Booty Pump Workout ??10 mins Booty Burn | Hourglass Program

Hey everyone, welcome to the hourglass program. This is episode three, the ten minutes booty Barre workout So this workout is part of my hourglass program and it’s perfect for beginners to intermediates And this will help to prepare you for my upcoming booty program that involves resistance. So don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button subscribe And also turn on notifications so that you don’t miss out on my new videos, and also don’t forget to share your progress photos So that I can create a results video at the end of the program and let’s get started guys So we’ve got 18 exercises today – 30 seconds on and 5 seconds to rest in between nice and easy So lie on your mat and let’s kick off with some single leg glute for each Have your foot over the other leg like so and as you thrust upwards make sure you’re squeezing those glutes of yours Now on to the other lake make sure you have your core engaged as well Now put around and have your left leg extend it out and draw a rainbow loop you’re late again really squeeze and work those glutes of yours And now on to the other leg Now stay in the same position and we’re doing some straight leg circles I prefer to draw my circles outwards as it activates my glutes more But try to adjust it until you feel maximum engagement on your glutes. So some people might feel it the other way around Rest up and we’re going to do the same on our other leg and my booty was burning so badly at this point Now lie flat on the ground with your hands forward and we’ve got flutter kicks next work those glutes and lift your legs up Stay where you are and we’re going to do some throw kicks next remember to squeeze those glutes of yours Get into a side plank with one knee resting on the ground and the other leg lifted And we’re going to do some hip raises This works the side of the glutes and let me tell you this really burns if you do it correctly My butt was burning so badly here and this exercise also works the core, so score! Now onto the other side and we’re halfway through the workout guys don’t even think of quitting you got this Now lay flat on the ground with your feet together but your knees apart and we’ve got some frog pumps Just keep squeezing and pumping that booty guys Flip around and we’re going to do some fire hydrant kicks. Lift the leg up sideways and then do a kick This was the other part of the glutes giving you that nice round booty And now on to the other leg Stay in the same position and kick your legs diagonally upwards. This works the whole glutes and also the side of the glutes. Now on to the other leg, and just four more exercises to go guys Now lay on the ground on your side and touch the ground with your knees then kick It diagonally outwards the site of your booty should be burning right now, but keep going guys you can do this Now on to the other side And for the last exercise we are doing a frog hold for 30 seconds Try your best to squeeze your glutes as much as you can if you need to release it Then do it and squeeze your butt again Great work guys you did it! Hope your booty’s burning and you’re feeling that pump If you have enjoyed the workout smash that like button and share some love by subscribing and turning on notifications And I’ll see you in the next workout. Bye!

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