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Welcome to the beautiful sacred Valley of Peru We are hiking through the mountains of Pisa and today is going to be a yoga work of practice that Focuses on strengthening and toning your muscles as well as releasing any tension through deep yoga postures This is the perfect combination of toning and strengthening your body while deepening your connection to your breath and each present moment Today’s video is brought to you by audible Audible is an audiobook platform with an unmatched selection of titles which you can use to grow learn And I’m better yourself way you can even find one of our favorite and most inspiring books on the road by Jack Kerouac Go to slash boho for a 30-day trial membership and a free book With that said let’s get back to our yoga practice All right friends we’re gonna begin today seated on your mat Let’s go ahead and bring your legs together inhale reaching both arms up to the sky And then exhale releasing yourself into your child’s pose Just taking this moment right now to connect with your breath Inhaling deeply through your nose and Then exhaling slowly through your mouth as you come on up to your all fours Let’s take a cat cow inhale arching the belly and then exhale rounding the spine and release Inhale arch the belly look up Exhale release taking this opportunity right now to warm up the body warm up the spine inhale exhale release and From here coming back to neutral now we’re gonna start with an exercise for the glutes You can extend one leg all the way out make sure that both of your hips are square from here taking that like to the outside of your mat kick it up and over to the other side of your mat up and tap kick and tap kick and tap kick tap kick Good just taking it to each side of your mat here Engaging the glute muscle trying to keep your knee as straight as possible here Beautiful keep going tap kick tap kick tap kick Tap you’re almost done Last one you’re gonna kick Bring it back to Center Hold it here and able to the spine engage your core flex the back foot just kick it upward and out one Kick it to nice high back kick three for Keep the hips square. Just work from the glute muscle seven eight nine Ten beautiful hold it there now And then taking our Pilates push-ups for one push it up for two working the tricep muscle here and three bring it down and up for four and five and six you got this keep going seven and Eight Nine now last one Hold it there And then take that straight leg to the side tap the ground and then kick it to the side for one Lift it up two three We’re working the side of your glute muscle you’re toning that entire area here toning your gluts toning your legs This is a very effective exercise just keep breathing through it Last one bring it back to Center now tuck your back toes lift And hover the bottom knee you’re gonna bend that straight knee in and then kick it back Bring it to your forehead and back again using the glutes at the same time now strengthening the core and the shoulders in back in back in Back in Back hold it there and then extending into your three-legged dog From here just hold for a moment allowing that heel to come down to the mat Feeling a nice deep stretch through the hamstring then bend the top knee stacking the hips on top of each other and then that same bent knees going to start to Circle up and around for two. This is a wonderful warm-up for the hip and three one more big circle with that leg and Four wonderful extend the leg up to the sky inhale Exhale from here coming into plank chaturanga dandasana inhale let’s open into your upward facing dog Open up through the heart Center lift the chest and then exhale release the toes and come back into your downward facing dog Holding here for a moment And then that same leg is going to reach up to the sky bend The knee and step between your two hands into your high lunge Just check your balance make sure you’re nice and square inhale and then once you’re ready both arms are gonna Reach up to your high lunge We’re gonna stay in the how lunch and go through some arm exercises at any point if it gets too much Drop the back knee to the floor. Let’s take an inhale exhale. Bend the elbows squeeze the shoulders inhale reach exhale squeeze for two reach bend the elbows and squeeze reach up and squeeze reach squeeze the shoulder blades and three Keep going bend those elbows two last one keep those elbows bent From here bring them together and open for one close the elbows and open for two Stay in that lunge position again If your legs start to get super fatigued drop that back knee to the floor and do the same exercise in a low lunge position Keep going close and open Close and open extend in the arms arm circles forward 20 times go one two three four five six seven eight Nine ten keep going ten nine eight keep rotating those arms big circles and five four three two One beautiful hold it there Bend those elbows now you’re gonna reach And then squeeze back reach forward and back Reach and back so this is a similar exercise to the first one except. We’re reaching forward not up to the sky and squeeze reach and squeeze Reach you’re almost done and squeeze breathe through the burn breathe through the pain Hold it there reaching forward and then dropping that back knee releasing into your low lunge beautiful job Now from here just intertwine the wrist and then see if you can bring the palms of your hands together Just holding this low lunge posture front knee over your ankle Allowing the hips to sink forwards you’re getting that stretch through the hip flexor and then releasing the hands over to the mat Pushing your way back to that back knee flex your foot inhale and then exhale releasing your body over top of that straight. Leg Breathing deeply into that hamstring here Think about pulling that front hip back and pushing the back hip forward So if your right leg is in front you’re pulling the right hip back This way you’re going to keep aligning your hips and getting the full benefit of this posture Take one more deep breath in and then as you exhale come back to Center low lunge tuck your back toes Lifting the back knee off the mat, and then taking a twist here So your opposite hand stays on the ground then the other arm reaches up to the sky Now from here, we’re gonna release both hands on the mat And then take that front leg and bring it back into a side plank position Stack your feet on top of each other reach that arm to the sky Breathing deeply here now You can stay and just hold or if you’re more advanced see if you can grab your big toes with your two fingers And extend that leg into a full star Now this is quite a challenging posture, so if you’re not there yet just stay in your side plank Breathing deeply engaging your core pulling the navel into the spine Releasing the legs slowly with control come back to side flight and then high plane taking your chaturanga dandasana inhale upward-facing dog hold and breathe and Then exhale downward facing dog just taking a moment here opening yourself up Sternum to the mat, and then slowly come down into your Child’s Pose just take a second to breathe and Then come back up to your all fours we’re gonna reverse now and start with the other leg so the other leg extends Come on up. Let’s start the glute exercise you’re gonna. Take that left leg all the way to the side Exhale kick in to the opposite side kick tap kick Tap so you want to think of tapping the floor on each side of your mat kick tap kick Tap lots of power in the leg here, try to keep your knees straight, so all the work is happening from the glute muscle breathe kick and kick last one and Then come back to Center square the hips out flex your foot lower the leg and just high kick back for one Kick it back for two again feel that glute muscle doing all the work toning the back of the leg here for Lift it up five six Seven eight nine Ten hold it there Pilates push-ups take you down for one and two Work those triceps three bring it down and up for four Five Six you got this seven and Eight awesome take that back leg all the way to the side now you’re gonna tap the floor and then just lift the leg up for one and two This is a very challenging exercise for the glute But I promise you it will do wonders to toning that area of your body so do your best and last two and Do one beautiful come back to Center bring that leg around? square the hips of shoulders Tuck your toes now lift, and hover that bottom knee other knee comes in and kick it back for one two you got it and three breathing through it four knee to chest and up five and six and seven You’re probably feeling that burn now you’re almost there and a good hold it here feel that stretch three like a dog breathing deeply Bending that top knee and I was stacking the hips We’re gonna warm up. The hip now, but just rotating that top leg four one keeping the knee bent here for two and Three And for some extend deep breath in and then Exhale big stuff with that front leg to the top of the mat Find your Center in your focus and then reaching those arms up to the sky into your high lunge Take a second to find your Center We’re going to go right into those arm exercises again squeeze the shoulder blades together as you bend the elbows and reach out for one let’s squeeze and two Bending those elbows squeeze and three remember you can always drop that back knee to the mat if this gets too challenging on the legs Now let’s do one more inhale reach up Bend your elbows we’re gonna work the rotator cuffs now You’re gonna drop the palms down and up for one just point them down and up for two Your shoulders and your elbows are staying along one line Here just bring it down and up point it down and up down Up down up down up Down up down you’re almost there. Just keep smiling through it Pressing the palms down and up strengthening those rotator cuffs is going to help you with all your plank postures here Good job Extending the arms. We’re gonna do our arm circle backwards now one two three four five six seven eight nine keep going circle back Keeping the core strong keepin your balance Almost done two One hold it there Breathe reaching the arms up to the sky And then slowly dropping the knee to the floor and let’s release into your low lunge You can intertwine those wrists and keep the palms of your hands together into a fancy arm, or just keep them up to the sky Think about pushing the pelvis forward, so you’re getting that nice stretch through the psoas Beautiful inhale and then exhale releasing the hands down pushing your weight back to your back knee Flexing your foot and releasing into our half split posture Breathing deeply folding that chest over the leg Keeping the flexion in your foot so you’re getting that stretch through the calf muscle as well Wonderful job you guys one more deep breath in through your nose Exhale let it go keep those hips square One more time deep breath in exhale Let it go Slowly, let’s release come back into that low lunge Reaching both arms up to the sky Tucking your back toes here, and then you’re going to lift your back knee off the mat The opposite hand is going to come back to the mat as the other arm reaches up to the sky into your twist at high lunge Just breathing deeply here Twisting from the bellybutton and then transitioning into our side plank And again take it to your level here. You can stay in the side plank You keep it a modified by bringing that bottom knee to the floor or to? Make this more advanced grab your big toe and extend that top leg into a full star And again, this is a challenging posture, so please modify to your own level here Whichever version you take you’re still engaging your core Let go of your leg now slowly release come back into your high plank and then take your floo upward facing dog opening up and then exhale releasing into your downward facing dog Deep breath ii Exhale let it go Bending the knees and then taking a hop to the front of your mat and coming all the way down to the floor now Let’s roll down one vertebra at a time until you’re on your back hugging your knees into your chest and then gently rocking side to side to massage that spine and Then taking one arm over your head rolling over to your fetal position and then coming up to your seated position on your mat Let’s come in to an easy pose Crossing your feet in front of you And taking a moment to take a big breath in reaching both arms up to the sky And then exhale bring the hand star Bowing down to your heart of thanking yourself for your incredible practice today Thank yourself for challenging your body and strengthening and toning those muscles You send you love and light from the beautiful sacred Valley of Peru And I look forward to seeing you again namaste


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