Branch Warren’s Shoulder Workout at Metroflex Gym

it don’t hurt today so I’m gonna just going to go with what we got Hey Muscle & Strength I’m branch Warren IFBB pro
bodybuilder and GASP athlete we’re about to tear down some shoulders I had shoulder surgery back in September
you know of 18 so uh I’ve come back really good from it not where I want to
be as far as strength-wise yet you know that being said I’m retired I’ve been retired
since you know 2016 and uh you know I don’t go near his heaviest as what I did
when I was competing there’s really no uh no reason for it at this point so my goal
now is just to stay looking decent and have no injury To elaborate on the mind muscle
connection I think that’s a lot that’s an essential thing you have to develop
you know if you’re going to be a bodybuilder cause you’ve got to learn to feel the
muscle you gotta learn to contract whatever muscle it is you’re training
once you do that then you’ll really start making progress it ain’t momentum style moving all right
I’m in control of the weight at all times these people who want to criticize
it well look how Ronnie trained very similar to how
I train look how I train Look how my partner Johnny Jackson trained
look how Jay Cutler trained so these people that want to sit back
and criticize form number one I’d like to see what they look like number two I’m going to ask them how many Pro shows they won how many they won how many olympias have they won okay I’m a control of the weight the whole time all bodybuilding is is getting
blood into the muscles and tearing it down okay that’s all it is you try to train
the muscles to failure get as much blood in there as possible
you tear the muscle down and combine that with proper recovery which means
proper nutrition proper supplementation and proper sleep you grow and it’s just
repeat repeat repeat so that irks me because it ain’t
momentum training I’m in control of the weight at all times
I don’t throw weight around sling weight around I’m in control of the weight at
all times so uh and people that wanna criticize it and talk that shit what have
they done you know they read a textbook or some
bullshit so there’s a big difference between reading a book and real life application
and what really works if you’re gonna have good side delts I
think you got to do side laterals you know you can’t be too wide
you ever seen a guy on stage and go wow he’s too wide you know so no such thing if
you’re gonna build championship delts you know mr. Olympia caliber know have good
delt development you know got to do your raises that’s just part of it you know just
like I feel to build a big round full delts you got to press you know do some
basic movements and you know people try to reinvent the wheel all the time but
nobody’s done it it don’t hurt today so I’m gonna
just go with what we got especially you know for the Olympia’s and
stuff when I trained here and you train in the heat of the summer so it’s just
now starting get warm here you know by next month middle of June it’ll be 95
plus you know the end of June it will be triple digits in here so you hold no
water and you get used to training with that intensity in here in this heat and
uh it brings a different look to the stage so if you’re not used to it and you
com in here mostly you know a lot of dudes we had them pass out get sick tap
out but uh you come here consistently man it brings a whole new level of
conditioning sometimes I do a super set at the end of the
workout just to finish it off you know because if you upright rows we’re doing 15
reps with them seated plate front raises you know you’re gonna end up with a
hell of a pump and I was already pumped to begin with by the time I got to those
exercises but finishing up with something like that it just totally
blows them out you know you get that deep burn inside the delt and really
blows them out thanks for watching be sure to subscribe


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