Ask Tana: The Omni Diet vs Other Dieting Plans

>>Tana: Hi. My name is Tana Amen. Thank you
for joining me on Ask Tana. This question comes from Lucille Califano Brooks. She says,
“Another diet plan. What makes this one different from the rest?” Well, I feel your
pain Lucille. This is not just another diet to lose weight but a diet to get healthy now
and for the rest of your life. I actually think of the Omni Diet as a plan to end the
dieting and do for the rest of your life. This is about abundance, not deprivation.
It’s not another extreme diet. I developed it over a decade-long health crusade because
I was desperate to be healthy. The focus is on how food can help you heal from the inside-out.
The stunning side effect is often dramatic weight loss but the focus is not on weight
loss. With the Omni diet I’m all about ‘replace, don’t erase.’ You will get rid of a lot
of the potentially toxic foods that humans were never intended to eat but most people
are surprised that there are so many more amazing, nutritious, delicious choices to
replace those foods with. One of the cornerstones of this program is that I don’t ever want
you to be hungry and it’s not a low-fat diet. It’s based on the science of Nutrigenomics.
I know it’s a big word but it’s very simple. Nutrigenomics tells us that the foods you
eat talk directly to your genes. You have a choice to eat in a way that turns on genes
that keep you healthy or make you sick. I used to think that my genes were like an evil
monarchy that condemned me to be sick but we have much more power than most people ever
got possible by making some smart simple choices. Your genes and your history do not have to
be your destiny. Think of Nutrigenomics as designer genes. Which ones do you want to
turn on and which ones do you want to turn off? Studies have shown that rats fed the
typical Western diet over several generations bred more obese offspring. The diet actually
changed the way the animal’s genes function so that overtime they became fatter and sicker
and this maybe the scariest part. Your diet will affect generations to come. This is not
just about you. This is not about dieting. This will affect the generations of you so
if you don’t get your health under control it can affect your children, your grandchildren
and even your great-grandchildren. But here’s the good news. If you get your food under
control today, it can have a positive effect on everyone in your family. Thanks for the


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