Ankylosing Spondylitis Exercise & Stretching Program (Seated & Floor Program)

Hi folks I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist, Brad Heineck physical therapist, together we are the most famous physical therapists on the Internet in our opinion of course Bob Today Brad we’re gonna talk about ankylosing spondylitis We’re gonna show you an exercise program a stretch program that you can do both seated and then we’re gonna show you another one that you can do laying down on the floor or in your bed, We’re not going to spend a lot of time on what Ankylosing spondylitis is, we assume that the fact is that you came to this channel Or to this video, you know what it is. It’s an inflammatory process of the spine Ligaments and after a while everything can kind of fuse And a lot of times what do we see what position they end up in yeah and It’s like the spine almost becomes bamboo looking We want to Get it mobile and keep it mobile for as long as you can, what you’ll notice is the common theme on all these Exercises is to try to get to everything straight the spine straight the neck over the shoulders everything Trying to keep it good alignment as long as possible There’s no cure for it But you can stop it from you know fusing into a bad position right, so you want to manage it as best You can right, so we’re going to show you that but wait Bob if you are new to our Channel Please take a second to subscribe to us We provide videos on how to stay healthy fit pain-free And we upload every day and go over to the Facebook and like us. Yes, we know it’s not the Facebook It’s Facebook, but we still want you to like us nonetheless. Wow did you practice that last night? No, I didn’t, I got the words really rolling here, all right number one, This is the seated position now you can do this a couple times a day And it should only take you about three minutes once you start getting it down, number one the Hallelujah stretch You’re just gonna go ahead and stretch back over the chair a couple times 1 2 3 again you’re expanding the chest, getting the Back stretched all right then you can also stretch the chest muscle itself just by grabbing behind like this Brad and pulling back Yeah Like this, you can sit forward in the chair a little bit, or you know do it one other way Alright moving on we’re gonna. This go ahead and Take a triangle. You know I want you to stand up for this one Brad right in front of the chair, okay And you can just make a triangle with your hand and you’re gonna push up like this And then you’re gonna push up towards the ceiling Just really extends the back extends the chest Opens the chest up Make sure you’re thinking about your breathing. You’re not having shallow breathing. You’re relaxing your breath and get some deep breaths in and exhale It’s gonna help that chest do its thing. Yeah, because the ribs tend to get tight in this condition too it can affect the ribs all right then we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna work the neck we’re gonna side bend to one direction and Then side bend in the other direction Yeah, we can do each of these like three times All right Then you’re gonna go ahead and lift the one arm up because a lot of times the shoulders get tight Brad, and you want to Bring that up as far as you can and then rotate towards that side at the same time So we get that neck rotation and the arm flexion at the same time and you can do the other side flex rotate to that side Flex rotate to that side now with very good posture I want you to go ahead and you can put your hands up here like this or you can put the fists like this And you can just rotate and work on rotation And this works better if you’re on a solid base than a rotating chair, it gets a little more rotation And then the spine, That’s a very good point Brad because a lot of times, just chair’s rotating along with you all right next one Brad You’re just gonna work on again It can affect the hips too Brad, so we’re gonna go ahead and work on hip external rotation So you just cross your legs and you’re gonna gently push down on the knee here Now we can do this a number of times. Just to get a good stretch here Every chance Brad gets he tries to show off some skin there. Notice that? You know why I did that Bob, right now people all over America are vomiting Well you know one way or another it’s got to come out, all right now a hip flexor stretch another one This is a muscle that tends to get tight on you, and it pulls you over So an easy one to do is just put your foot up on the chair like this That works out good You can do it on the front of the chair Brad like this, does this make sense? And then you can just kind of lean forward like this and you’re stretching out that hip into extension I’d like to show them on this leg Get the back of the chair out of the way, so we’re going like this Hand here stretch and get that hip to go back and stretch the back, be careful on a rolling chair we don’t want anybody to get hurt here and the final one Brad is just a hamstring stretch on the chair You can even just go lean forward like this and kind of lean to keep your body straight You can stand up and put it up on a chair like this and stretch like this There’s just a lot of ways to do it, but again we want to stretch out the hamstring too Again, you can do this a number of times a day You know with a little practice you’ll get it down to about three minutes right you’ll have it memorized in a matter of you know 10 or 15 reps or less all right now These are some of the exercises you can do in bed or on the floor and some of these you can do for a longer Period of time, a good one to do This is almost universally I saw Brad mentioned in pretty much all the programs I saw is a prone prop so you’re gonna lay down like this and again because Your back is starting to tighten into flexion you just want to get up on your elbow like this Get that reverse This is a good one too at the end of the day to go ahead and watch some TV 10 to 15 minutes you can stay in this position This is probably one of your biggest deterrents against deflection Right if you want to put a pillow under your chest because it’s more comfortable that may be an option sure all right next one Brad Then you can go right up into cat camel again trying to keep mobility in the spine as long as we can here So I’m going into flexion And you can even go down with your head I’m sure I’m blasting on the mike right now Okay, next one Brad supine rotations, so we’re gonna go ahead supine I’m laying flat on my back, on your back supine. Yes, you can wake up in the mornings and do this one You’re just gonna rotate back and forth here These are going back and forth keeping the shoulders down look at the hip, the hip comes up here And then on the other side as well That’s getting that slower spine and that thoracic spine to rotate and get a little stretch, very beneficial all right Then we’re gonna go right from that because we’re in this position just doing some bridging Getting a little strengthening and also getting a little straightening of the spine again If you can get up like Bob’s got it straight So everything is in line you can see how that is in line, some people have a hard time with that Initially, but that’s where you want to work towards That’s the goal you want to work for is right. Alright Brad I need another pillow. Yes you do All right, so we got two pillows here now underneath you And now we’re gonna do a little bit of strengthening So we’re gonna go ahead and you can actually have a roll towel here. Do we have a roll towel? Just relax I’ll get you one All right something to keep your head in so that And the size of this towel is gonna depend on your neck flexibility Some people if they’re more advanced you’re gonna have to adjust it so you’re comfortable again This one is more for strengthening the back Brad It’s a good strengthening program. You can just start with one arm if you can’t do much, you can go to two arms You know hold it for a count of five 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 and then go opposite arm opposite leg 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 just a good one to do for some strengthening I saw one guy Brad that actually just kind of worked on swimming here in this position You’re really getting some mobility in the shoulder blades and the scapula area as well as strengthening, all right next one You want to show this one Brad? The foam roller supine. Yes, I do This was another one that Almost every program I saw recommended this one. It’s just you know you get a foam roller We have them down listed in our preferred product section down in our description if you want to look at it Yeah, or a low-density one that’s more comfortable It makes a big difference particularly when you’re going right down the middle of the spine Yeah this one’s not quite as hard basically A little difficult to get on to it And the point Brad made, you just said you had a patient that his head was up it would never come down like this He was already advanced And there was no way he could get his head like that without it being painful. You could put a towel or something down there OPTP. They have these arches too that you can buy and they can put on there But they highly recommended this is another one that you just because look how it’s expanding the chest and Straightening the spine all at the same time, and you just lay on here at the end of the day Yeah, just a good one to You know if you want to do a passive way of approaching this I would just do the prone prop the one that we were showing first and Then then do this one I mean if you just did these two You’re gonna go a long way towards keeping yourself out of trouble I like this, you know gravity is doing the work for you here. You can just just relax and think about how the day went or what you’re gonna Do the next day and just let gravity work with your spine, do your meditation you can Yeah, Brad, let’s pull this out, and then can you just do some diaphragmatic breathing? Oh sure So again because it can affect your ribs and your breathing They also recommend working on diaphragmatic breathing, so whenever you breathe in you’re actually expanding the diaphragm Which means your belly is coming out so when he breathes in the belly comes out the chest doesn’t expand the belly comes out and then when he breathes out A lot of times we have people act like they’re blowing out a candle That’s when the belly goes down so it’s something that takes a little work on but it’s good one to finish up with Again, give you a little mobility in the ribs and also doing the diaphragmatic breathing, well Brad for once I don’t think we went way over our time limit, and there was quite a few numbers there We did good. It was good time management So make sure again, since we gave you one extra second now go and subscribe to us if you haven’t already Thanks a lot, good luck with the stretches You


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