Beach Barre Workout With Renée Herlocker | Tone It Up Tuesdays
RM_s0NxaBUs Hi everyone, it’s Karena and Katrina on Tone
It Up, and we’re on Livestrong Woman. And today, we have our friend and special guest
with us, Renee Herlocker. Hey everyone, we’re gonna take you through your Beach Barre Workouts
— we’re gonna tone, lift, burn, have some fun. Ready to tone it up? Yeah. Alright, let’s
go. To start, we’re gonna have to warm our tummies up and stretch everything out long.
So bring your knees in towards your chest and tuck your chin in towards your chest.
Then extend your legs out at pretty much 45 degree angle. And then arms are just gonna
come straight down by your side. The modification is just gonna up towards the sky or the ceiling.
Or, if you’re really challenging, just lower those ankles. Start to pump your arms. These
are like hundreds in Pilates. So we’re just warming up our core. Start to regulate your
breathing — that’s the most important parts. Inhale and exhale. I already fell it. Go ahead
and draw those knees in, rest the head. We’re gonna cross our ankles and come forward into
a plank. So now, we’re just gonna shift our weight. You wanna make sure that your
hands are right underneath your shoulders, and press your weight through the backs of
your heels. Tuck your hips under so your bellybuttons are drawn away from the floor of the sand.
And then we’re just gonna lift that left toe up off of the floor, point it, and just
start to squeeze in towards the mid-line — just tiny little inches. In, in, in. So the most
important part here is just to make sure that you’re abs are nice and lifted, and your
booties are nice and tight. Go ahead and place that foot down and switch to other side. Working
you out this morning. So again, the smaller the movement the better. It’s really working
those intricate, isometric movement muscles — so think, tinier the better. Go ahead and
place that foot down. Nice job. Alright, we’re just gonna reach it back. So reach forward,
come into a Child’s Pose position and roll up nice and slowly. So the most important
part to a part of Barre is to stretch everything out. So we’re toning and lifting and burning,
but then we wanna stretch everything out so you get those long, lean muscles. And we’ll
go ahead and move into our first thigh exercise. So, basically, we’re gonna rest our booties
back onto our heels just to start. And you’re gonna have about a fist’s distance between
each knee, so you wanna keep that distance the entire time. Keep in mind that our core
is nice and tight the whole time, and our hips bones are basically shifted forward — so
you’re tucking everything under. You’re almost like sacruming out your stomach and
getting that arch out through your back. So from here, just bring those hands up onto
your hips, and then lift up at a few inches so that your seat or your booty is just kinda
grazing your heel. There you go. From here, you’re just gonna tuck center. Tuck, tuck.
So again, drawing that navel in, your chest is lifted, backs are nice and flat. This is
working the entire tops of the thighs. Do you feel that? I already feel it. Yeah. So
you’re getting that long, lean muscle, from the hip all the way down to the knee. Rest
here. Rest. We’re getting caught. This one’s tough. Every time she turns around, both Karena
and I are like this. So again, to add variation, just start to tuck to one side. So tuck right,
right. So isolating that one leg. So this is a huge calorie burner — you’re gonna
burn so many calories with this one. Now, alternate sides — take it to the left. It’s
tuck and tuck. Karena! Good. Come back center. Now, raise both arms up by your ears — just
tuck center. This is gonna really make you use your core. Again, your backs are nice
and flat. Try to just use your lower body. Don’t bounce up and down. She’s making
me laugh. Alright, for 5 more counts: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Alright, shake those out.
Wow. Nice job. So you’re gonna need a chair for this or something with stability — you
can use a wall, a countertop, or something nice and firm and steady. So we’re gonna
use chairs in this case. So go ahead and grab that — and you’re just gonna place it to
the side, with the actual stable part facing your right hip. So, bringing your body close
up into wherever you need to lean up against, you’re heels are gonna come together, toes
apart, so you’re just kinda in that first ballet position. Left hand is up on your hip,
and you’re gonna rise way up on your tippy toes. Feel some cracks and stuff. And then
glue your heels back together — you’re gonna wanna keep those together the entire
exercise. Bending your knees, you’re gonna lower your tailbone down towards your heels,
opening up into that narrow diamond position. You’re just gonna hold there. Make sure
that those hips are tucked under, and your abs are still drawn in. Again, nice posture
with your chest. Lowering your seat down towards your heels, just take it down 2 inches, come
back 2 inches. So down, down, halfway up, and hold. Hey, is Barre inspired by ballet?
Barre is really all about combining Pilates and ballet. Obviously, because you use the
barre. But it also just incorporates using those isometric movements. So you’re really
toning those tiny little muscles that you don’t normally tone. You’re used to working
those big muscle groups. So yeah, it’s combining that. And then it uses music a lot times,
so you have that as motivation, which is great. I love your music in classes — I feel like
it’s like a club. It is. It’s a party! And it’s a bunch of girls workin’ out.
You can still do this and still… Yeah. So, holding up that halfway point, you’re just
gonna press those thighs back. So using your knees to just press back — back, so you’re
really using that inner thigh to do this. Is it normal to be shaking? Yeah, shaking
is actually really great, because that means you’re fatiguing out that muscle, and then
you stretch it out after, so you get those long, lean muscles. So again, you wanna make
sure you’re tucking your hips under. Holding up there. Good, hold that press. Now, just
tuck front: Tuck, tuck. It’s forward and forward. So again, you’re just squeezing
those booty muscles, drawing that lower ab in and using your breath. You have to breathe
through these exercises, because they’re really difficult after three minutes of doing
them. Good. After three 8-counts of this, raise that arm out by your ear. Just take
it down an inch, up an inch. Down, hold — up, hold. So again, making sure that everything
is tucked underneath you. There — that’s where you wanna be. Nice. Good. So not flaring
out our booty, our booty is tucked underneath you. It’s permanent! It’s permanent, I
swear! Now close to finish, just take it down, down: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Alright.
Okay, so now that we completed our thigh workout, we’re gonna work on the backside. So yes,
we’re gonna come down onto our side — work on our beach booties, right? Yeah. So go ahead
and just rest your head onto your hand. And using that right hand, you’re gonna press
down in front of you, using that palm, so really taking some pressure off of that left
hip. You’re gonna bring your knees in closest to your chest, and the more you’re into
a tight ball the more advanced it is. So kinda gauge that as you go. You’re gonna lift
that right leg up off of the left, just up to hip height. So you don’t wanna go any
further and get all crazy like that. And then you’re gonna extend that leg straight, point
your toe and make sure that your knees are still stacked. So you don’t wanna have any
separation. So wherever flexible you are in that top leg, just make sure that that bottom
leg matches. So from here, you’re gonna tap the floor — tap, tap and lift. Tap, tap,
lift back up to hip height. So here, we’re just narrowing out our side seat, getting
those hips nice and narrow, and our seats firmed up. Do you feel that? You’re gonna
feel this right away. So use that palm and that hand in front of you. Good. So holding
that leg up to hip height, just lift up from there — just tiny lifts. It’s up an inch,
up an inch. Tiny lifts. And you can go slow. Whatever music you’re listening to, you
wanna kinda go that beat. So make sure it’s not super fast, because you don’t have control.
Good. Now flex your foot and just lift up, hold. Lift up, freeze. So you’re suspending
that leg in air, and you’re just holding for a second. Tap, hold. Okay, we’re almost
there. Can you feel this — does it make you burn? Or are you… Oh yeah, you should feel
a burn or a pinch or something. Yeah, so it’s definitely working if you feel that. Now,
lift up tempo, lift, lift. Final 10: 2, 8, 9 and 10. Alright, bring those legs in. You
can give it a tap. Good buns. A booty smack. Okay, so now we’re gonna come down onto
our mats or the floor, and just lie flat on your back, relaxing your arms down by your
side. Bring your feet, ankles, knees and thighs — everything all zipped up together. So you’re
gonna squeeze those inner thighs, and then engage your seat — pick it up off the floor
just about an inch or two, so you’re in that kinda low bridge position. You don’t
really need to press up very far. So keeping everything nice and together, you’re just
gonna start to tuck and squeeze. Tuck and squeeze your thighs together. So you’re
tucking your hips up to the ceiling, and then squeezing your thighs in tighter. So think
about: There’s like a quarter in between your thighs and you can’t let it fall. So
you’re not rebounding out that movement, you’re just squeezing in tighter. So now,
hold onto that squeeze and just tuck center. Tuck, tuck. So you’re really using your
seat muscles, engaging your abs. Try to tuck that chin in towards your chest, relaxing
that upper body. Now hold that tuck, come way up on those tippy toes, walk your heels
in, maybe a closer bit to your seat. And again, squeeze your thighs together and squeeze those
seats. Squeeze and tuck. Squeeze and tuck. We’re almost through this. Then we get to
stretch it out. Good. So a few more of these. Hold that squeeze and just tuck center. Tuck,
tuck. For 10 — 2. Alright, that’s 9. And 10. Go ahead and roll down. And then we’re
just gonna switch on over to our other hip, so we can work on our second side. Toning
up those hips and booty. So again, lying on side, prop your head up. You can also just
lay flat, if you need to. And then bring that left arm in front of you, making sure that
you’re really pressing into the floor. Again, curl into a tight ball. Tighter ball, more
advanced — so just gauge that. Lift that leg up to hip height and extend it out. Point
your toe and just tap, tap, lift. Tap, tap, lift. So again, you really wanna elongate
that leg, really pressing through your toe. Working on some flexibility here as well.
Good. Now holding that leg up towards up high, just tiny lifts. Up and inch, up an inch.
So it’s really all about control, using those tiny muscles to really get that movement
to get going here. So holding that, flex your foot, just lift up an inch and hold. Lift
up, freeze. So it doesn’t look like much, but that’s the goal — you really wanna
keep these movements super small — that way, you’re really working those tiny, tiny little
muscles fibers. Now lifting up to tempo: It’s lift, lift. Up an inch, up an inch. This is
where it starts to burn for me. It’s good. This where you really have to push through
it. Final 10: It’s 1, 2, 8, 9 and 10. Good job. Bring those knees in, again. Good job,
booty. Good job. Alright, and sit up, and we’ll go ahead and move into the stretch
— the final part and one of the most important parts. So, just taking a runner’s lunge
stance, with that right foot forward, you’re gonna lower down that left knee. And just
make sure that you’re right knee and your ankle are in line. Lift your chest and gaze
out in front of you. Bringing your hands down by your ankle, just so that you’re opening
up that hip. And then just walk backwards. Plant that left hand down. Right arm comes
up and over. Gazing under. Again, take really deep breaths here. And exhale it all out.
Swoop that right arm across the body. Press your palms together and just twist open. Good.
Coming back to center. You can wrap around that right arm, grabbing for your left foot,
just drawing that heel in towards your seat, so you’re gonna get that stretch through
your quad through your hip. Just making sure that you’re pressing through that front
foot. And then release. And shift back, flex that right foot, square off your hips and
make sure your back is nice and flat. So press out back through your hips. And you can just
stay here or move into your own split stretch, which I will show you now. Oh. Oh, wait, should
I try? Yes. Will I injure myself? Ta-da! Alright, now press up, and we’ll just switch sides.
So come to a straddle position. And then just move through center, switching over to the
left side. Come down into a runner’s lunge. So again, really important to make sure that
knee is right over the ankle and that weight’s in that front foot, so you’re pressing through
this right hip now. Chest is lifted, gaze is in front of you. And just walk those fingertips
back, plant the right hand down, left arm comes up and over. Right and left. And then
swoop that left arm across, just opening up — you’re just balancing here, opening up
those hips. Good. And then come back to center. And wrap around with that left hand this time
for that right toe, heel or pant leg — whatever you can grab onto. And if you can’t, that’s
okay, just try to hold it there. And then try to bring that heel in close to your seat
and anchor that shoulder down to your left knee. I think we’re both just dazed out
and not paying attention, really — ah, this feels good. And then release the foot. Shift
your seat back towards your heel and just flex that left foot and square off your hips
and try and flatten out your back. And the modification here, instead of sliding into
your splits, is just to lower that seat back down closer to your heel and really press
back through your seat. Good. And then just using your upper body, lift up, come back
to that straddle position, coming back through center, grab on to the backs of your ankles
or the backs of your calves and just pull, stretching the backs of the legs out. Again,
deep breath in. And on the exhale, bend your knees slightly and just roll up. Hands come
to the tops of the thighs. And head is the last thing to raise up. And there’s your
Beach Barre Workout. Yay! Thank you so much, Renee, for coming out and working out with
us today. Make sure you follow Renee on Twitter @reneeherlocker, and we’ll put the link
below. And we’ll see you guys at the next workout! Bye!


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