Blood Type Diet Weight Loss Results

What is your opinion of the reported blood
type diet weight loss results? The belief that your blood type is your destiny
goes back to the time blood types were discovered. I know that your blood type determines your
risk of various diseases and your metabolism. That’s the basis of the diet. Type O carriers are less likely to die of
malaria and heart attacks. But they are more vulnerable to cholera. I heard someone with AB is virtually immune
to cholera, as much as that would guarantee rapid weight loss. But what do you think of
blood type based diets? It’s based on the old beliefs that different
personalities and moods derived from humors like bile. But the myth was replaced with
the more modern blood type results. But your blood type does affect your digestive
system. Those with type O blood are more likely to get ulcers, while A has a greater chance
of getting gastric cancer. Blood types diets showed up in the 1920s,
and they came back in fashion in the 1950s and 1970s. That sounds like how bell bottoms and 1960s
fashions came back in the 1980s. It’s worse than someone wearing a 1980s
outfit they found at Goodwill hoping it is now trendy again. In Japan, they are really
big into blood group theories of personality and metabolisms. So they have lots of proof of the weight loss
diet plan. No, but they do discriminate against people
based on their blood type. Have the wrong blood type, and you can’t get a promotion. I’ve heard of people losing weight on the
blood type diet. Eat the high protein, Atkins style diet for
type O, and you might lose weight if you were addicted to carbs. The Type A diet is vegetarian
and high on beans, so you’ll lose weight as long as you minimize the cheese and cooking
oil. Then it does work. It is the healthier diet that lets you lose
weight, not the myths associated with it. But it is pretty particular. For example,
it says people with type AB blood should avoid cured and smoked meats. You can make anyone lose weight by banning
bacon, just like people will eat almost anything if you put bacon on it.

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