5 Mistakes that you might be doing in Gym | Workout Tips

Hello Friends! Welcome to Fit Tuber. I have been working out for over 4 years now. And I have committed many mistakes in the
Gym. I have observed that a lot of people do mistakes
in the gym. So today, we will talk about 5 mistakes that
people make in the gym. As a friend, I want you not to do these mistakes. This will save your time and help you get
better results. So, stay tuned. In my childhood when I used to go play badminton
with Papa, he never allowed me to enter the badminton court before I warmed up. This applies to every sport. And same goes in the gym. Before you start lifting those heavy weights,
it is important for you to warm up. If you miss warm up, the chances of you getting
the stretch marks and injuries increase. And you should know that once you get stretch
marks, it is almost impossible to remove them. So warm up before you start working out. And let your body cool down after you are
done. When we follow the same routine over and over
again for 4-5 months, using the same machines, doing the same exercise, same number of reps
then our body gets used to it and stops giving us the results. So, try changing your gym routine every month. Changing the routine means making small variations. Shuffle the exercises you do, machines you
use and also reps. Small changes as per your fitness goal will
help. This way your body will not get accustomed
to one routine. Your body will regularly get shocks and it
will force it to produce results. This is an effective technique to get fast
results. Experts confirm that 60 minutes of strenuous
workout including the warm up and cool down is more than enough. Often, we take too much rest between the sets. Avoid talking on phone or a friend for long
in between the workout. Try to maintain a rest period of 45 sec to
1 min between the sets. It will not help you get results if you waste
too much time in the gym. For whatever time you are in the gym, try
to keep a consistent muscle mind connection. This will really help you achieve better results
in lesser time. You might have noticed many gym going people
have bulky biceps, chest but thin legs. It looks odd.Isn’t it? If your body doesn’t grow proportionately
then after few years your body might also look odd. If you have bulky biceps, and chest but thin
legs, people will point it out. Then you will feel regretful of ignoring legs
etc. Try to train your body in such a way that
it grows proportionately. If any of the muscles are weak, we must train
them more often. Recently, I had to change the gym. This new gym where I went did not have the
provision for drinking water. So, I asked the gym owner about it. He said to me that I must not drink water
while working out. Friends! Let me assure you that it is extremely important
to drink water while you workout. If you won’t drink water in between the
exercises, your endurance will decrease. If you are also going to the kind of gym I
am going then please take your own water bottle along with you. So that’s all I had for you today. If you found this video to be helpful, do
give it thumbs up. And also please subscribe to my channel. My name is Vivek. Thank you so much for watching.


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