Beginner Yoga ♥ Easy Morning Yoga For A Positive Mind

hey guys welcome to sunrise beginner yoga for a positive mind we are in beautiful sandbanks provincial park and i have a class for you thats going to wake up your body and your mind this is also a great video to pare with my other video the sleepy bear yoga because it allows you to really get your day going in a great way so if you’re ready grab a mat some water and lets do this starting by sitting in a comfortable position with your feet crossed inhale reach the arms up exhale lets take a side stretch take your left hand down, right arm reaches over keeping both sit bones grounded inhale exhale let it go take your body forward now now were trying to reach our forehead towards our knee feel the stretch through the right side of your back open and back to centre switch to the other side right hand down give yourself a nice stretch and then rounding the spine to the opposite side exhale open back up to centre form here lifting up our pelvis ground your hands behind you lift your hips try to keep your knees on the floor come down lets come to our knees extend one leg out reach arms up take side knee plank stretch feel the stretch through the side of your body breath in exhale come back up switching sides other leg extneds exhale other hand comes down great stretch to start your day with come on over to our hands and knees position start with our cat cow inhale exhale inhale arch up to downward facing dog take a moment to feel the stretch deep breath in open up through the upper back look up inhale exhale release heels down feel the stretch through the calves come to knees step right foot top of the mat slwoly heel tow foot to middle of the mat both hands come to knees and then low lunge reach arms up come back down from take all weight to the back kne extending your right leg flex right foot half split stretch come to low lunge exhale push back inhale come forward tuck your back toes lift the back knee off the mat and then reach arms up to the sky, high lunge continue with the arms inhale bend the elbows exhale extend then take your hands down deep breath in exhale step back come back over to childs pose then up to downward dog take a moment to breath and walk the dog come back over to the kness other side, left leg steps forward heel toe your foot to the very center come up to low lunge hands to knee or reach arms right up allow hips to come forward slowly come back down with the hands extend to half split forehead comes down inhale come forward into your lunfe exhale back try to get the forehead to knee come forward one more time tuck the back toes lift back knee of the ground find your balance when you’re ready arms up high lunge bend the elbows squeeze the shoulder blades together reach up and bend reach up and bend exhale lower the hands and body come back to childs pose rounding through inhale exhale come up to downward dog roll through into plank position inhale back to downward dog exhale come to plank exhale come forward from here taking a modification of a chaturnga take the knees down then chest, then chin inhale lift the body up upward dog and then come down onto your kness rounding the spine to childs pose deep breath in exhale come back over then come to a seated position cross the legs relax the shoulders take a moment to breathe and find your center when you’re ready reach the arms up palms together, exhale bring the hands to heart bow down to your hands thanking yourself for your practice for dedicating this time to yourself and to starting a beautiful day with a clear mind with a positive mind thank you so much for joining me and i hope you have a beautiful rest of your day namaste


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