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[Background Music Playing] I need to stay in remission from breast cancer Stay on top of my diabetes To make sure that my sockets fit, that my joints are healthy, that my muscles are healthy I need to continue my sobriety To age gracefully With Molly’s Downs Syndrome diagnosis, she’s going to need a little bit more care. [Background Music Playing] I need to continue to take better care of myself so that I can share my culture [Background Music Playing] Be confident at school so I never get bullied again So that I live to be 100 years old So that I can get back in my 30’s what I lost in my 20’s To exercise, to get outdoors, to have fun, to have adventures, to feel good about myself To support her, advocate for her, to make sure she’s included, that I know that through the different therapists and people that we work with that um, that that road will get less scary, and yeah, and Molly will be amazing, yes you will be [Background Music Playing]

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