8X Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman’s Memories at Metroflex Gym

everybody we’re down here at metroflex
gym. on a hot summer afternoon about a hundred degrees in here brings back a
lot of old memories training with Ronnie back in the old days and the
heavy heat and we’re just gonna kind of walk around the gym show where some of
the big lifts happened talk about some of the old memories and really just
another day in our world down here at metroflex gym first opened in September of 1986 it’ll be
30 years this September coming up this gym really brought the best out of me on
stage and in my training and you know there’s no other gym like it I never forget that day because that was
the day that uh I never thought I’d be able to see and how that 800 pound squat
came about I had alreadydid an 800lb deadlift and I was like I wonder if I can squat 800lbs and I didnt think that I could do it so to make sure that when I went down I was coming back
up I went out and bought a squat suit just in case so the hardest thing about
a squat suit is putting it on it took Bryan and Gus to help me put this thing
on if I could do two reps dead lifting 800 hundred pounds I can do two reps
squatting cause I’m using the same body parts pretty much same leg same arm same
everything I was right here in this spot right here psyching myself up and Gus was loading the weight and y’all saw him say 800 solid ass pounds and that’s
exactly what it was 800 solid ass pound I did those 2 reps I
remember the first one I was like okay ain’t going down all that low but it was so
light I was like the second one I’m going to bury it and in the second one I went all the way
down if I wouldn’t set my mind at two I could have got five at least when I
finish this 800 pound squat I went over there and did the twenty three
hundred pound on the leg press so I still had a lot of strength left in me
after I did the 800lb squat of course back then you know I
worked my way up to 600 and did a whole bunch of reps you know I did like 15
reps you know back then it’s all about repetition and getting ready for
the show so I would rather do like real heavy like two reps sets and I only did
that when the camera was here you know doing those high reps that was incredible
you know I mean I think one time he did 600 on the bent-over row for like 10
reps perfect form I mean he would go to
literally supernatural levels every day you know you know ronnie was a very very
focused individual I mean he made noise and such of course when he trained you
know yelling out yeah buddy nothing but a peanut lightweight baby
all those phrases that have become famous those were like his battle cries when he got to hollering with that weight
on his back he’ll get like too more and I’d say damn I was just bored in the gym one day trying
to think of something to fire me up and it was the first thing that came to mind we’re down here at the heavy end of the
dumbbell rack this is where a lot of damage takes place years ago you know
Ronnie got so strong you know he would always split up his workouts and one day
it was barbell on chest next day it was the dumbbells on chest always did it twice a
week but we got to the point where we didn’t have dumbbells heavy enough he’s
doing sets of 20 and 25 reps with everything so I started buying these
bigger and bigger dumbbells when we first got the two hundreds he was able
to manhandle them fairly easy really you know just lifting a dumbbell up like
that off the ground much less pressing it it’s kind of a feat of strength I mean
you got to have tremendous grip power to pick them up did you talk me into going in for 8
yeah see Brian talked me into going for 8 I didn’t plan on doing 8 I didn’t think I could do it back then and that second rep only reason why I
got it was because Brian he hit me right before I did it I was still mad so I pulled
another one just to the rest of anger out after that slap that Brian had given me the
thing with Ronnie is he didn’t want to ever get beat when we first started out
I could probably beat him at everything that didn’t last very long probably
by the time he went to his first show after that I couldn’t never beat him in
anything a lot of guys that tried to you know come in the group before me and
they didn’t make it they didnt last you know we always talked noise to each other and
so you know a lot of people if they weren’t able to deal with that you know
that was just a whole other side of it most these people would make it through
chest day maybe through back day but none of them ever made it through leg
day when we used to go out walking outside walking lunges you know we’ll
start off probably like one plate and then Ronnie you know he’ll see me getting
close to so he’ll put two wheels on there knowing I couldn’t do no two plates walking
lunges so he’ll do it and then we’ll drop the plate I’d be like man do I got to do
that he said man if you want to catch me yep so I done it so he so he saw when
I’ve done it he had to jump up to three plates 315 walking lunges that
was awesome that was amazing you know when I look at some of the
other guys and how they train now and you know they have good longevity you
know I mean god bless them I’m glad it worked out for them that way you know a
lot of people criticize that old style of training and say that’s why Ronnie is
the way he is now but I really don’t know we we didn’t really know any other
way you know and and would he have been that great if he didn’t train that way
you know I don’t take it for granted I get to be you know mentored by the
greatest sometimes you know I I wish you know that it would still be the same
back then but you know you can’t get back time time moves on but back in those
days you know everything it was wonderful I never that would never be again you know
that era with me and Ronnie come out of and those days you know it was it it was
just real bodybuilding


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