Camp Nerd Fitness 2016

(dramatic string music) – When members of the Nerd Fitness Community gathered for camp this year, they knew going in it was
going to be different. What they didn’t know is it would be the genesis of a hero’s journey. This year’s camp included
the introduction of the camper’s cup, houses, jewels,
and a legendary quest. Campers were divided
into four houses, houses named after heroes of the past. Tyrus, the porcupine, Havik the hawk. Rheno the fox, and Volo the dragonfly. In pursuit of the camper’s cup, campers studied under headmasters,
honed their skills, and pushed themselves to excel. They achieved new feats,
and struggled with inner demons all the while earning jewels when demonstrating the
qualities of character, ability, mindfulness, and purpose. Often calling upon 20
seconds of courage and stepping outside their comfort zones, many campers answered the call of the legendary quest, seeking clues
throughout the campgrounds. Though originally stepping out all alone, almost all quest seekers
crossed house lines forming alliances and
support from fellow campers. Through the competition for the cup, and the desire to finish
the legendary quest, campers discovered that
their strength came from working together
rather than working alone. In fact, the last challenge in completing the legendary quest
included offering a reminder of the lessons learned
from the journey of camp. – You who have been to the mountains, to whom their power was shown, the future of the battle is in your hands. How will you take this magic home? Pen a letter to the
future for only your eyes. – [Narrator] To inspire
the hero in you to rise. – [Camper #1] Dear future self. – [Camper #2] Dear future camper. – [Camper #3] Dear future me. – [Camper #4] I have
solved your quest and have seen magic with people
whom I see as family. – As you look at yourself in the mirror, know that the past has helped shape you, but does not define you. – Oh my gosh, that’s it! That is it! – [Camper #2] You’re doing so well. You have grown so much, you are in such a good place, you are moving forward and upward constantly, even when it may not feel that
way, perhaps especially when it doesn’t feel that way. (counting) – [Camper #3] You are a hero. Don’t let your emotions
get your best of you. You are beautiful and amazing,
keep going, you got this. Remember, above all else, that you are worthy, now and forever. I shared in a wonderful adventure with people of like mind, and I will spread this magic with
more adventures alongside close friends to help me grow as a person. And to level up. – Never forget the things you learn, never forget the friends you made, and never forget to live like the superheroes we all love
and all want to be. And, of course, never forget it’s all for fun and it’ll be okay. (uplifting orchestral music) – Every time something
fails, or falls apart, or screws up, it is an
opportunity to realize how much stronger you have
become since the last time. – One, two, one. – [Camper #5] And it’s okay to feel the pain and disappointment when it happens, that’s
part of the experience and it’s part of growing stronger. – There you go, that’s awesome! – [Camper #6] There is much
to do, and you have what you need between your heart
and mind and relationships. Keep the courage to act
with these resources, and you can accomplish so many goals. – [Camper #7] And remember,
even when you may not feel at your best and brightest, you may still be a light to
someone else, so shine on. – [Camper #8] So remember, if
we’re united, we never fail. – Pay attention to what you
have learned, past Celeste. – Love now and forever, Tyler. May the force be with you. (cheering) – You’re amazing.
– Thank you! – [Narrator] Together,
the campers pushed through every challenge laid before
them with sweat and smiles. (cheering) Each practicamp was
different, and each road ahead is their own, but through the things they learn, the
strength they gained, and the bonds they created, they learned that their hero lived
inside them all along. (clapping) (cheering)

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