CA State Health App Review – Andrew LaMar

My name is Andrew LaMar, and I’m the
Deputy Director of Communications at the California Department of Human Resources.
I was aware of Healthier U Connections because it’s something we broadcast
about on our social media websites and promote all the time, but I learned more
about it recently when I did an article for our employee newsletter, and I had a
chance to talk to the program managers and signed up for the program and got
hooked. Physical activity has always been a big part of my life. I grew up playing
soccer and played in college and as an adult for quite some time, but these days
I mostly go to the gym with my 13-year-old daughter. She’s up knocking on my door most
mornings trying to get me out of bed and get me to the gym. Healthier
U Connections provides further inspiration because you can track what
you do, set goals for yourself on physical activity, whether you want to do
minutes of exercise or a number of steps that you take in a week or a day and you
can set goals and see if you can meet those goals. I think one thing that’s
great about Healthier U Connections are the challenges. You can sync your
phone or wearable device and track your activity and it and then it will sync
into the program and you can see exactly what you’ve done and compare that to others. – I have a challenge of, you know, which department has the most different employees. – Most or—
– Yeah. – Like or most people that sign up.
-Yeah, exactly and then we have… Healthier U Connections provides a lot of resources and
ideas for how to improve your health. We could have a walking meeting, or I could take a break
and take this phone call and walk outside and walk around while I’m on the
phone, or we could take a moment to stretch here before we get into that
really difficult discussion of this next issue. Nothing beats word-of-mouth and so when you get high participation you get more
word-of-mouth from people saying, “Hey did you see this?” “I’ve got this incredible recipe. Did you see
this? It’s actually on Healthier U Connections. You can go
just look it up and try it tonight.” There’s so many different aspects to
Healthier U Connections there’s really something there for everybody. It’s easy
to find something that interests you or that can enhance your your living. [Music]

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