Bupa health insurance – introducing our Anytime HealthLine

It’s a 24/7 service, 365 days a year, it’s run by a group of nurses and we all work for Bupa. We’ve all got different speciality backgrounds and it’s a service for members who can call at any time you like and we give them guidance on symptoms and any health issues that may be concerning them we’ve also got the GP 24-7 line as well so we can refer them through to the GP on call. We’re not time constrained to any calls, we don’t have to be off the calls within five to ten minutes. As long as our members need us we’ll support them for that length this time on a call. For me it’s nice that the members really value what we do for them really appreciate the support we give, and I think it’s the time that we can give them so if they’ve got a little one it’s three o’clock in the morning they’ve been up for four hours and they need to talk through the fact that you know they’re vomiting, got diarrhea, a bit of a fever and it’s just that reassurance and peace of mind that we can give the members that is really useful

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