Benefits Of The Carnivore Diet | The Results Are Crazy!

In this video we’re talking about the benefits
of a carnivore diet. Hi, I’m Dr. Zyrowski from If you’re new to the channel, it is such a
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our notification community and I’m going to help you excel your health and your life. In this video we’re talking about the benefits
of the carnivore diet. The carnivore diet is a diet that is based
on meat and animal products. It’s actually pretty much the polar opposite
of a vegetarian diet. Now, though this may seem like a new concept
to many people, it’s actually an old idea, because when we look at ancient tribes like
the Masai tribe or the Inuit tribe, basically what we see is that they followed diets that
are high in meats and animal products and they seem to do very well with it. They have very low instance of disease and
they also seem to thrive on this diet. Now, when we look at the carnivore diet, it
really is an interesting topic because it has not been formally studied in science. However, what we see is many people have raving
results with following this diet when it comes to the condition that they’ve been suffering
from, in many cases for years. And so, though we can’t look to science and
go, what is happening here, why are people seeing such great results? Well, we can look to is the results that people
are getting and look to some of these large forums online and some of these different
Facebook groups with thousands and thousands of people in them that are posting the amazing
results that they’re getting from following the carnivore diet. So, let’s talk about some of the different
results people are getting and let’s see if this is maybe the right diet for you. First is, autoimmune conditions. So, when we look at autoimmune conditions
such as psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, different thyroid conditions related to autoimmunity,
and even gut conditions. Many people are seeing incredible results
with this and, it is very interesting because many people are following the carnivore diet
as a last resort. They saw the carnivore diet and they go, oh
my gosh who would ever want to do that. But then, they become so desperate they start
following it and then lo and behold they find that it helps them and offers them incredible
benefits in reversing many of the conditions that they’re suffering. In many cases, people are reporting that they
follow the carnivore diet, many of their conditions reverse and then when they come back off it,
they start to come back. And so, autoimmune conditions is a major one
that people are reporting that they’re seeing incredible benefits from following the carnivore
diet. Next is, neurological conditions. Neurological conditions that are related to
MS, for instance, or Parkinson’s, so neurological conditions are a big one that many people
are seeing good results with following the carnivore diet. Gastrointestinal conditions. So, people with bacterial overgrowth and many
other gastrointestinal conditions are seeing great results with it because it really starves
down that bad bacteria and it helps balance out the GI tract. The next one on our list here is weight loss. When you’re following the carnivore diet,
the body really has no choice but to start losing weight. So, many people reported they followed the
ketogenic diet, they felt pretty good, they lost a lot of weight, but then they went to
the carnivore diet and they felt even better, and they also lost even more weight. So, once again, a lot of people are reporting
weight loss with it. The next is, decreased inflammation. When people are following the carnivore diet,
one of the things that they’re saying is that they just feel better overall. Their joints don’t hear, the aching goes away. And so, this is a result of having a much-decreased
level of inflammation in the body. And so, when they’re following the carnivore
diet, not only are they seeing that the inflammation is decreased, but they also find that they
recover better after exercise and the reason I’m correlating exercise and inflammation
together is because hard exercise is one of those things that actually causes some inflammation
in the joints and in the body. And so, anyway, as a result of following the
carnivore diet, you can decrease inflammation and when you decrease inflammation, you decrease
your risk of suffering from major disease. Now, the other thing people are reporting
is an increase in mental clarity, okay. They say, once again. I started following this carnivore diet and
I felt like I just had such clarity of mind, some of the best mental clarity I had in years,
even better when I was following the ketogenic diet. So, like I mentioned before, the carnivore
diet has not been formally studied in science, but many people are reporting incredible results. Though we don’t have the scientific data to
break down why they’re seeing such great results right now, I’m sure that will come with time. But even though we don’t have that information
right now, people are utilizing it and really raving about it. So, if you want to learn more about what to
eat on the carnivore diet, be sure to check out a video I did on that very topic. Other than that, I think that when we look
at this diet, your genetics are going to play a huge role as to whether or not you do well
with it and also, I think that if you’re going to try it, you should try it for maybe a two-week
period or a thirty-day period, see how it goes for you. I don’t believe that this diet by any means
is for everybody, but there are certain people that are benefiting from it in an incredible,
incredible way. So, it’s very interesting nonetheless. Be sure to like this video, share your thoughts
about this video in the comments section below, and about this topic of the carnivore diet. If you have any questions, ask those questions
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