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Greetings to all of you. How are you all? We are back with a new workout video for you all. And today’s workout video will be
especially on abs and core. Because everybody wants six pack abs. We will share a simple and easy
workout routine with you all. And today we will be joined by
our special guest Mrs. Sonali Swami. Sonali: Hello everyone. Yatinder: Thank you so much Sonali for joining us and giving us your valuable time, thank you sincerely. Sonali: Thank you so much for having me over. We all want six-pack abs and are very fond of it too. So let’s get started. Yatinder: Let’s start. Yatinder: So Sonali which is the first exercise that we are going to do? Sonali: Our first exercise is lying down leg raises which targets lower abs and we have selected this exercise because of two reasons. Firstly, a lot of people focus on upper abs
but lower abs is a problematic area. Secondly, to train our lower abs
we need to use our lower body which involves more energy and effort utilization. So let’s go. Yatinder: You need to keep a few things in check
while performing leg raises. In that, whenever you raise your legs most number of people raise their legs to an extreme level which results in lifting of Glute muscles off the ground. What I am trying to say is that you cannot lift your
Glute muscles off the ground. Second, whenever you bring down your legs, bring them down slowly and in a very controlled manner. While lifting, breathe out and squeeze your abs. Slow down. Lift it up. Breathe out. Make sure your glute muscles are in
touch with the floor. Sonali: Another very important thing which
I would like to add here is that controlled movement is very important and not fast movements. Perform these exercises with controlled movement otherwise Your lower back might get strained. So make sure the movement is controlled and the movement is in check. Yatinder: I will also do it now. The second exercise which we are going to perform is flutter kicks Sonali: And what you aren’t supposed to do Yatinder: Sonali maximum people in our gym
perform it like this. It is very important to do it in a controlled way
and keep your core tight. Let me also try it. Sonali: Now let’s move towards upper abs. Yatinder: And in upper abs we will be doing crunches. So Sonali, crunches is an exercise which almost everyone performs in all the gyms but my technique here is a little different. So I just want to tell you about the little difference. Sonali I have seen a lot of people perform crunches and what they generally do is There is no connection with the muscle.
There is a jerk in the lower back. My difference here is that before starting crunches you need to keep your upper body like this and shoulder lifted up. Sonali: So this is your starting position. Yatinder: Basically this is my starting position. And after that, I need to come up a little
and squeeze the muscle. Sonali: This looks very interesting. Yatinder: If you want to increase the difficulty level,
you can keep your legs raised. Raise your leg. Hold it there. And squeeze the muscle. Sonali: After upper abs, now we will move towards sides because we cannot ignore our obliques. When we talk about our mid-section and core,
it is very important to strengthen them. Our exercise for obliques here will be Russian twists. Yatinder: How do you perform this Sonali? Sonali: Let’s see. Yatinder: Oh, I know how to perform this. Whenever you turn just breathe out and squeeze your obliques. Yatinder: What if we want to make it even more difficult. Sonali: If you want to increase the difficulty level
you can take weights. Yatinder: Just make sure to breathe out when you turn and squeeze your obliques. Target the muscle completely. The next exercise which we are going to perform is another exercise for obliques and it is called Plank knee to elbow. First, you need to take position like so. After that bring your knee towards your elbow,
squeeze your obliques and breathe out. Whenever you bring the leg upwards, squeeze. Sonali: Let me also join you. Yatinder: The next exercise which we are
going to perform is Seated V Ups To perform seated v ups you need to bring
your knees close to your chest, squeeze your abs and breathe out. Sonali, why don’t you join me? Squeeze and breathe out Any inputs from your end? Sonali: I would just like to add that all the exercises which we have shown here are very simple yet effective which can be
performed anywhere, anytime. Yatinder: So no excuses. Sonali: The last exercise for today is plank to toe touch. We are focusing on the whole core region so let’s go Yatinder: *Joke* Sonali: You can see that both my hands
are very close to each other. And we are going to touch our toes from here then back to your plank position. Yatinder, have you ever tried this before? Yatinder: No no, I won’t be able to do this. Sonali: No, you will have to try it today. Yatinder: Let me do it. Sonali: Make sure your form for the plank is correct in this exercise. And if you are not able to touch your toes,
don’t worry it is okay. But try, the better your form the better it is Yatinder: *Joke* So this was our video for today and we hope you liked it. Sonali: And if you enjoyed the video
then do try these exercises. And share them with your friends too. Yatinder: Also, do subscribe to our channel. A lot of informational videos are coming your way. A very big thank you to Sonali Swami to give us her precious time. And share the best of her knowledge with our audience. Thank you and keep coming back


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