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ABB’s encore baby abs and core that midsection is about to be on fire in a good way Welcome let’s get started quick warmup today of just some simple good mornings. Keep your abs engaged Back is flat. You lean forward and then hyper extend when you go backwards this way Your entire midsection is ready to do some magic tricks If you need a longer warmup pause the video get that in as for me, I’m gonna go straight into the first movement We are doing air bikes you want to raise your head slightly off the mat Your lower back is on the mat and you’re just making bicycle movements in the air Good really make sure that lower back stays on the mat You’re doing awesome, don’t worry about it. Just make sure you’re doing the movement when that timer stops You can support your head with your arms, it’s all good This is targeting the lower abs in particular so effective All right You’re going to just do cross reaches next your knees are bent your lower back stays on the mat And you’re just standing up slightly Just to touch your knee and go back to the mat lay up and then go back to the mat You don’t have to make that sound but I like to make sounds like that when I’m working out because you know Good when you reach up to touch your knee contract your abs, excellent You’re doing amazing Now we’re going to do straight like bicycles Your legs are straight and you’re trying to touch your elbows to your knees the key here is to keep your legs as straight as you can and Maintain the contact between your lower back and the mats for support This targets your entire Aborigine want your abs to show this is one of those exercises that helps with that Do your best this is not easy but it’s worth it Keep going, you’re almost there. You can do it. You’ve come this far you can make it through the last few seconds Slow and steady wins the race I was so good You’re gonna flip over now because we are going straight into mountain climbers You want to keep your abs as engaged as you can and draw your knees toward your chest Are you ready? Yes you are you can do it. Let’s go Go at your own pace After this you have one move and you get a break which you have earned Which you deserve which you are going to enjoy So think about that as you push through It’s okay if you slow down nobody is judging you go at your own pace Just make sure you’re moving when that timer ends. That’s all I asked of you. And I know you can do it. Keep going Our through you’re almost there you’ve come so far Remember why you started keep going go go go go go Wonderful. Now you’re just gonna drop into an elbow blank. You don’t even have to do anything You just have to stay there your elbows should be underneath your shoulders your abs sucked in straight line from head to heel and just Hold that movement You are doing so amazing you have done air bikes You have done cross reaches you have done straight like bicycles You have done mountain climbers now All you have to do is this one plank movement and you get a full minute to rest you have come this far You can do it you are going to make it to the end of this workout and it’s going to feel so Amazing because you’re a beast who’s a beast. You’re a beast. That’s right. You did that. Look at that you did that I am so proud of you. Take this minute to rest and just think about your own greatness Just encase you’re new here my name is Cola just like coca-cola and I am Married, and I have a son and we live in Indiana and we have a dog a Jack Russell terrier I’m a personal trainer and and Also certified in nutrition. Whoo. I don’t know why I’m telling you all this I guess what I’m trying to say is if you’re loving my workouts that makes me really happy because I want you to be happy I’m here to see you win And I want to personally invite you over to my website. Cocoa fitness calm Where I have planned your whole year of workouts for you So you never have to think ever again about what to do. I have workouts for the intermediate beginner and advanced level So you pick your level and do your workout every day? No thinking required coupon code provided below and There’s a lot of stuff I can’t fit into this break period so just come over do to try it’s free to try and let’s let’s just I Think that’s what I want to say. I think yeah Welcome back we are going to do release scissors next This is where you put your hand under your booty to support your lower back. You’re gonna cross your legs crisscross our release Go ahead and release it and then go back into the movement Good, so you’re crossing one leg on top of the other after a few you release and then you go back into it This is a lovely Modification for regular scissors that makes you feel like you’re not doing it, right This is a good way to get fit and healthy and strong enough to do full scissors and future workouts. Hint hint That was good. Next up. We’re going to do a raised leg crunch You’re just going to keep that 90 degree angle with your legs lower back is on the mat And you’re just going to crunch your ab muscles to raise your upper body off of the mat You ready let’s go You’re doing so amazing You have three moves and you’re done with this workout, can you believe it you’re doing good? Keep going I Like it Okay, as if that wasn’t enough now, you’re just gonna put your leg down and we’re going to do regular crunches all these movements are targeting your abs on your core from different angles and you Got this okay Let’s go You’re going to tuck your abs in so you’re tucking your chest in towards your abs Once you get this movement an advanced thing to know is when you crunch up you want to exhale There you go you inhale when you go down you exhale when you come up Don’t worry too much about the breathing patterns. If you’re just trying to survive the workout. Don’t worry about that I’m just throwing that in there for my oh geez for my people that know though. They know all the moves They want something more that tip was just for you from my heart special stuff You’re doing amazing, just keep going keep going keep going keep going You’re going to do a plank with a twist now So you go into that elbow plank that you already did and now you’re making it fancy by Twisting your booty from one side to the other when you twist. You don’t want to hike your booty No, stay as low to the mat as you can let’s go There you go really control this movement as much as you can suck in your abs if you fall on the mat It’s okay. You get back up and you keep twisting. You’re not a quitter You’ve come this far keep going You have one more move after this and you’re done you can see I worked out today, did you work out today you Can have a whole attitude about that? If you’re gonna have an attitude have an attitude about working out You’re doing good keep going oh Yeah Finally, we have the blank with arm raised you’re going to go into a full plank position straight line from your head to your heel abs are sucked in and you just rotate and raise your arm toward the ceiling if you’re unable to do the rotation, you can just do a full plank and just hold the full plank position for the thirty seconds that counts – It’s not about how fancy you can get. It’s about doing your best You look amazing keep going Just a few more seconds So Awesome, go ahead and just go into Child’s Pose And let your body just calm down and contemplate everything You just did you just worked you just put in some wick you put some work on it, and that was awesome So good When you are ready I want you to just give yourself the biggest hog and the world because you deserve it I just want to remind you that you bring something unique and special to this world and Nobody should ever make you feel different. I Love you Thank you so much for working out with me today Subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t done so already I will see you in my next workout video


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