Bupa health insurance – introducing our specialist support teams

I had a lady on the phone who’s son was
very, very poorly and she just felt like she had nowhere to go and I just said you
know talked about it we talked about his treatment but then i just stopped and
said but how are you and she says you know no one’s ever asked me that so in
all the treatments that I still come through no one’s ever stopped and asked
mum how are you and she thanked me for the time and it’s just knowing
that when you’ve got off that call that you’ve made a difference the most
important thing really is about listening to people because quite often
when they’re face-to-face for the consultant always a nurse they find it
difficult to open up I think on the telephone it’s really beneficial because
people can’t see you so they can really, literally talk to
you about anything any concerns that they have you build up a relationship
with people and to get feedback from them to say that it has been worthwhile
and it has helped them make health decisions health choices I think that’s
really important I think that is the best part of this job for me it’s nice
that the members really value what we do for them really appreciate the support
they give and I think it’s the time that we can give them if they’ve got a little
one it’s three o’clock in the morning they’ve been up for four hours and need to
talk through the fact that you know the vomiting got diarrhea a bit of a fever
and it’s just that reassurance and peace of mind that we can give the members
that is really useful

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