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Hey Best Pal-y, I’m Ali And this used to be Ali. And this is Ali now. Welcome to the 4th installment of my 1 year transformation videos Wait.. what? Ok, I’ve been doing this fitness check-in with all of you every year And this is that And the first one was in 2015 So that means there has been 4 years between white suit And white suit with less straps It’s actually that I just flexed, and the straps exploded Anyway, since we’re here, hanging out Judging my body… Let’s look at the 4 year progression 2015: I felt fit 2016: Suck it last year, that wasn’t fit 2017: Yeah, but you needed more muscle bro 2018: [Schwarzenegger/Melon] Yah, more muscle 2019: Legs! I’m gonna call this the year of the legs Legs are the new boobs! Because… I have one of those and not the other What I’m saying is, the biggest change this year, is that I now have visible muscles in my legs DOPE! And I didn’t expect that No joke, when I was taking the photo last year As I was taking the picture I was like, “Ugh, I’m just not one of those people that’s ever gonna have toned legs” So clearly I’ve disproven manifesting Everyone, got ahead and burn your vision boards So now you know I had no idea how I was ever going to get my legs toned And I still did it Here are the 5 surprising things I learned on that transformation To hopefully help you surprise yourself 1. Have a vague goal Don’t know all the steps in between Don’t know what you’re doing Ok, that just sounded like I was being stupid Which I am! But the point that I’m trying to make is that you don’t have to have a very specific goal And then know all the steps between And then map it all out That kind of thinking just makes people go “Mehhh!” “Maybe I won’t” Because it’s super daunting to try and plan from the beginning. No! Just wing it, just go… do stuff Instead of writing down your goal, and the path you’re gonna take to get there And how long it’s gonna take Just write down that you worked out today And then workout tomorrow, and write down that you did that too And keep doing that until your pen runs out And then you get another pen Ok, obviously you need some rest days But the point I’m making Is that you should make each day working out… Make the habit the goal Not.. having legs in the future Because, then you’re always in a state of not being there yet Having legs in the future… it sounds like I’m speaking to mermaids, I’m sorry You create a system that helps you on your path to your goal Then every day you complete that system is a win A win everyday, join me This is actually a concept I got from Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert He says that, “Losers have goals, and winners have systems” In case you wanna trust a funny guy that draws, instead of a goof-ball on YouTube Wait, Jerry Seinfeld! He’s cool right? He’s known for this technique, where he doesn’t “Break the chain” So everyday he writes new material, he puts a big X on his calendar And then the next day, another big X if he does And then X… X… X And the goal is to not break the chain And now he’s hilarious and famous And his thousand cars each live in their own space larger than my apartment So really what I’m saying for number 1 is: Focus on habits to create daily wins Win everyday! So for number 2, we still have to address the fact that we’re on this journey With no clear direction… So… 2 is experiment..? You know, like what you did in college ‘Cause you were a science major Experiment, meaning try stuff out When my friend broke my rib in a bar… Oooh, I really want to get into that But I won’t. Just know that I broke my rib, and it wasn’t doing any awesome cross-fitty stuff… stupidly I couldn’t do cross-fit for 8 weeks! But I did know I could stand still and pump iron And so I started looking into body-building And, did I learn everything there was to know about body-building? And plan everything out? And then pay a bunch for a trainer? And have it all decided before I started? I did not I googled. And I read a few things And I watched a bunch of people “showing you ze form” on youtube And now I’m a body-builder I guess… yeah The first few weeks were just trying stuff out And then seeing how it felt And then changing things and then reading more And then seeing again how my body was responding It really was just about feedback FEEDBACK! So within body-building I was experimenting and trying stuff out And then a bigger picture I was trying other stuff out, before body-building, like kick boxing and cross-fit And now after body-building, I’m going to change to something else and see how that affects my body Ooooh, what’s the new direction? Stay tuned But yeah, just find something that you’re curious about and then try it And see if it takes you on the path you that want to go And the change things, and see where you move, and see if you’re still headed in the right direction And experiment. But! Don’t close this video, because number 3 is very important to go with number 2 Number 3 is “Stay committed” I know I keep saying experiment, and try stuff to see how it changes But you have to do something for a significant amount of time before you can see the results So if I’d just done body-building for a couple of weeks, I would have been like, “Ugh, this isn’t working. Arnold lied to me” But no, I stayed with it until I could see changes So my rule is: Stick with it longer than you think And there go a little longer just to be sure And you will hit a point where you’ll find out what you’re doing specifically did this Or specifically did nothing Or, “I wanna keep doing this forever” But make sure you get to that point. Commit, before experimenting too quickly And speaking of committing… Don’t tell anyone your committment But, Ali, everyone talks about accountability Argh, no! Number 4 is “Don’t tell the world” It’s been proven that if you post a goal that you have on Facebook You’ll get the same chemicals released as though you already reached that goal So you’re way less likely to actually go for it Because you already, you know, felt it That’s crazy right? So stop broadcasting where you’re headed and just head there! So what’s my new direction after body-building? I’m not telling you! See? That’s how this works Number 5 is that “You’re not going to be satisfied” Good! Because if you were then you wouldn’t have any reason to like, be alive, or do stuff There’s a reason that this is my 4th transformation video It’s because I keep reaching goals, and then getting more goals Don’t put it in your mind that you’re going to attain fitness and then… be there I mean… I never have, and I don’t think I will Like if you go back to 2015 me, and show me a picture of me now I’d be like, “Whooooaaaa! I’m gonna be totally happy with my body and not want anything more” That is not the case. I want more That’s not a bad thing, and I’m not the first person to say this. I’ve just experienced it for real If you get to a goal, there’s always something more to do And I’m just warning you that that’s coming But don’t look at it as a bad thing [Singing] I can’t get no! Get it? And now a bonus tip. Super important Take good “before” photos No, I don’t mean look good in your before photos Please, please, look like absolute garbage But take it in a spot that’s well lit Where you can come back to it multiple time for after photos I made the mistake of taking it in my cluttered, crappy, un-well lit bedroom And now I gotta keep going back there. And it’s lame! I will say I have a crap before photo, because I wasn’t planning on broadcasting my progress Didn’t have a goal, or a set path, and I wasn’t going to show anybody anything It was just a photo, for me to send to my close friends, to be like, “Hey, what do you think of my bathing suit?” And now it’s a photo that I send to the entire world, saying “Hey, what do you think of my progress?” So it is worth giving your before shot some thought I appreciate you being here for this journey Pal-ys And it’s not over, because now you know I’m unsatisfied So go check out more of my fitness journey down there And I’m going to keep experimenting with you

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