Boy Twins vs Girl Twins – Team Yoga

HI EVERYBODY! Paxton: Im Paxton! Payton: And I’m Payton! And this is Ninja Kidz TV! *Ninja Sounds* *Celebratory Noises* *More Ninja Sounds* *Intro Music* Payton: Today we’re doing a Twins VS Twins Yoga Challenge! Paxton: But this is a Team Yoga Challenge! So, we brought some friends! HEY GUYS!!! Paxton: This is Jack! Payton: And this is my friend Jazzy! And do you know what’s REALLY cool? They’re twins also! And for today’s Challenge, the Girl Twins are going against… THE BOY TWINS!!!!!!!! Jazzy: You’re going down! Jack: It’s on! Payton: And just remember, *quiet laugh* we’re not twins. Jazzy: HE’S my twin. Payton: And HE’S my twin! Jack: woo! Payton with SNAZZ: You guys are going DOWN. Jack for the third time: IT’S ON. Make sure you give a big thumbs UP! Everyone: If ya LIKED it! And Click that bell! I’ll give you THREE! TWO! ONE! *ding* AWESOME!! It you did, Comment Down Below! If you watch this yoga challenge, Make sure to check out the video on THEIR channel! KIDS 4 TV! We did a “What’s in the box?” Challenge! Check it out! Whaddya get if you win? When WE win, you have to get in the lake. Well, WE’RE gonna win so YOU will have to jump in the lake All: We’re TOTALLY gonna win Girls: Lets go GIRL TEAM! We got this! Lets get it on! We’re gonna do some poses that we haven’t done before! Whichever team does it right first gets the point! *Gong Bell* ??? Got it? GO! *Girls Cheering* Gong GO! Yeahhhhh! We Got it!!! *Excited shriek* Gong Ready? Set? GO! [Music] Uhhh i think that one was a tie! gong ??? [What??? What language is this???] GOT IT [Music] We won! We won! Woo! Good playing, boys! Finally you got 1 point! We already got 2 points I don’t knowhavhudd [Thats legit what i heard] lets go More alien chatter 3! 2! 1! Go! We got it! We got it! OOOH! [More alien talk] And i hope your leg??? Awwwww.. WHAZZAT NO NO NO Okay. I’ll be that i don’t if i can do that music play *Loud Screaming* Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Totally Nope! *laughing* oh. GO No no no! You clasp your legs, remember? oh yeah! *chatter* 3 2 1 GO! That looks like its gonna be easy. So, wait, our feet are spread apart and our hands are like this.. Go! Yeah… I don’t know if i can be on top. *more chatter* How am i gonna keep my balance? Ready? Ready? no no NO NO NO! Ready? Set? GO! wait NO NO *starts* Yay! We got it! We did it! *chatter* Ready? No its crisscross! no its not crisscross *more chatter* We got it. *chatter* *random laughing and more chatter* oooh.. uh… I’m doing my handstand! I’m doing that. *chatter* oh… IM THAT ON IM THAT ONE 1 2 3 Woo, we got it! Ok, we’ll show you 1 2 3……..Woow! We got it again. Last one… OH *doubtful chatter* umm. your the. your the triangle. Okay. And.. How are you gonna touch your feet? I don’t know… *laughs* K Ready? Steady? Okay. GO! I’m going to do that again. We got it! Yeah, the yoga poses were super hard! You guys won, so… good, boys. Do you know who won? *confused looks* boys: I wasn’t keeping track! Were you? Uh… I though YOU were… um.. i didn’t. Well, how about we all jump in the lake! Yeah lets go guys!!! *shrieks of cold water* woo! Whoa thats freezing! That’s cold! It’s freezing! AHHHHHHHHH* I would… i would… its like a popsicle Subtitles by drakonish thanks 4 watching!

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