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(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Magnus Lygoback the founder of the Magnus Method and I’m gonna show you guys the workout I did with Ben
Affleck for Justice League. Our goal’s to build Ben as Batman or to build leg string stability you know, Batman’s carrying
around this heavy suit all day on set so, we needed
Ben to have the support he needed, to carry that suit. At the same time, build
some size, he’s a big dude and obviously, there’s
inanimate of martial arts in the movie, that we
also wanted to capture. Okay, let’s get started. So we’re gonna start with the Front Squat what I love about the Front
Squat, it makes your core fire before your leg does, and it– you have minimum load on the spine. So Hunter’s making sure
to retract his shoulders elbows up, and then just
sitting down, making sure that his heels are planted. Some resistance on the way down, and explosive on the way up. Our next exercise is the
Deadlift, what I love about the Deadlift is that, it will
work your posterior chain and give you boost of both
testosterone and IGF-1 which we need so badly. So Hunter’s gonna show you
here, your shoulder width bar close to the chin,
lats on, leaning forward squatting down, and then he’s… Pushing up, standing up,
making sure to lock the hip and lower back. Okay, our next exercise are Drop Sits and this is an old Kung Fu exercise that will build endurance
and strength in the legs and there’s a nice lower
progression you can do here as well you know, Batman is a martial artist. It will support for us to look towards the martial arts world and take a few of those exercises and integrate them into our plan. That’s the progression right
there, so you squat down and you reach for the wall, or the object you’re standing against. So our next exercise is to Squat To a Kick it’s a great move to work the legs and also obliques, hip
flexors, and balance. So Hunter’s gonna drop down to a squat he’s gonna come up and rotate, and do a beautiful sidekick and then drop down into a squat again. That’s also working your
fast-twitch muscle fibers if you do it explosive enough so you wanna go as explosive as possible. So our last exercise today
is the Lateral Hollow Rock so Hunter’s gonna come up with his legs and his upper body’s gonna
firmly press his lower back down in the ground, and
then he’s gonna roll over to a 45 degree angle, and lift his leg up. This works your entire core,
you’re not really bending the spine, you’re just targeting
different areas of the core depending on where you
are in the movement. So you guys just witnessed a typical day from the Batman program
that I did with Ben Affleck on Justice League,
obviously there’s more days in the program but, this is
something you guys could do twice a week, and it’s
really gonna help you with flexibility, and leg strength. (upbeat music)


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