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I don’t think that we see
how we really look, how other people see,
because I still feel skinny. People are like, “No, April,
you’re slim-thick. You’ve gained weight.”
I’m like, “But I’m not.” And then when I see that, the attention that
I’m getting from men, I’m like,
“Wow, I must be thick.” So I guess I’m thick then.
I don’t know. So I posted the before
and after picture, and it was embarrassing
for me to post this before and after picture of myself, because it was like, “Oh my god.
This is how I used to look.” But I felt like there’s a lot
of women who have had children, a lot of people who are
suffering from feeling insecure and all these things
that I really was like, okay,
so this is not just for me. This is helping other people
and re-motivating people who probably feel like,
“I can’t look this way,” or, “I don’t feel sexy,” and, “I’m not capable
of getting there,” and it’s like, “You can.” People think that I’ve had
surgery. It’s crazy to me. I’m like, “Dude, did you not
follow my whole journey? I really worked my butt off
to get to this point.” It was really for people,
to just motivate people, like, “You can do it.
I did it, you can do it too.” What is this called?
Say Gatorade? Gatorade. Yeah. You in the gym
with mommy today? Let’s get it in. I motivated myself, honestly,
on this fitness journey, because again, I’m a mom. Having kids,
I just always told myself I don’t want to let myself go. I was also in a relationship,
a public relationship, and after the breakup,
I was like, “Okay, April. This is when you really need
to get yourself together,” like not for anyone else
other than myself, because I didn’t feel, I wasn’t happy when
I saw results in the mirror. I was like I’m not going to be
out here feeling unhappy. Let me get into the gym. The gym, to me,
wasn’t just a space of trying to get my body together.
It’s also mental. It was helping me mentally
just kind of release stress and all of that.
It was like a whole thing. It wasn’t just transformation
for my body, it was like my physical,
my mental, my spirit, it was all of it. One day I might just kind of
just run for an hour and a half. Another day I might
literally just do leg, which is like squatting or
leg press, hamstrings, calves. Another day, arms. I hate arms, by the way,
but arms, upper body. Another day where it’s like
plyometrics, where I’m jumping. It’s crazy, like different
sorts of things, but I kind of want
to shock my body so it doesn’t get used
to the same thing. My relationship with my body
is a very personal one. I have two children,
so it’s like I’ve done a lot of transformation
as far as just feeling not happy with how I’ve looked
after having kids and reworking on myself. Because there’s moments,
like I said, when I look into the mirror
and I’m like, “Oh my god.
I love how I look,” and then there’s moments
when I’m like, “Oh god, you need to shape it up,
April, this is not it.” It’s been a very personal one. I have definitely been
on quite a journey to get to where I feel like
I need to be, and now I’m in a space
where I really like … I love how I look. Being skinny growing up,
I definitely was made fun of. I have friends that literally
tell me like, “April, I really thought
you had a eating disorder,” because I was so skinny.
But I eat a lot. I used to be like,
“Why can’t I gain weight?” For me, it’s easier for me to
literally lose weight than it is for me to gain weight.
It’s a struggle for me to gain. I’ve been trying
to gain weight for so long and I’m now 32 years old and I’m like, “Dude, I’m trying
to get a little thicker.” It’s been a thing.
This is why I’ve kind of like I know
people have goals in the gym. For me, it’s not to be bulky
and let me show every muscle. It’s just really for me
to just kind of gain a little bit of weight. That’s been my goal,
and just toning. My favorite part of the body
to work out, my butt. I think girls, we all strive
to have a big butt, like a nice, firm one.
Even if it’s not huge, we definitely
want the ultimate butt. So my legs, the calves,
just the hip area, that is my goal. Genetically, some people
really aren’t born with butts, and that’s why some people
go get surgery, and I say,
“To each is their own.” And then there’s some people
that actually have it there, they just have to eat
a certain way and really work hard for it.
I wasn’t born with a huge butt. I had a butt, but the moment
I started eating proper, the moment I started
working out a particular way, I was able to build muscle that shaped my butt
in a particular way. So it’s possible. You just have
to really get in the gym, try to mold your body
the way you want to and if you try, you’ll see that you’ll
actually get some results. What I hope my kids learn
from me and my lifestyle now is just I want honestly
for them to be happy. I think that we all have
a certain type of vision of how we want our bodies
to look and at the end of the day,
I can only hope and ask that they just
are happy with themselves, that they don’t transform
themselves for someone else, but really nearly for
how they feel and how they want to look and how happy they want to feel,
based on that. Yeah. Because I just want them
to be happy with their image.


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