7 Day KETO Meal Prep – Simple Healthy Meal Plan

– Hey everyone and welcome to my first fully-fledged
keto meal prep video. In this video I’m gonna show you exactly how to plan out a week’s
worth of food in under an hour to make sure that your
food is fresh, delicious, and best of all, really easy to make. This whole video is accompanied
by a free printable guide which contains the exact amounts of each ingredient you’ll need, depending on your gender and goals. You can download the free full
meal prep guide right here. Instead of prepping a full
seven-days worth of meal plans all in one go, to ensure
your food is fresh, I recommend splitting it up into two parts throughout the week. So whether that’s Sunday
night and Thursday night, whatever that looks like for you, as long as it’s about four days apart. For the first meal prep you
will need the following: beef mince, chicken thighs, yogurt, eggs, spinach and dry coleslaw. You know, these are the main
ingredients that you’ll need but the other ingredients I’ll explain as we go through each recipe. You’ll need 12 containers,
preferably glass, as this will avoid anything
from the containers seeping into your food. Plus, glass reheats more evenly
and won’t leave any residue, taste or smell, in the
containers afterwards. A frying pan and stove top,
a chopping board and knife, a pair of fresh, clean hands
and optional, a food processor, but you can easily buy rice
cauliflower to skip this step. Keep all of this in the
fridge and reheat as needed. For breakfast you’ll be enjoying a creamy fruit and yogurt
bowl with coconut flakes. Lunch and dinner are a choice between either sesame beef coleslaw
or chicken burrito bowls followed by a super easy
spinach and egg omelet with similar choices for lunch and dinner. If you’re intermittent fasting, simply eat lunch as
usual and keep breakfast for a delicious snack
during your eating window. Your prep day action plan starts now with sesame beef coleslaw. You’re going to cook your beef mince, put in some sesame seed
oil, some fish sauce and also some soy sauce or
coconut aminos if you so desire. This goes along with some dry coleslaw and that all gets cooked
down until it’s really nice and soft and that goes into four meal prep containers as shown. You can garnish this
with some sesame seeds and a little bit of coriander, which just gives it that
really delicious flavor. The lids go on once the food has come down to room temperature and they get stored in the fridge for up to four days. Next up is chicken burrito bowls. So we’re going to start by
ricing some cauliflower. You can skip this step if you’ve already got riced cauliflower,
but you just pulse it in your food processor
until it looks similar to what is shown in the video right now. Separate that out into four containers. You’re going to add some Tabasco
sauce, some smoked paprika all over the cauliflower
rice, trust me it’s delicious. We’re seasoning the chicken thighs here. So we have some chicken thighs, we’re seasoning it with some
Tabasco sauce again, some salt, some smoked paprika, you can
also put some olive oil on here now, as well, or you
can do that in the pan, that is totally up to you. So you season both sides of the chicken, again with the salt,
Tabasco and smoked paprika and set that aside. Next we are going to slice up some capsicums, or bell peppers. Deseed them by simply slicing them in half and removing the center core
and then giving them a good tap so all the seeds actually
come out of the capsicum. And set all of that aside
once you’ve diced them. Now we’re going to split the avocados and save that for later. Start cooking the chicken
in a preheated frying pan and add all of the olive oil and juices and everything into that pan. Slice it up and then we’re going to put in the diced capsicum and
reuse all of that oil, get them really nice and shiny. And then divide all of the ingredients up into the four meal prep containers that you have there on top of
the bed of cauliflower rice, making sure all of the
juices are part of it and the bell peppers are in there as well. We’re going to use the avocado
as a guacamole type dish that goes on the side. You can put some Tabasco in there, again some smoked paprika,
a little bit of liquid smoke and some, you know, salt, pepper, lemon, everything can go in here as you like. You can either put it
in there with your meals or you can keep it separate for freshness. Next up we have an easy spinach omelet. This one’s really easy. All you have to do it crack
your eggs into a bowl, I have a waste bowl that
is sitting beside me there, super easy for meal prepping. You whisk that together with
a fork, whatever you’ve got, you melt the butter in the frying pan and then place all of your spinach on top. So that will wilt down really quickly and then you just pour
all of the eggs on top, give it a little bit of a mix around and take it out when it’s only just cooked because again you’re probably
gonna reheat this later on and you don’t want it
to turn super rubbery. Now I’m adding some chives on top. Season with some salt and pepper and you are absolutely ready to go. Next up is some strawberry yogurt bowls. These are delicious and they
start with Greek style yogurt. Get all of it in there, I just use a scale ’cause it’s much easier. You can mix all of this
in the actual bowl. Vanilla extract and I
have some Stevia drops, they go in there. You mix that together and then
you add some thickened cream or heavy cream, whatever you’ve got. Pour that into the yogurt and it becomes super
delicious, rich and creamy. So you can have
strawberries fresh, frozen, whatever you’ve got, some coconut flakes, they are delicious on top and give it that little bit of different texture. That’s it, optional
supplements I would also add would be omega-3s,
magnesium and vitamin D. Or stand outside in
the sun for 20 minutes. If you’re worried you are unable to eat any of the ingredients showcased
in any of these recipes, I’ve got a really quick
substitution for you. So any of the proteins
within the meal plan can be substituted for a
protein that you can eat. Chicken for beef, beef for
pork, those types of things. Sub any dairy with a coconut alternative. So, for instance, Greek
yogurt for coconut yogurt. Again, this video is accompanied
by a full meal prep guide so if you haven’t downloaded that already here is the link you can get that and go and download it right now. So that’s it, don’t be afraid
to put any of your questions in the comments below and if
you have any personal questions that you don’t wanna put in the comments, feel free to e-mail me at
[email protected] So that’s it for this week guys. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.


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