7 Day Hypothyroid Diet Plan: How to Lose Weight Fast 10Kgs in 7 Days | Full Day Diet Plan

7 Day Hypothyroid Diet Plan
Monday breakfast one large banana remember only have breakfast at least one to two hours after taking thyroid hormone lunch Greek yogurt tuna salad Greek yogurt is high protein and low sugar while tuna is a rich source of iodine and healthy omega-3 fats dinner healthy cheap aatul chicken sweet potato skins sweet potato is just one of my all-time favorite foods snack 2-3 Brazil nuts high in protein fiber and healthy fats Brazil nuts are a fantastic source of selenium for thyroid health what’s more the addition of nuts to the diet does not increase body weight Tuesday breakfast overnight chocolate chia pudding chia seeds are a wonderful source of protein fiber and magnesium as the name implies this should be made ahead of time in large batches gluten-free sandwich with tinned tuna or your favorite sandwich topping dinner egg shake shake a-plus rice to serve this Tunisian dish is a wonderful source of vegetables and eggs a source of iodine plus rice is naturally gluten-free snack one cup of carrot and cucumber sticks plus cottage cheese or houmous Wednesday breakfast gluten-free toast with eggs over-easy lunch middle eastern mason jar salad so smart and so simple mason jar optional of course but you need a jar of some type dinner shrimp zucchini and pesto angel hair pasta you should choose gluten-free pasta for this recipe doesn’t need to be angel hair shrimp is a good source of iodine Thursday breakfast Green Monster smoothie again this requires a blender and is another way to make use of your chia seeds but brush your teeth before work lunch pumpkin soup like you’ve never tasted before I’m a big fan of soups especially in winter they tend to be lower calories than regular meals rich in vegetables and can keep you full for longer dinner leftovers snack 2-3 Brazil nuts Friday breakfast choose your favorite lunch choose your favorite or leftovers dinner 1 pot cheese a taco skillet for some reason I like the idea of Mexican on Friday nights and this creates a fun communal feel that your family will enjoy snack 1 cup of carrot and cucumber sticks plus cottage cheese or houmous Saturday lunch quinoa salad with nuts quinoa is a versatile grain that is naturally gluten-free and high-protein this recipe has many tasty alternatives depending on what vegetables and nuts you have leftover dinner choose your favorite / leftovers / eating out snack pail your sweet potato fritters Sunday breakfast california sweet potato hash with feta and eggs because it’s Sunday and sweet potato is good at breakfast to lunch choose your favorite / leftovers / eating out dinner quinoa crusted chicken parmesan + vegetables to serve delicious way to serve chicken you can use regular milk if lactose is no problem for you and you can make use of any leftover vegetables and cheese snack 200 grams plain Greek yogurt + 1 small banana


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