Best Fitness Tracker Deals 2017!

– Today, smart fitness
trackers and a leftover deal from the Consumer Electronics Show. (twinkly music) Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. For those of you who watch me regularly, I’m here for you every
day to save you more cash than anyone else in the country. I find great deals, and I also give away everything I test for free. What I have right now
is an item that we saw at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017. It was actually on sale Black Friday. It’s back at the same sale price. It keeps selling out
every time I feature it. For those of you that
watched me not too long ago, you might have known that I was one of the first people in at the Consumer Electronics
Show in Las Vegas, and now I am the last person out. Look around me. It’s really depressing. Everything is getting dismantled. It’s so sad, but I’m still sticking around. Everything around me has
shut down, but I’m still here walking around these
empty convention hallways looking for last-minute deals. This was an item that I want
to bring to your attention. I actually had a chance to
test this with intern Casey, and before I show you the deal, which is located right
under this video screen, I want to point out that
I am giving this away in a moment, so if you
missed out last time, I’m gonna hook you up. And the deal I found today
is actually extra special ’cause there’s a coupon code and if you add the first
fitness tracker to your cart, and you get that extra band, once you add it, look on the
right side of your screen, the total price drops to 28
bucks with free Prime shipping, which is great. Now this fitness tracker, which we will show you in a second, does not have a heart rate monitor. For those of you that do need that heart rate monitor included, for not much more than $10 extra, the other fitness band that we tested at the Consumer Electronics Show, which has even better ratings
tied to a more fluid app, is at its lowest recorded price. – So I’ve had this watch
for over about a year now. I remember testing it with
Matt a really long time ago, and I’m really glad that
he gave it to me because, I have to say, I have been
using this watch ever since. Whenever I go to the gym, I
always make sure I have it. And also it comes in a
different wrist color. I don’t really use this one as much, just because I’m not like
a purple-y type person, but I really do like this watch. – [Matt] It’ll track your
calories, your sleep. It’ll monitor whatever it is you need. It pairs with both Apple
and Android devices. It is a fantastic fitness tracker. Super light-weight. It’ll also help you find your smart phone, if you ever misplace it. I’ve misplaced a lot of
things, including my dignity, and this is a great way to
track whatever it is you need. You can display your steps. It’s movement monitoring at it’s finest. You can easily then plug this
into a USB port on a laptop or an iPhone charger,
anything with a vacant port. And no need to worry about
any additional cables or losing those. This gets it done with one push. – [Casey] On the display
screen of your watch, it shows you the time, the date, and also shows you the
amount of steps you’ve taken, how many miles you’ve traveled,
calories you’ve burned. – Want to know how to
get more fit? Simple. Measure your results more frequently. The better you’re gonna eat, the harder you’re gonna exercise, and the more accountability
there is to the entire process. When trying to lose weight, it’s not about jumping on the scale. It’s about putting together
a system with accountability to make sure that you’re
getting in better shape. And if you do that, you’re
going to lose weight, drop body fat, and get healthy. – Now I know many of you
have fitness resolutions and looking at me I’m sure
you can tell right now, I am the epitome of fitness. I try to work out at least
once every other year, and this is the year! And actually, to be
honest, if you’re like me, I just like to know what my
sleeping schedule is like, and the nice thing about this watch, which is knocked-off of the one behind me and the same model we keep
seeing again and again, you get an extra band
with it this time around, which is great, but you
also get vital information that people like me can benefit from. How many hours did you
really not sleep last night? How many steps did you really not take? It just lets me know how
bad my overall health is, and with that information I can at least plan my life accordingly. And now, it’s time for our giveaway. I’m going to draw two names using Two Buddies random pick-a-winner tool, to find a subscriber who’s commented. Our first winner, Linda. You are awesome. Just email [email protected] I’m so excited that you like the sound bar deal that I found. For anyone looking for a great sound bar, just look back at one of my last uploads. Our second winner for today is, and again, just email
[email protected] Congratulations, Kimberly. You rock. Yes! You just won that thing, but not quite as good, but
at a much better price, and you get a free band
and it really does work. For those of you that
missed out on the deal and you want to win any of my
upcoming subscriber giveaways, there’s a very simple
process to get hooked up. – [Man] Rolling, rolling,
rolling, rolling. – You rolling, rolling, rolling. Okay. Hey, party people of the internet! Do you want free stuff? Do you want to save money? You want great deals? Subscribe to this channel. Click right here on this ad and you’ll never miss out on a deal. Wanna learn how to turn your
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