Bodybuilding Motivation – WE ARE COMING TO DO DAMAGE – Oxygen Gym

It starts to pay off now.. And now I think we are one of the toughest teams in the world. Nothing is better than being able to walk through the gym door.. Get something to eat if you need it, And then taking an elevator upstairs to the gym and see people training really hard. It’s a hardcore atmosphere, it’s a very friendly atmosphere. It’s the perfect place, it’s like a DREAM for a bodybuilder. You guys haven’t seen anything like this.. I’ve never seen as much equipment in 10 gyms in the United States as I see in this gym. They have like everything here. They have like 30 different pieces of equipment for anything you can think about. Coming to a place like this where you’re being pushed to extremes you find out about genetics and what you’re really made out of. This way I think I be in the best shape ever. We can do some damage man, you know.. We’re going for it. THERE’S NO HOLDING BACK. Our target is to take the title. This is hard.. it takes a lot of mental focus. Put your nose to the ground and RIDE IT OUT. As long as you’re better than your last show you’re the champion. Ahmad Ashkanani.. You know his mindset is ready to fight with these people. Kuwait is definitely competition for the US. I mean Ashkanani is proof of that Big Ramy is proof of that, Roelly Winklaar is proof of that, Nathan DeAsha is proof of that, THEY’RE GONNA KNOW WE COMING. THEY’RE GONNA KNOW WE COMING.


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