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– Hi, my name is Gloria Verdugo,
and this is From the Heart. (upbeat music) – Hey guys. My name is Amen Iseghohi, the founder of the Amenzone Movement. I want to tell you a
special story on behalf of the American Heart Association. I want to introduce you
to a very special person. Her name is Gloria Verdugo Wood. I need you to listen to her story. She has a heart condition,
and she’s managed to transform her life in
spite of her challenges. – My name is Gloria Verdugo Wood, and my defining moment was one night in August of 2009 when I was extremely ill and my mother took me to the hospital, I almost had a stroke. I went and saw a cardiologist, and at that point I was
told that I was obese. – When Gloria first walked
through the door at Amenzone and she wanted to start on this journey to change her life around, the first thing that came to her were the fears. She was worried about her past mistakes. I told Gloria, I said, your
mistakes do not define you. Your fears do not define you. Let’s focus on where
you’re trying to get to, focus on the goal and how you get there. – It felt good. It felt empowering to finish a workout. I felt this amazing
feeling of, I did this. I did this. – She wanted to transform her life from all the challenges she had. She was considerably
heavier than she is now, and I told her, We
cannot start focusing on the weight loss or being
a slave to the scale. It’s all about working
from the inside out, because when you train,
you train for life. We train from the heart. – When I come into Amenzone,
there are no mirrors here. It’s a wall of inspiration. The wall of inspiration
has tons of quotes. Every time I come here, there’s
quotes that call out to me, and I focus on those quotes mentally to get me through the workout. – We started with attitude,
commitment and then execution. – My commitment is now that
I am staying consistent with my new lifestyle,
which is being healthy, being a better person,
being a better mother, being a better version,
overall, of myself. – You can’t compare the worst of yourself to the best of others,
and Gloria got that. – I want to say I don’t have a stronger heart, but I do, actually. My doctor did tell me my
heart is now athletic. I’ve transformed my heart
to become an athletic heart. – We say it all the time, we keep it in front of us to remind us that true healthcare is self care, and when you come in here to workout, movement is life and when
we train, we train for life, and we do it from the heart. Again, my name is Amen Iseghohi, founder of Amenzone Foundation, and on behalf of the
American Heart Association I need you to donate now so
we can make a difference. We can make a change. We wanted you to be committed to the finer goal of making a difference. Let’s do it together.


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