BURN BELLY FAT IN 30 DAYS!! 10 min Cardio + Ab Workout | Week 1~ Emi

But everyday is branding being with you Life goes by fast wait slow down We got older. Where did it go now? Papa the summer is coming out and many of you Requested a one month’s fat burning program to get fit and I thought right now it’s a perfect time to do it So I’m putting together the most effective exercises For you that will work a full body balm summing of arms and bag to burning the stubborn belly fat Getting the sexy abs and slimming the flicks targeting of her and in the phone, so set you go Now you can write it on yourself or type it in a comment section so that we can cheer each other on together There will be a new workout every week each workout will only last for 10 minutes do it 3 to 5 times to exact week This coming week will first start with the full body HIIT That’s also going to work on the belly area For fat burning and build the sexy AB line next week will target at the area. Are we so much fun, but no pain No gain, and what I need from you is your commitment that you’re not quit on me We’re a team pushing out goes together this whole month. And if you’re ready, let’s go First exercise let’s start with wet cakes to get our heart rate up and our body ready for the fat burning Exercise Hands together in front kick your legs back one by one as if you’re trying to tap your butt with your foot every single rep The higher and the faster you cake the more burn you get Remember why you’re here and your goals that you want to achieve in this one month push it? Second exercise is plank one of the most effective full body exercises that also target on inner core for smaller waist Elbows on the ground in a triangle base your body forming one straight line from head to toe and just hold it there Keep your butt down and pull your belly button in to hold your core tight We’re not dropping until timer is up work it believe in yourself success is for those who don’t give up Third exercise is tabletop toe touch to work a full body from arms shoulders cornets to lick balance and coordination Raise one arm and the opposite leg up at the same time So your hand touches your opposite ankle lower them down and out on the side for 30 seconds Try your best to stay balanced and not fall challenge yourself work your abs and booty to hold yourself up Fourth exercise is crunched in knees Fly on your back knees bent feet raised Hands behind your head work your apps to crunch up and lift your shoulders off the floor So that your elbows touch your knees go back down But don’t rest at the bottom because you want to keep a constant tension and your abs feel the burn in the belly You’re doing great Fifth exercise let’s stand back up for high knees to give a full body and intense fat blast Elbows next to your body palms facing down hop up by driving your knees to your palms one at a time Go fasta put in more power. Every drop of sweat gets you closer to your goal We’re lying down for reverse like fight to concentrate the burn in the lower abs and sighs Hands below your palms left your licks as you pull them in one by one followed by extending them out Just like the reverse motion of riding a bike the closer you extend your leg to the floor the more it burns But don’t drop your legs to the floor only 30 seconds. Let’s do it Seven it’s a super fun touchdown to take the fat-burning to the next level Legs wide apart in squat stance Jump up and Su land bend down to touch the floor with one arm jump up and down again and reach the floor with Alternating arms jump higher. I know you have it in you let’s get it done and make this workout worth our time We’re more than halfway through fake is reverse crunch to target a belly, especially the lower ab area Lie on the floor hands below your bum lift your legs up to us the sky with a slight bend in the knees then working The ABS lift your hips off the floor for every rep. You should begin to feel an intense burn in the lower belly area Keep breathing crunch your lower out in every rep to get the burn going Nice let’s stand up and get some cardio in repeat with chest off the full Exercise Bend down pants on the floor jumping your feet back into high plank position Then jump your feet right back to us your hands jump up straight into the air club above your head land back down for another Breath, I know we all have a love/hate relationship with burpees, maybe more hate and love but no pain. No gain You will thank these burpees when you see results 10 will lying down 4 straight late set up to work on our belly again Start with hands behind your head then crunching your abs hard to lift your upper torso off the floor and twist to one side While reaching your opposite hand to touch the floor alternate sides keep crunching and twisting We’re almost done with 2/3 of this workout guys. Stay focused But a Lot of its lunch clap under for the right side this is another amazing full body exercise for the best bet Stand with your weight in your left leg Take a big step back with your right leg into a reverse lunge while lifting your arms towards the sky then push yourself up track Your right knee up to us the front as you lower your arms to clap under your knee Continue on the side for 30 seconds The key here is to keep your chest up and core tight to maintain the balance in your left leg I know your legs are sore good job. Keep the burn going almost there 12 we’re lying down for lick extension to work the step and lower belly part Elbows on the floor supporting your upper torso bend both knees in towards your chest then tighten your lower abs to extend both legs out keeping them a few inches off the floor working your lower abs to pull your Knees back in towards your chest. No dropping no stopping only less than three minutes ago 13th we’re standing up for lunch clap under again this time working our left side I know this is not an easy exercise But the more challenging it is the better assimilates the burn in our bodies If you believe you can do it Your body is going to surprise you give yourself that confidence and trust that you’re going to achieve what you put your mind into And we’re onto our 14th exercise already spider-man plank for the ultimate killer apps An elbow plank position crunch you’re apt to bring one knee towards your elbow alternate between size each rat We’re working outside and in a court that pulls our belly in together. You want smaller ways. That’s the exercise for it get it Our final exercise today is three points hop a new exercise that is extremely effective. That’s why we’re saving the best for life Get into all fours start by bending your knees and jumping your feet right in front So they land close to the outside of your right hand Then jump backward to center so you end up in high plank position and finally jump to left in front Keep going Even when you think you’re giving 100% your body is still only a 70% So it means you can still push 30% more And we did it first work out of a one-month program you did such an amazing job I’m so excited to see your progress throughout this month Remember to repeat the three to five times this week and you can also add this in two weeks after share your results and hashtag Any family so we can support each other in this journey good work today, and I’ll see you guys very soon

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