Best exercise to lose belly fat

today you’re gonna learn an amazing
exercise that melts away belly fat and works your core at the same time people of all ages and backgrounds tell me that this is one of the hardest but most rewarding exercises that they’ve ever done do you think you can do? it of course you can, coach Tyler here coming to you from my living room and today I’m
gonna teach you an exercise called the mountain climber, to target and burn away
your belly fat plus I’ll show you a harder variation once you’ve mastered
the mountain climber so you can continue making progress and truth be told most
of my clients have a love-hate relationship with the mountain climbers
some days I grunt and groan because I don’t always love them but I always love
how I feel after I’ve done them so thank you it’s not the easiest exercise in the
world however when you learn how to do it with perfect forms
like I’m gonna show you today you’ll be able to do this amazing exercise no
matter your skill level and from the comfort of your own home which is our
mission at also be sure to stick around to the end of this
video because I have a free tool that I want to give you to help you transform
your body even faster it’s the same tool that over a million people have used at that’s helped our community members lose 20, 30, 40, and even
up to 70 pounds while avoiding the gym what this tool does is help you find
the exact exercises you need to be doing and the ones you should avoid all based
on your specific body type now why is it so important that you use the exercise
I’m about to teach you, well an article published in The New York Times just
this year shows a correlation between a wide waist circumference
and things like heart disease diabetes and breast cancer the reason is because
a high amount of belly fat affects your hormones and more specifically can cause
insulin resistance or even diabetes and even worse Britain’s million woman study
showed that every additional inch in waist size raised the risk of heart
disease by ten percent can you believe that so it’s important that you work
your core and do fat-burning cardio exercises in order to not only transform
your body but your health as well the good news is the exercise
I’m gonna show you today will help you burn fat and tone your waistline at the
same time, okay, one more thing before I teach you this exercise to make sure
you’re safe I’m gonna show you a lot of details to make sure you do this
exercise correctly but it always encourage you to consult with your
personal care provider before you take on any new exercise program or routine
okay now that that’s out of the way let me teach you one of the best fat burning
waste toning exercises in the world okay as I mentioned the exercise you’re going
to learn today is called the mountain climber
here’s how to do it with perfect form I’ll also show you an easier variation
and tell you exactly what to do for workout in order to use this exercise
effectively okay to start out with you’re going to go into a push-up
position so bringing your hands underneath your shoulders spread your
fingers out nice and wide this is super important when it comes to activating
your wrists and making sure that your wrists don’t have any pain if for any
reason you have wrist pain when you’re putting pressure on your hands like this
then simply go up on your knuckles like this or you can buy a simple pair of
push-up handles on something like and you can hold onto those
push-up handles while doing the mountain climbers so hands underneath your
shoulders, tuck your toes back behind you lift your hips up and come into that
push-up position now from there let’s talk about what makes this right and
what makes this wrong where people go wrong with a push-up position is two
areas one they let their hips sag down which is what we don’t want because
it puts pressure on your spine right here and two is where your hips are up
but your butt is sticking up in the air and you have a big arch in your lower
back which again puts pressure on your spine so the way to fix that is squeeze your butt muscles as tight as you can and
you’ll see the lower back get nice and flat we want you to have hold that
position the entire time you’re doing a mountain climber now from there all
you’re gonna do to perform the mountain climber is lift one leg tap the toes put
it back lift the other leg tap the toes put it back and that’s one repetition so
one and two and three and so every single rep is one rep on each side now
if this is too difficult for you then the best thing to do is try out this
easier variation using a chair for the mountain climber can make things significantly easier all you have to do is put your hands on the chair set up
everything like you did for the other mountain climber and continue to do the
same routine so everything’s tight glutes are tight hands are pressed
firmly into the ground and you’re just gonna do the same exact exercise and
over time you can get lower and lower objects and you’ll get stronger and
stronger until you can do the full mountain climber, okay, here’s a simple
routine that you can do with the mountain climber to get amazing results
quickly all you have to do is 30 reps of either variation of the mountain climber
for three sets with 30 to 60 seconds rest between rounds if you can do all
three sets of 30 reps then go on to the more difficult variation that I’m going
to show you right now a harder variation of the mountain climber is called the
sit out and this is one of the absolute best exercises for working your core
your entire full body strength and cardio all at the same time so I’m gonna
show you how to do it with perfect form so just like the mountain climber you
get to start with your hands right over your shoulders but this time your knees
are going to be a little bit closer to the backs of your hands right here so
you’re going to be in this kneeling position from there you’re gonna lift
your knees off the ground and you’re not going to let your knees touch the ground
for the rest of the exercise now you’re gonna pivot your weight to one leg and
opposite hands so one leg and the opposite hand and you’re going to rotate
the direction that the hand is not planted so it looks like this I’m gonna
rotate and I’m gonna extend my leg out to the side then I’m gonna come back to
the start position and I’m gonna switch sides again planting one leg and the
opposite hand and rotating towards the open pocket to this position and back
now a couple things to think about think about staying tall through the top of
your head the entire time and think about making sure the foot that’s
planted on the ground that those the knee is tracking the toes is going the
same direction of the toes there’s often times when people get to here they plant
the foot and they let the knee keep going and as you can see right here the
foot can be angled inward though the knee is angled outward so try to make
sure that that foot and the knee is all going in one straight line as you
achieve this position which means you have to just rotate a little further
than you think on every single rep from side to side, start slow work your speed
up as you get more comfortable and if you can do thirty reps on that for three
sets you’re gonna really have a strong tone core if you tried these exercises
then I’m sure you’ll immediately see how powerful they can be if you want an
all-around exercise that burns fat and works your core at the same time also if
you tried doing 30 reps for three sets do me a favor and leave me a comment
about how you felt were you surprised at how effective three short sets of one simple exercise could be which variation did you use again let me know in the
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