Butt Sculptor Workout (GET A TIGHTER BOOTY!!)

Hi, everyone! I’m trainer Amy Jo and today
I’m so excited to bring you guys the butt sculptor workout. So, what I’m so excited about for this exercise
is pyramid training. If you’ve never done it, it’s a great way to trick the muscles
and keep them guessing. First one you’re going to use is the heaviest weight you can go.
All right, grab a big dumbbell. Don’t be afraid. We’re going to start plies and we’re going
to turn the toes into a regular squat. So all you’re doing is shifting of the heels
and twisting the toes different directions. Okay? So, deep as you can. Five more. We’re
going a total of 10 with the heavies. Good. Two more. Deep as you can. Last one. Squat and plie, squat. Okay. Then going, using
the same weight, you’re doing a second exercise with the heavy hip thrust. Grab your big weight.
You can use a stability ball, or even a bench and you’re going to drop the hips down, squeeze
the glutes at the top. Sculpting the glutes. Squeeze. Same thing. I’m going for 10 – reps of 10. Since it’s
heavier weight I’m not going to be able to go as many reps. As we go lighter we go higher
reps. Squeeze, squeeze – be deliberate at the top. Two more. Last one. Squeeze. All
right. I’m done with my 40 for now. Let’s go ahead and grab the next weight down. Now we’re going to go for 12. Toes turned
out, plie, forward. Plie, forward. So now we’re going a little bit higher rep because
we knocked down about 10lbs. Remember, think about the glutes. Push in those heels. Halfway.
You can do it. Your glutes should be on fire from those hip thrusts. Two, last one here, this is 12, and finish.
Okay. Hip thrusts. Right into. Right into it. No break. Roll forward, weight on the
hips, drop down, and squeeze at the top. Push in your heels, think about contracting the
glutes as hard as you can at the top. Squeeze. Squeeze. Awesome. Push. Squeeze. Halfway. Five, four, three, two, here’s 12. Good. Awesome.
For those of you who cannot squat, squatting is really hard on your knees; those hip thrusts
are really good for you. You can really work around a lot of knee and hip injuries doing
the hip thrusts. Okay. High rep. 15. 15 reps, ready? Start with your plies. Here we go, and turn
it, and we go a little bit faster pace. A) Its lighter, B) I don’t want this to last
much longer. Halfway. Five left. Here we go. Three left. Plie, turn it, push in those heels,
and sit back in it. Two more. Plie forward, last one right here. All right. Hip thrusts, going 15, same thing;
higher reps, lighter weight. Burn it out, ready? And, squeeze. Two, three, four, five,
six, seven – relax that lower back. Isolate the glutes. Squeeze at the top. If you go
too much higher than bridge you’re going to feel it in that low back so don’t go too
high. 12, 13, 14, and 15. Booty sculptor. There
you have it! A new little fun strategy, pyramid training. You can try that with upper body,
lower body, but I especially like to do it with legs because it helps keep me motivated
through a tough leg workout. So try it out to get your booty sculpted and tighter than
you’ve ever had it before. Thanks to Amy Jo. All right, leave us a comment
below, thumbs up and we’ll see you guys next time.


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