7 Day Alkaline Diet Plan To Fight Inflammation And Disease | How To Fight Inflammation In Your Body

although the alkaline diet may seem like
the latest celebrity craze you shouldn’t dismiss it so quickly forget how you
feel about Victoria Beckham and stand by while we break it down today’s video
will discuss seven-day alkaline diet plan to fight inflammation and disease
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the first to know when we post new videos daily alkaline eating is actually a powerful
tool against diseases including cancer it’s controversial in the medical
community since it’s difficult to measure its success the benefits of an
alkaline diet pH levels measures how acid or alkaline something is on the pH
scale zero is totally acidic while 14 is completely alkaline on the other hand
seven is neutral the systems in your body each have their own ideal pH level
small fluctuations in this balance can have devastating effects to give you an
idea your blood is on the alkaline side with
a pH between seven point three five and seven point four five
in contrast your stomach acid needs to have a ph of 3.5 or below to properly
break down food urine on the other hand changes its ph value to make sure your
blood stays at its peak here are the basics of what you can and can’t eat
dose most fruits vegetables soy beans and tofu and some nuts seeds peas beans
and legumes also eat plenty of healthy fats like coconut oil flaxseed oil and
olive oil alkaline lists include dates fakes lemon
fennel broccoli artichoke asparagus beetroot kale spinach watercress
cauliflower don’t include dairy eggs meat most grains alcohol
Fein sugar and processed foods it’s also important to avoid processed corn soy
safflower and sunflower oils as well as hydrogenated oil and margarine how you
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