Hi guys, we’re here in my last parkour training session. First off, let me tell you that I’ve been doing parkour since December and I wanted to show you my last training session where I’ll show you everything I learned from December to now on I also wanted to thank Gabriele for allowing me to film this video and a big thank in particular to my club: “Forza e Costanza di Brescia” That as I just said allowed me to film this trainging session And now, lets get training! Come on! And this was the warm up this is the gym where we train Look at it Did you enjoy it guys? You could try it too! So guys, I hope you liked this video And I wanted to thank my artistic gymnastics’ coach: Gabriele Bonzi that guided me through these 5 artistic gymnastics’ years and he’s also a great coach that militated in “Serie A” He really helped me a lot improving my skills and he still trains me for parkour here We tried to fit out this new training session so that we can also have fun in different ways So guys, if you enjoyed this video drop a nice thumb up Lets reach 1500 likes for this epic video Seriously guys, I love you Remember to subscribe to my channel in case you didn’t do it yet Also remember to leave a comment down here with everything new you learned or whatever you do at gymnastics That’s it! Greetings from your Lukas. Byeee! Double!!

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