortable feel free to rock side to
side massaging the low back exhales relief left ankle – right bye
class hands and back of the knee exhale hug the chest again stay where you’re
comfortable if you feel pain don’t be afraid to pull back a bit release bring your feet to the mat on an
exhale drop your knees to each side bottoms of the feet stay touching tense
the side or left hand on your heart right hand on your belly if you’re in
bed this is a great time to throw in some pillows and your knees for a little
extra support this feels a bit intense on its own fill your belly rise as you
inhale and fill it lower as you exhale releasing any tension in the leg in the
low back inhale hugging your legs to chest Rock
side to side please come to your knees so your hips
on your drill take your time here to walk your hands forward and bring your
forehead to the mat Child’s Pose but this morning slow feel good don’t
worry about getting a deep stretch in we just want to wake the body up and be
good for the busy day ahead on your next inhale the hips come to tabletop
position wrists under shoulders knees under hips inhale shoulders pull away
from the ears arch the back gaze up exhale ground through your hands round
the back look between your legs inhale arch exhale round inhale art exhale hips come to heel inhale arms
overhead exhale left hand comes to the mat right hands reaching over heads
inhale arms come up exhale right hand to that left hand overhead inhale arms come
up exhale plant your left hand and back right ten to the left knee twisting at
the navel inhale arms overhead exhale to the right side inhale reach high up
maybe you want to throw in a little backbend here and exhale heart center namaste

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