Boss Yang flexing gym equipment [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2020.02.23]

Again. My face goes out of control during workouts. I just ignore wrinkles and all that. – The robot. / – Rumored to be an A.I. robot. Dongeun, the A.I. robot. (Same weight) – His face… / – The same weight? (Different response) (Compared to wild Eunju…) (Same workout, different volume) – It’s probably lighter. / – It’s the same. – The same? / – The same weight. Really? (How are Jeongtae and Miru doing?) Let’s skip just one. – He skipped that one. / – Yes. Again. (When Boss Yang’s back is turned) (He yells without working out) A great actor. (Being cautious) Go again. Incredible. (Argh!) (I’m dying) He’s practically an actor. What are you doing? Yelling without working out. It’s so funny to see them goof off. – Hilarious. / – He’s an actor. It’s too intense, so we couldn’t help it. I might’ve died otherwise. We’ll wrap up soon. – Is this the last round? / – Yes. – Will we go eat afterward? / – Yes. Only if I see you drenched in sweat. (Drenching their shirts with water?) I’ll check to see it. Trainers use those tricks too? (Watching) Why, you rascals. (Water on the floor?) – Water… / – He caught them. He caught them. Caught them red-handed. You spilled it. Seriously… Hands on your head. I’ll let you sweat for real. (Results of their acting) Hurry up. Start leaping. (Jump squats) (I should avoid tricks) They should’ve just worked out. (Disciplined until they poured sweat) – Boss Yang didn’t work out, did he? / -No. – He exercises the least. / – Except for his mouth. He merely climbed up a machine. He had to move for that. His workout of the day. – Jeongtae? / – Yes. Come here. (Showing him something) Take a look. (Showing him something) What do you think of this? For V-squats. I have to go buy a few of these. Tell the others to get ready. Is it a used item? Did a gym close down nearby? – Not used. / – It must be second-hand. You’re buying brand new machines? Surely not. Try it. Push your legs back a bit. (Unusually awkward for Dongeun) The handles are a bit uncomfortable, right? Again. (Their machine is uncomfortable) Again. The machine is too uncomfortable. For the V-squats… We should buy new equipment. – Oh? Buy equipment? / – Buy equipment? He’ll spend money. – Spending money like CEO Kim? / – Really? (Boss who saves electricity and heating costs) I always want more equipment. Seeing people satisfied with the gym makes me happy as well. (Stingy Yang, now king of shopping) Great seat, right? (Driving a truck for the occasion) It’s a humbling seat. – Good, right? / – Yes. – Smooth ride, right? / – Really… (Might get a herniated cervical disc…) It’s really bumpy. (Driving from Gangnam to Gimpo) To Gimpo? (Owner comes out to greet them) The owner looks more fit. He’s an athlete. – An athlete? / – An athlete. – Surely, an athlete. / – He is, right? We have 4 machines on display. There’s a place like that? It’s the best place to shop. It looks too bare. Is that the store? (Pec deck fly machine) Usually, the machines aren’t displayed. Do they feel alright? You can try it. (Testing machines is a must) Go way down. – What’s this? / – It’s the best. It’s well made. It’s really well made. Try it. (Do we have to?) Try using it. – Will he test the machines… / – Go in there. And leave after pretending to work out? Surely not. After coming all the way to Gimpo. – Wow, this is good. / – It’s really good. (Falling for the new machine) Raise it up. Are your legs that short? There’s nowhere for you to go up. (Eunju goes up instead of weights) (Acting like they rented the store…) – He doesn’t look happy. / – Of course not. – They didn’t buy them yet. / – He’ll buy them, right? (After doing this, surely he’ll buy them…) (All mesmerized by new machines) Wow, that’s unique. (All mesmerized by new machines) I make them try it for themselves. That way, they can feel the differences. Even the same machines feel different when they try it for themselves. (Standing out, even in this place) (Like someone battling space monsters) – Is that all C.G.I.? / – Such a funny expression. (Expressionless at all times) Like the cyber singer Adam. (Summoning the cyber singer Adam) (1-hour workout without buying anything) Instructor Yang, are you buying all these machines? One, two, three, four… Five, six, seven, right? – 7 machines? / Really? – For real? / – 7 machines? (Purchased 7 machines) He bought them? He bought them? – He really bought them? / – Really? How much will it cost? It’s for your workout, so it’s worth the cost. They look expensive. I hesitated, of course. But the machines kept beckoning, calling me to them. Before I knew it, I was dragged there. I was coaxed into buying them. I kept saying, “Let’s go, let’s go.” (Nearly 130 machines packed tightly) Boss Yang, you don’t have space for them. – It’s all packed. / – Yes, packed full. – At saturation point. / – Totally. There’s no space. We’ll squeeze them in somehow. (Added 7 machines to this place?) I’ve never seen him spend like that before. He usually tries to save up. I never saw that side of him before. So I’ll be buying… – The V-squat machine. / – Yes. Sending our team to install it for you will add $300 to the cost. (Additional cost?) Including the shipping cost? With separate shipping costs. – If we install it as well… / – Of course. That adds $300 to the cost. (Will this stop the shopping spree?) If I assemble it myself and take it with me… – It’ll cut $370 from the cost. / – Right. In that case… I’ll assemble it here and take it with me. I brought a truck to move it. – You can put it together? / – Sure. I put all the machines together at our gym. He’s cutting installation and shipping costs? He might end up messing up the machine. Will you assemble it yourself? No, you guys will. – Us? / – We will? That’s why you’re here. To assemble it and move it. We should do it ourselves. I’ve never done it before. I’ll turn the screws. Just hold the parts in place. It’s like putting together a toy. A toy that weighs 300kg. (Gosh…) No one has done it before. Of course not. They have other work to do. It’s not like a small toy. It’s heavy equipment weighing over 300kg. He could’ve had it delivered. That’s what I thought. First, I was cutting the cost. Second, I was teaching the employees how the equipment is sold in those places and how they reach the gym. Later on, when they run their own gyms, they’ll have an idea about how it’s done. That seems a bit foolish. – It’s a foolish attitude. / – A blunt remark. You think he should spend the money. Experts are the best. You think Boss Yang is foolish. I believe I have more experience… – Than those people. / – You’re foolish. (Geez) (New machine from the warehouse) (Imposing, 300kg) It’s moved by a forklift. Can he lift it? Are you good at assembling machines? I assembled all the machines at the gym. You rascals are looking down on me. – What a pain. / – Show us your skills. How long does it take you to assemble that? For that machine, it takes us somewhere between 40 minutes to an hour. Beat the record, Instructor Yang. (Boss Yang battling their record) Game on! I assembled machines for all of my gyms and other people’s gyms too. For 20 years, I installed and assembled… – So many machines. / – To save money. To me, assembling machines is a piece of cake. I have fast hands. My mouth and hands move really fast. Anything to save money. (Unboxing is exciting) (Breaking the box) Everyone there is so strong. (Broken to bits in no time) Sideways, sideways. Good. Watch out for your feet. (New machine slowly revealed) – You’re assembling it before moving it? / – Yes. – They charge money for it. / – Assembling it… He cut the shipping and installation costs. I’ll start the timer, Instructor Yang. – Starting now. / – Starting now. (Start) (Sudden MacGyver mode) (Can he assemble it in 40 minutes?) It’s not hard at all. (A long time since they saw his expertise) – We haven’t seen you work in a while. / – Indeed. (Serious) He knows how it’s done. (New machine born with his handiwork) (How long will it take?) (He’s doing it alone) Done! (Finished) – Done! / – Done! Good. It took 18 minutes, 13 seconds. (18 minutes, 13 seconds) He’s faster than the experts. – It takes them nearly an hour. / – He wasn’t lying. You aren’t buying any more, are you? Let’s hurry out and go eat. We came here in the cold. We’ll have a pricey meal. Let’s have meat. (Meat) Alright, alright. (Excited by the thought of meat) – She’s excited. / – One, two, and push. (New machine joins the muscle crew) – Loaded right away. / – It’s no big deal. Since they are so strong. The squat machine and shoulder press… – The total cost… / – He bought a lot. He bought so many. With those included, this is the total. $12,330. – $12,330? / – Yes. ($12,330) That’s a really cheap price. – It’s normally over $8,000 per machine. / – Right. Yes. – Since it’s $12,330… / – Yes. Let’s make it a clean and even $12,000. – Clean and even? / – Yes. Not $330… How about a $30 discount? The number “33” seems unlucky. Let’s make it a clean and even $12,000. $12,000. – Not $330… / – Thank you. – But $330… / – Say no more. – This seems strange. / – Not at all. – So it’s $12,000. Thank you. / – $12,000? Thank you. You should be bold, like me. I was planning to buy only two, but I got more… – After seeing you. / – Alright. – So it’s $12,000. Thank you. / – Alright. He’s bargained. – This is nothing compared to the temple. / – Yes. (He even bargained at the temple…)


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