Are Small Business Required to Provide Health Insurance to Their Employees?

Are small businesses required to provide health
insurance to their employees? Under current law, small businesses with less
than the equivalent of fifty full-time workers are not required to offer health insurance,
but many do anyway. Small business health insurance is a great
choice for any employer that wants to hire and retain the best workers, but small businesses
offering coverage tend to fall into three categories. Growing, successful businesses moving up in
the world. Businesses with highly skilled workers,
and business that are tax savvy. Let’s look at each in more detail. First, there are the growing, successful small
businesses that have worked hard and proven themselves. If that’s you, congratulations! You may be ready to reward yourself and your
employees with small business health coverage. Second, there are small businesses with skilled
workers, even if it’s just a business with one or two employees. If that’s you, you know that when competing
with larger companies for skilled workers, offering health coverage may be a necessity. Third, there are small businesses who are
financially savvy and who understand the potential savings and tax benefits of offering a group
health insurance plan. For example, did you know that small business
group coverage may be less expensive than buying coverage on your own? And that you can typically deduct your small
business premiums from your taxable income? To learn more about your small business health
insurance options today, visit


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